Part 1

PX3-579 seemed like a nice boring planet. No Gou'ld trying to make them into hosts, no jaffa trying to blow them to bits, just a peaceful looking world with lots of 'rocks' for Daniel to play with... speaking of Daniel where the hell was he?
"Dammit!" There he was, over at a building muttering to himself.
"All right team... place looks safe... let's move out." Jack said, trying to act like he had said Daniel could just run off.
"O'neill, I believe Dr. Daniel Jackson has already 'moved out'" came the deadpan reply. Jack looked at Teal'c with suspicion in his eyes, he could never tell when Teal'c was making fun of him. Deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt Jack pointed to a dirt path. He indicated to Carter and Teal'c to get moving and walked over to Daniel. Without a word he yanked Daniel up and dragged him along the path with Daniel only half complaining.
" Beloved..."
Daniel jerked to a stop and scanned the area. Nothing... and yet Daniel could have sworn he heard a voice. With a shrug he turned back to Jack, who was watching him with an impatient look on his face.
"Okay Danny-boy, now we've stopped staring at the trees, lets catch up with Sam and Teal'c." Jack hurried Daniel along, he didn't know why but he was worried about this world. There were no birds singing he realized with a growing sense of unease. That grew when there was a blast of staff-weapon fire ahead of them. Jack and Daniel ducked under some bushes, which were growing by the side of the path. They crawled forward and peered over the path. Jack groaned at what he saw, Teal'c on the ground, a staff burn on his shoulder, five jaffa surrounding him. Next to him stood Sam held by two jaffa. Three dead jaffa lay on the ground, showing Jack that Sam and Teal'c did not give in with out a fight. At the very edge of the clearing a cloaked woman stood. As Daniel looked at her, he felt an overwhelming desire to go to her.
"Come to us my beloved"
//Huh?\\ thought Daniel groggily //where have I heard that voice before...\\ Without a sound Daniel blacked out. Jack stared at the scene below him thinking hard. Seven jaffa left... oh yeah and that women. If Daniel and he could move around the edge of the clearing so they were opposite each other they could probably take out the five around Teal'c. Damm! By then the other two would either have killed or dragged Carter off somewhere. He turned to Daniel in the hope that Daniel would have an idea... only to see Daniel lying on the ground, out cold.
"great... bad, bad day" he muttered to him-self. He looked back at the clearing only to see Carter being dragged away. Teal'c was almost out of sight already. Jack began to back away dragging Daniel's prone form with him.
"I'll be back" he whispered to the clearing and the speck in the distance that was Carter.
In Daniel's mind a voice spoke to him.
"Beloved... we have waited so long to have you with us once again. Come to us."
" No" Daniel didn't know why he said no. The voice was so sweet. It whispered sweet promises to him... and yet, he knew he must say no.
" You will come to us" hissed the voice, all sweetness gone "You must save your friends... awake now Daniel, awake "
"Wake up Danny... come on wake up..." the voice off the woman's was replaced by the voice of a man's. Daniel knew that voice... It belonged to...
Jack gave a sigh of relief, Daniel had begun to worry him.
"Danny, you okay?" Daniel looked at him.
"Um... yeah, I'm fine" he muttered. Jack opened his mouth to argue with him then shut it when he saw Daniel's face. It was clear that Daniel was NOT okay. It was also clear that there was no way on earth that Daniel was going to tell him at this time what was wrong. Jack decided to let it go... for the moment.
//We'll talk about this later Daniel, I promise\\ thought Jack.
"Okay Danny-boy this is the situation. Carter and Teal'c have been captured by the Gou'ld, the gate is guarded by 30 odd jaffa and... oh yes Danny-boy it gets better, we are not due for a check in for 28 hours and even then SGC would only begin to get worried if we didn't check in 28 hours after that." Jack turned to Daniel to see what he had to say... only to see Daniel wasn't there.
"Dammit!" Jack ran to the path on pure instint. Sure enough there was Daniel plodding along the dirt path in the same direction as the jaffa which had taken Sam and Teal'c.
"Daniel !" hissed Jack. Danny turned and looked at him.
" Jack we can't turn back to the gate and we can't get help so we have to save Sam and Teal'c while we can." Jack nodded. Without another word the two men began to walk, guns at the ready, each with there own thoughts.
In a cell Sam jerked awake with a start.
"Ah Carter... so glad you could join us" purred a voice. As Sam looked on with horror Hathor emerged from the shadows smiling triumphantly "Now that I have you and the jaffa, my beloved will soon join me... forever" Sam slumped down in defeat, Hathor's laughter ringing in her ears.