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'As Hathor hit the ground Daniel grabbed his head. With an ear-splitting scream he dropped down unconscious. Ten tense minutes passed as Jack waited to see who would wake up first. With a slight groan Daniel began to move. Jack's heart was in his mouth as he waited to see which Daniel had won...

(Teal'c overvoice)

And now the conclusion...

Daniel looked up and saw Hathor, lying on the ground. He pushed himself towards her and felt for her pause. With a sigh of joy he found one and pulled back. He stood up and made his way towards Jack. He untied Jack, then stood up and yelled.
"Jaffa!" Five Jaffa entered at a run.
"This HUMAN dared attack the Goddess." snarled Daniel "Two of you stay with her. You three bring the prisoner and follow me." Jack stared into numbly into space as he was dragged off. He couldn't believe it. He had lost Daniel. He had lost Sam and Teal'c and he had lost them all to Hathor. He barley registered the fact he was thrown into a simple stone room. Daniel turned to the Jaffa.
"Go to your queen. When she awakes tell her I have killed the human and will join her shortly." The Jaffa bowed and left. Daniel shut and locked the door. Jack didn't notice Daniel bend down and lift his head. Daniel raised the zat gun and fired.
Jack was surprised to wake up. He looked around and found himself in a darkened room. His thoughts flew back to that room
//Hadn't Danny shot me? No, he had shot the wall behind me. I must have passed out.\\ As Jack looked round he saw Daniel walking towards him. He searched Daniel's eyes, hoping against hope for a spark, anything to prove Daniel was still in there. His hopes were dashed as Daniel pointed a Zat gun at him.
"Ja... Jack?" The whisper was so quiet that Jack wasn't sure if he had really heard it or not.
"Daniel?" Daniel flung down the gun and ran over to him.
"Jack" he sobbed "I was so lost and... and you died in front of me, and I lost everything."
"It's okay Daniel, it wasn't real." Daniel looked at Jack and shock his head.
"Sam and Teal'c..."
"It wasn't you're fault Danny." he muttered, tears burning in his eyes. "It wasn't you're fault."
"There not dead Jack." Jack jumped and stared at Daniel in shock.

Daniel looked at the two bodies lying there. He stared at his Zat, unwilling to shoot them.
"Why don't I just dispose of them?" he asked himself "Why?" With a laugh he pushed a stone, and a dark hole appeared. Carelessly he pushed first Teal'c, then Sam into the hole. He closed it them fired twice at thin air. He would find out what it was about those... things that stopped him. He spun on his heal and left the room ignoring the Jaffa behind him. He walked into a room and slammed the door. He opened a secret door and entered a dimly lit corridor. There was no gold or carvings on the walls, everything was made of the same gray stone. He entered a room, it was again made of the same stone. There was nothing in this room except for a single golden 'box'. The sarcophagus. He passed it and walked into a small room just off it. There lay the two bodies. With a grunt he lifted up the female and placed her into the sarcophagus.
***End Flashback***

"They are alive Jack. Come on."

Sam looked at the body that was Teal'c and sighed. He had been in the sarcophagus just long enough to bring him back from the dead.
//Who ever saved us must not have wanted Teal'c to wake up so soon.\\ she tensed as the door to her cell swung open. She looked up and saw Jack standing there.
"Sir. What took you?"
"Hathor invited me over for tea and biscuits. It would have been rude to say no." Sam smiled at her CO's humor but stopped as a certain memory hit her.
"Hi Sam" came a quite voice. Sam looked past Jack and saw Daniel leaning against the wall. He looked away guiltily as Sam tried to make eye contact with him.
"Sir. What's going on?"
"You died Carter." Jack replied softly. Sam looked at him.
"Who saved me?" Jack looked at his feet not knowing what to say.
"I did." Daniel moved towards Sam his eyes still downcast. Sam looked at him she had a feeling there was something else going on here. Before she could ask anymore questions Jack had walked over to Teal'c and begun to try and wake him up.
"Come on buddy, wake up." Teal'c's eyes flickered and he began to move.
"O'Neill I am relived to see you and Daniel Jackson are fine." Daniel gave a small sob at the Jaffa's words and turned away. Teal'c looked at Jack, his eyebrow raised in a silent question. Jack gave him a look which meant 'not now' and Teal'c nodded.
"W-we should get out of here... before Hathor wakes up." Daniel muttered his eye's firmly fixed on the floor. Jack sighed to himself, that boy had a guilt complex larger than Apophis's ego.
//He saved us all, he beat that damn snake! I guess we will just deal with this when we get off this forsaken planet.\\
"Okay team, lets' get out of here." Jack bent down and very slowly helped Teal'c to his feet.
"I am well enough to walk unaided O'Neill." Teal'c said his face, impassive. Jack nodded.
They slowly made there way to the exit, watching out for any Jaffa. To Jack's concern they hadn't run into one Jaffa.
"Hay Daniel?" Daniel looked at him a questioning look on his face. Jack winced despite himself. Daniel looked terrible, his face was muddy and tear-stained with streaks of gold paint running down it.
"Ye-yeah Jack?" he asked softly, a guilty look on his face. Jack wanted to scream at Hathor
//How could she do this to him! I'll kill that snake, I'll kill her if it's the last thing I do\\ Jack vowed.
"How many Jaffa does Hathor have? I mean shouldn't we have run into at least one by now?" Daniel frowned.
"She has a lot... we should have had an army attacking us by now."
"Why have an army? All we want is our beloved." came a voice, behind them. Hathor stood there, her ribbon device pointed at Sam. They all moved closer to Daniel, the same thought present in each of there minds.
//We won't let her take you Daniel, not again, no matter what.\\ Hathor's eyes glowed as she hit Sam with her hand device. Sam gave a small cry then hit the wall.
"You betrayed us, our beloved." Hathor spoke quietly her eyes fixed on Daniel. "You did not kill them... yet we will forgive you, you are our chosen one."
"Oh for crying out loud! Shut up! He is not your chosen one, I've had enough!" Jack yelled. He raised the Zat gun and fired. Unlucky they the shot hissed harmlessly past her.
"You will pay for that!" Hathor raised her hand again and Jack went flying. He crashed into a door, knocking it down. As he watched this scene something inside Daniel snapped.
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" he screamed. Without thinking about it he snaked up the Zat and fired twice. The shots hit there target. With a scream Hathor dropped down. Daniel stared at her fallen body for a second then turned and ran to Jack. Sam and Teal'c were already there, helping him up.
"way to go Danny-boy." Jack said, a weak smile on his face. With Sam and Teal'c helping him, they began to leave.
"Just a moment guys... there's still something I have to do." Daniel turned and walked back to Hathor. Her body was still and being to cool down but Daniel knew she could still come back.
"Good-buy" he raised the Zat and fired a third shot, disintegrating her body. With out a backwards glance he walked back to Jack and the others.
"Let's go home." he said.

The fire had died down after hours of fighting. When Hathor had vanished the Jaffa had turned on themselves until only a handful where left.
In the wreckage a small, black haired girl with green eyes stood. There were dead bodies every where but she did not seem to care.
"We will get you our beloved. We will not forget." came the voice of Hathor from the girls month. She turned and headed for the Stargate, the reaming five loyal Jaffa and two slave girls, all that were left of her army.
"Soon we will grow strong again." she vowed, gazing into space.

Thousands of miles away a sleeping body jerked awake, staring as he tried to work out what had woken him. Finding noting he shut his eye. Daniel slowly drifted back to sleep, an uneasy feeling in his stomach...

(... Or is it the beginning?)

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