"Holy Night, Batman, Santa is robbing Gotham City's biggest bank." Robin pointed to the stairs, just below the bank, where minions dressed as elves were carrying out bags of money as a white haired man, wearing a Santa hat and a red turtleneck over black leather pants, watched over the elves.

"Awful lot of activity so late in the evening," Spike mused. "Must be extended business hours for the holiday or somesuch," he added as a pair of caped crusaders, looking poofier than his poof of a grand-Sire, started a fight with the elves. Spike, sprawling out on a convenient bench, didn't question how a bowl of popcorn came to be in his hands, but started chewing them down as he enjoyed the show. After a moment he started blinking in confusion. He could see words like "POW!" pop up, in bright primary colors, each time one of the costumed creeps hit an elf.

He was so busy trying to blink his vision back to normal that he didn't notice the two approach until the younger one spoke. "Santa shouldn't be that thin and definitely doesn't wear leather."

As Spike looked up, the taller one, whose mask had some really odd pointy ears, said, "So, you thought you could steal from the bank."

"Steal?" Spike asked, looking around. "Me? Do I look like I need cash?" Catching sight of the name of the city on the bank's door, he asked, "Gotham City? You mean this isn't Sunnydale?" He looked around at the very art deco architecture towering over them. "Yeah, definitely not Sunnydale."

As Spike stood, Batman grabbed him. Taking in the outfits, Spike said, "Hey, I know you two from the telly – Batman and, what is it? The Raven?"

As Robin's hand clenched into a fist, Batman placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Don't let him get to you, old chum."

Three sets of eyes looked up as a call of "Ho, Ho, Ho" shouted down from above. From a sleigh, pulled by nine reindeer, the lead animal's nose glowing against the night sky, ornaments dropped down, breaking on the marble at their feet. As smoke poured out of the broken ornaments, dropping Batman and Robin to the ground, Spike wandered off, shouting, "Hey! How did I get stuck in the bloody wrong story?"