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Hermes stretched luxuriously and leaned against the fence, an invisible spectator to the basketball game unfolding two feet away. Unsurprisingly Hunter was dominating the court, having scored 21 of his team's 29 points. Briefly Hermes considered searching for Zeus first before returning to the twins. Sure, it meant less fun for him, but at least he would be spared from the wrath of an extremely angry Artemis. Wait, that wasn't the right word...maybe murderous? Suicidal? Destructive? Or just plain deadly?

He entertained this thought for all of five seconds before bundling it up and tossing it in the garbage. Finding Zeus meant unlocking the powers of all the reincarnated gods regardless of whether their memories had returned or not. That was...not a very good idea, even if the chaos promised to be entertaining.

"Okay, you can do this..." Hermes muttered to himself as he watched Hunter play basketball with a bunch of friends. "Just walk up, tap her...his...Artemis's forehead. She has no powers, so just stay invisible and keep away and you'll be fine. No biggie. C'mon, Hermes." He waited a few seconds, walked up to Hunter, followed the boy around the court for a few minutes, then rolled his eyes. On second thought, maybe he'll go see how Apollo was doing first.

Dawn sighed and dropped her head onto the table. She had a big test tomorrow and a whole pile of homework waiting for her, but the only thing she could think about was that irritating boy she'd seen at the museum. She didn't even know why she thought he was one of the most irritating things on the planet since he hadn't even done anything besides walk past, but for some reason that was the word that kept popping into her head.

Her brother was out playing with friends - curse him for having no homework today! - and her parents were still at work, so she had the whole house to herself. No one would know if she took a short break, right?


Hermes lounged against the wall and watched Dawn pull out a carton of ice cream. Alright, humans liked their comfort food. So did gods, although in their case 'food' was often replaced by other nouns. Dawn would probably be happier after eating, and hopefully some of that would leak into Apollo when the god wakes up. That was why Hermes was going to wait until Dawn was out of the kitchen first. The fact that the kitchen held a wide selection of shiny, good quality knives had nothing to do with it. Not at all.

...Who was he kidding? Hermes shook his head and waved a lazy hand; the vanilla ice cream was quickly replaced by mint chocolate chip - Apollo's least favorite flavor if memory served, though Zeus only knew why - and just as a safety precaution stuck a bunch of colorful, glittery stickers onto the knife blades. Alright, not really a safety precaution - and who needed one, anyway? - but hey, he was bored.

Predictably Dawn yelped and dropped the carton; Hermes huffed and caught it before it hit the floor.

"Seriously, how wasteful can you be?" he complained, making himself visible and grabbing a spoon. "I know you hate this flavor, but that's no excuse to be picky!" He popped a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and grinned at Dawn's flabbergasted expression.

"" she stammered, backing away.

"Actually, I think the correct order's 'who, what, when, where, and how'," Hermes said cheerfully, tapping her on the forehead with his spoon.

"Okay, I think I'm good." Apollo took a deep breath and looked around his room. He had somehow managed to clean up most of his stuff by stuffing them into various nooks and crannies, so they should be safe for the immediate future-


Hermes poked his head out from around the open door and blinked owlishly at the large array of musical instruments strewn haphazardly all over the floor. "Um, Apollo? Did you happen to store any of this above your door by any chance?"

Apollo closed his eyes and silently counted to twenty in six languages. "Since when did you use the door?"

"Since you started hiding stuff on top of it. Duh. Anyway, c'mon! Let's go!"

Apollo opened his mouth, ready to berate Hermes for taking so long to find him, but almost immediately froze and slowly looked down at himself, hoping beyond hope that his reincarnations' memories were somehow faulty.

No such luck.

Eyebrow twitching, he looked up and glared at Hermes, who had taken the form of a little wide-eyed boy clutching a melting ice cream cone.


"Ooh, look at the time! I gotta go - y'know, messenger god and all that. Duty calls! See ya later, bro!" Hermes gave a cheerful wave and disappeared, leaving Apollo to deal with his little situation.