WOW: Side - best wishes for a wonderful birthday Laedieduske! Dean's suffering; but Sam's there ...

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Sam crouched alongside Dean, whispering frightened reassurances and cradling his rigid, grey-faced brother; watching helplessly as he gasped painfully for breath. The assault had come unexpectedly; the punch to the gut knocking the wind out of Dean with frightening force.

Gently rubbing Dean's clammy, abused abdomen, Sam felt trembling muscles clenching and flickering as he squirmed, gulping frantically, wild eyed with breathless panic. His belly convulsed under Sam's soothing touch, trying to force his paralysed lungs to do the job they momentarily couldn't.

Eventually, Dean's chest swelled, and he sucked in a deep, beautiful life-giving breath.

Sam wasn't sure who was more relieved.