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Chapter Twelve: Bloodthirsty

"You know, one of these days you two are going to come to me looking for an answer to something and I'm not going to have the answer to it." Bonnie sighed as she pulled another book from Emily down off of her book shelf and started looking through it for any mentions of a cure to a werewolf bite.

"So are you telling us to look for a back-up witch?" Damon asked as he read the book over Bonnie's shoulder.

"Just saying, it's better to be safe than sorry." Bonnie said. "And reading over my shoulder really isn't helping."

"Just making sure you're not going to trick us again, like the time you supposedly deactivated that little device on Founder's Day that ended up almost killing all of us." Damon said.

"Caroline's my friend, I wouldn't let her die, not if I could stop it." Bonnie said as Damon stood up and walked over to Stefan now who was also reading, trying to find something.

"You know Damon, if you really wanted to help, you'd be looking through these books too." Stefan said without looking up away from the book.

"Yeah, well I don't exactly trust them. They were Emily's. You know how much she hated me, for all we know she could have cursed these things to kill me if I touched them." Damon said and sat down next to Stefan. "I'm not taking any chances.".

"Hey, you guys still have Jules, right?" Bonnie asked.

"Chained up in the basement, why?" Stefan asked.

"Well, it looks like you need her blood to cure Caroline." Bonnie said

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't drinking werewolf blood be suicide to a vampire?" Damon asked.

"Not if she had something to balance it out." Bonnie said.

"Which would be?" Stefan asked curiously now.

"…I have no idea." Bonnie sighed. "She didn't write it down here, but I bet it's somewhere around here."

"We don't have that much time Bonnie." Damon said getting irritated now as he walked around the living room around the stacks of spell books and journals.

"I know that!" Bonnie hissed and picked up another book. "I'm looking as fast as I can."

"Don't you have a spell or something that-" Damon stopped mid sentence when he spotted something out of the ordinary among the piles of books.

"Something that could what?" Bonnie asked annoyed and turned around to see Damon picking up a journal out of the piles of books.

"Why do you have a Gilbert journal?" Damon asked.

"I don't know, it was just with Emily's stuff." Bonnie shrugged.

"Well, then you two keep searching through the wicked witches spells and I'll see what Gilbert over here may know." Damon said and sat down next to Bonnie as she rolled her eyes at him and went back to another one of Emily's journals.

When Jeremy started to wake up again, he felt like someone was continually hitting him in the head with a huge hammer, not to mention the stabbing pain that seemed to come from his neck as well. He slowly sat up and looked around the room and it was different from how he remembered it to be until he blacked out. The glass and blood was cleaned up off the floor, and the bed was completely made, the room looked normal again instead of like a crime scene. Jeremy grabbed his neck where he felt it still hurting and he tore off whatever was covering up that part of his neck seeing that there was blood on the gauze that was covering it. He felt his neck and knew that the wound was gone by now. He didn't remember much before he blacked out, just asking Caroline if she wanted more blood, and then he was out like a light.

"Jeremy!" Caroline squeaked happily as she walked back into the room and ran over to him and hugged him. "You're up!"

"Yeah, I am, but what happened?" Jeremy asked confused now. The last he remembered of seeing Caroline, she was a wreck, coughing up blood and freaking out, trying to hunt him down and…drink his blood. "Care, did you…kill me?"

"It was an accident!" Caroline said immediately. "But yeah." She admitted. "I'm so sorry, but I just couldn't stop myself until it was already way too late."

"It's fine but you just seem…different. You seem perfectly fine." Jeremy said confused.

"I know, weird right? I've been feeling great ever since I drank your blood. Again, sorry about that." Caroline said and moved over to the other side of the bed and sat down facing Jeremy.

"…Let me see your bite." Jeremy said and leaned over closer to Caroline and moved her shirt off her shoulder slightly and in place of the wolf bite saw nothing but a red mark from where the bite once was. "What the hell?"

"How does it look?" Caroline asked

"…Fine. It's just a red mark from where it was." Jeremy said and pulled away from Caroline now.

"Crap." Caroline sighed and collapsed back onto the bed. "It's coming back."

"What do you mean?" Jeremy asked.

"I mean, after I drank your blood it was healing up and it was all the way healed up for at least an hour and now, I guess it's coming back." Caroline said

"…So it went away completely and now it's just coming back?" Jeremy asked.

"I guess so." Caroline shrugged and sat back up again. "…Why?"

"Are Damon and Stefan back yet?" Jeremy asked.

"No. If they were I'd be getting a lecture right now probably for draining you dry." Caroline said.

"Do you have your phone on you?" Jeremy asked as Caroline handed him her cell phone and he called Stefan.

"Jeremy, you're kinda freaking me out a little bit, so do you mind explaining what exactly it is you're planning." Caroline said.

"Stefan." Jeremy said as soon as Stefan answered his cell phone. "You guys find anything yet?"

"Part of it, why? Is Caroline okay?" Stefan asked.

"She's perfect right now actually." Jeremy said.

"…What?" Stefan asked completely confused. "Jeremy, what's going on over there?"

"You guys are going to have to see it to believe it." Jeremy said.

"We'll be there in a minute." Stefan said and ended the call and Jeremy handed Caroline back her cell phone.

"Jeremy, again I ask, what the hell is going on?" Caroline asked confused and slightly annoyed now.

"Just, come on, let's get downstairs." Jeremy said and got up off the bed and Caroline followed him out of the room.

"You know, you and Elena are too alike sometimes. I don't think I've ever met anyone more stubborn and hard headed than you two." Caroline huffed as she followed Jeremy into the living room.

"Jeremy?" Stefan asked as soon as he walked into the Boarding House with Damon right behind him.

"In here!" Jeremy yelled from the living room.

Stefan and Damon walked in there and Caroline turned around to face them with a smile on her face. Stefan walked over to her first and looked at her as if she was going to lunge at him any second now and rip his head off, but then he realized that something was different, that Caroline looked more like her normal self. Smiling and happy instead of sickly looking and ready to tear everything that has a heartbeat apart.

"Caroline?" Stefan asked "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine! Can everyone stop treating me like I'm some sort of deadly science experiment? I won't bite right now, I swear." Caroline smiled

Stefan walked over to her and checked where her bite should be and all he saw in place of it now was just the same red mark that Jeremy saw except it was slightly darker now.

"Jeremy?" Stefan asked him now.

"Caroline said that while she was on her crazy blood rampage that she accidentally drained me and as soon as she did that, she was fine. Her bite healed up." Jeremy said.

"It's starting to come back though, I can feel it." Caroline said.

"Mystery solved." Damon said finally. "Gilbert blood, that was the whole balance thing Bonnie was talking about. All she needs is a little wolfie blood, and then some Gilbert blood in her and she'll be good as new." Damon said.

"So that's it? That's the cure? Just werewolf blood and Jeremy's blood and I'm okay again?" Caroline asked. "At least the werewolf bite part, not the memory part yet."

"One problem solved." Damon said with a smirk and walked over to Caroline and noticed that she wasn't as happy as she should have been. "What's wrong blondie? You're getting cured."

"Yeah, I know but…I don't know. Something just feels…wrong." Caroline said.

"Are you starting to feel sick again?" Stefan asked.

"No…I don't think so." Caroline said. "It just feels like something is…off."

"Yeah, for once no one has to die horribly for someone else to live. It's a nice change, isn't it?" Damon asked.

"…Second thought, I am feeling a little sick again." Caroline said and Stefan noticed that she was starting to get pale again and her fever was coming back.

"Alright, let's get you cured now before you get sick again." Stefan said and scooped Caroline up into his arms and carried her downstairs with Jeremy and Damon right behind them.

Bonnie was back at home, in the middle of putting all of Emily's books away, hoping that Jeremy had found something to cure Caroline considering Damon and Stefan left so quickly. Bonnie picked up the Gilbert journal that he had been reading, she wondered too how this journal got mixed in with everything. Out of curiosity, Bonnie opened it up and flipped through a few pages until she stopped on a page that happened to have a large bloodstain on it. Bonnie read the page quickly to see what exactly was going on at the time this was being written and when she finally found out, her blood nearly ran cold. Bonnie dropped the journal onto the floor and ran over to her cell phone and desperately tried to call Damon or Stefan or Jeremy, but no one answered.

"Crap!" Bonnie hissed and ran over to the door, grabbed her keys that were laying on the table, and hoped that she could get to the Salvatore's house before they did anything to Caroline.