Ben, my best friend, and I walked out of Devon High School one bright summer day. My name is Corey. I have shaggy brown hair and bluish gray eyes. I am now fifteen years old. I was the nerd. Enough about me. Ben is brown haired, green eyed, nerd just like me. He is fourteen. We made a very sharp, unbelievable team. There is a big issue on mutants right now. Ben and me think they are the coolest. It was a regular day and we were walking home from school. All of a sudden, Ben came falling to his knees. I turned around swiftly to find myself not seeing properly. The color blurred and I saw two shadowed figures ahead of me.

I awoke afterward to find that that the two shadowy figures were behind me. They were two men with large muscles and leather jackets. I realized that nothing was moving. Not even the airplane overhead. Then I took in that they had just mugged us. I looked over at Ben. He wasn't moving either. I checked Ben's pulseā€¦. Oh my god! He wasn't breathingā€¦ I charged at the two Men and kept on drumming on them. I noticed that it was not working so I did what I did when I got puzzled. I snapped my fingers. Unexpectedly, the guys fell over. I know I shouldn't of, but I went over to them and kicked them both in the stomach. I looked up, the plane was finally moving. I was not seeing clearly yet. Ben started to move.

"Ben," I asked sounding as concerned as I could," Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Ben answered back, "I'm okay."

"See ya," I said amused that Ben had a big bump on his head that was very visible.

We both headed our separate ways after that.