I went to my home on Block number 57 in Edmonton. When I was only eleven we were fifteen kilometers away from Edmonton. Now the city had expanded a lot and reached my mom and dad's house. The city of Edmonton had bought our old house and yard away from us for quadruple the price we had got it for.

Now about my family. My dad is a muscular guy who could be a substitute for X-Factor's Strong Guy. My mom may not be able to substitute for a super hero, but she is caring and loves me. They both work for the Edmonton Sanitation Service. I have a little sister named Jean who has purple eyes, brown hair and pierced ears. She was in grade 7 at Graminia Community School. We used to live in a big gray house but my parents sold it. Now we live in a small yellow, two-story house.

When I got home, I peered in the window and saw what they were doing. My dad was watching a documentary on mutants by Hank McCoy. He was a mutant that had a great deal of knowledge. He is also a former Avenger and present X-Men. I thought he was just like Ben and me. Ben wanted to grow up to be a geneticist and be a colleague of his. My little sister had gotten home at 4:00p.m. She was doing what looked like homework on our kitchen table. My mom was sitting at the table reading the daily Edmonton Journal. When I entered my mom jumped and came over to me.

"What are you doing home so late?" she asked in a noticeably worried tone.

"I was mugged again mom," I replied.

"Are you all right?" she asked.