This part is taken from hadouken5's story execution day but I will slightly change things here so it will go in a direction where I could incorporate an idea I thought of. The pairings will be different too though I'm not sure right now.

"Human speech"

'Human thoughts'

"Demon speech"

'Demon thoughts'

A bloodied and half-conscious Naruto stumbled through the Konoha gates carrying an equally injured shinobi over his shoulder. It had been a painful battle to retrieve the 'last' Uchiha, but in the end Naruto managed to overpower Sasuke's chidori with his own rasengan. He felt proud at his success that he the dead last beat the rookie of the year when not even the others could do so. Oh yeah at this rate he would surely be hokage soon. He would make sure his kaachan could sit back and relax as he defeated the enemy known as paper work.

In any case, just minutes after their arrival, the rest of Team 7 made their way to the struggling duo. Sakura was the first to step up. She quickly took the would-be brooding bastard and ran off to the hospital, whispering, "Sasuke-kun." Kakashi turned to the blond and gave him an eye smile. "Go get yourself to the hospital, Naruto. I have to go check up on Sasuke now." With that, the lazy copy-nin shushined away, leaving Naruto alone in the middle of the street.

Naruto sighed, it was always like this. Make sure the Uchiha is safe and happy then leave Naruto all by himself. He slowly made his way to his apartment knowing the people at the hospital would never allow heal him and collapsed onto his bed before slipping into a dreamless slumber, allowing the darkness to once again envelop his mind.

At the hospital, Sakura turned to Kakashi with tears streaming down her face. She was worried about Sasuke and only him like always. None of them even bothered to check on Naruto or even think about him once.

"Will Sasuke-kun be alright?" You could hear the desperation in her voice.

Kakashi sighed; he knew that Sasuke would be in deep trouble once he woke up. Leaving Konoha as a missing-nin to go over to Orochimaru was bad enough, but to attack a group of Konoha shinobi, and using an assassination jutsu on one was grounds for immediate execution despite being konoha's last Uchiha.

"Physically, yes, but I'm more worried about the legal consequences Sasuke could face."

"What do you mean, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Sasuke ran away to join Orochimaru, one of Konoha's greatest enemies who killed the sandaime not too long ago. Pakkun also says that he attacked Naruto with the intention to kill judging by the amount of blood Naruto loss. According to standard shinobi protocol, Sasuke would be forcibly removed from active duty and serve as breeding stock for future generations of Sharingan wielders."

Sakura's eyes widened. She didn't go through all that suffering, waiting for her Sasuke-kun to come back, just to watch him be punished so severely.

"B-b-but Kakashi-sensei, is there anything we can do to save Sasuke-kun"

"Well there is one way, Sakura. Sasuke, You, I and Naruto will likely be called upon to testify during his trial. Sasuke has many supporters on the council, so we only need to bend the truth slightly in Sasuke's favor to ensure his continuation on our team. Hopefully Naruto won't mind."

"He won't, since when has that baka ever been serious? So let me get this straight, we tell them everything we know and leave out parts that make Sasuke look bad like the chidori and the curse seal?"

Kakashi eye-smiled, things just might work out after all.

"Right, Sakura. Soon things will be back to normal."

Meanwhile, Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya were leaving Whirlpool country with identical smirks on their faces. Surprisingly enough, this wasn't because Jiraiya managed to scheme his way into Tsunade's pants. The reason for their mutual satisfaction was the birth certificate that Tsunade had finally secured and was currently holding in her pouch. The trio had left Konoha to investigate Naruto's ancestry, and was not at all surprised at the results. In fact, Tsunade felt rather stupid that she hadn't noticed it before considering he was related to them. Tsunade blamed drinking while jiraiya blamed his stupidity.

"Makes you feel rather stupid, doesn't it, Tsunade-hime? I mean we thought Minato was an orphan only to find that he was our child. How did we having a child slip our minds so easily? Then there's the fact that our son had a son of his own."

"Yeah, but it explains a lot, really. I can't wait to see the old farts' faces when they see this." Tsunade gleefully imagined the looks of shock on Koharu and Homura's faces. "Maybe they'll die of a heart attack." Tsunade giggled, causing Jiraiya to look over in concern.

"You okay, Tsuna-"

He was cut off by the chakra-laced punch colliding with his skull.

"Come on, you pervert, let's hurry up and get back home to our grandson."

With that, the two Sannin and one assistant set out to return to Konoha, blissfully unaware of the disaster that lay ahead.

The next day, Naruto was waiting at Team 7's normal training ground waiting for his teammates to show up. Patience and tranquility were not traits that were generally associated with Naruto, so after sitting around for a few minutes, he decided to get started himself. After a few light stretches and warm-ups, Naruto crossed his hands into the familiar hand seal and shouted out Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Twenty clones surrounded the Jinchuriki and leapt as one towards the original. 'Showtime' he thought, pulling out several shuriken.

Throwing the shuriken, he was pleased to see that most of them hit their mark, effectively dispelling the clones. An intrepid clone leapt forward only to be kicked in the face. The remaining clones started to cautiously circle their creator. The original Naruto charged forward, fists flailing and managed to catch the clone in the ribs. The remaining clones ran straight at Naruto, who started to charge up a Rasengan. The clone army and the swirling maelstrom met, causing the remaining clones to poof out of existence.

'Heh, looks like I'm still the best Naruto after all, going to be Hokage-dattebayo. Hmm, when will Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan come? Maybe I'll ask Sakura-chan if she wants to go eat ramen. Me and sakura-chan eating ramen dattebayo. Oh boy oh boy miso ramen, pork ramen, and some shrimp ramen, I can't wait. Hey! I have a coupon for a free bowl at Ichiraku's. Ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen… what the…?'

Naruto was roused from his musings by the appearance of several ANBU who quickly flanked the jinchuriki with drawn weapons.

"Uzumaki-san, your presence is requested at the council immediately. You will come at once."