Snow country

Doto and his 3 most trusted men all sat around and prepared for the konoha shinobi that was supposed to be heading over in 2 weeks should they fail to conquer snow country by then. Koyuki had put up a fight for her country and Doto knew she was losing hence the reason she sent for help. His members were Nadare, Fubuki, and Mizore.

Fubuki Kakuyoku was a woman with pink hair and green eyes. She wore a special armor suit that showed her side curves and plumped c-cup breast. Mizore Fuyukuma was a man with purple hair and onyx eyes. He wore a suit that made him look intimidating with the gauntlet looking gloves he wore. Nadare was a man with light blue hair almost pale and light blue eyes. Doto was a large man with brown hair and blue eyes. He too along with Nadare wore similar chakra suits.

"Nadare, what do you think of the konoha squad they will send? I did some research on the team who fought in wave since that's who she sent for and found something interesting. Their squad consists of an Uzumaki, an Uchiha, a Haruno, and Hatake Kakashi." Nadare thought about what Doto told him.

"Well I will be able to take on Hatake Kakashi and the genins will be no problem at all. Unless someone such as Fubuki or Mizore screws up and give them the upper hand somehow." Fubuki glared at him and Mizore ignored his insult towards him. She shot back at the arrogant man in front of her.

"How about you shut it asshole? Don't get all high and mighty now. Just a few days ago you were sucking up to me and showering me with praise just to get a feel of my vagina." Nadare grew red in anger and embarrassment.

"Fuck you whore; I bet you enjoyed riding my dick considering it's the only action you could get." Doto having heard enough silenced them.

"Shut up and focus on the task ahead. I'm making the final assault now so I could get my hands on whatever weapon this country might have so that snow country will rise as a shinobi village instead of staying weak. I have about 20 soldiers with me and that should be enough so let's go now." The four Nins gathered together before riding the train to the fortress where they would begin the final assault. Just as his group approached the castle, a black portal appeared and four individuals stepped out before the black portal went away. Doto saw the headband and nearly shit his pants. It wasn't the fact that it was Konoha Nins but the fact that not only did they step out of nowhere but the dark blonde haired one had an aura of death written all over him. The scythe looked menacing too. He signaled the others to leave until the boy of death turned to them and waved.

"How about you come out and I'll spare whoever done as I asked." The 20 solders ran for their lives not trained to fight ninjas. Naruto blurred in his position for a second before the sounds of running in the snow stopped. The four ninjas looked back to see all of them dead and lying on the floor.

"Well at least you four were smart enough to listen. I'm also guessing you're the ones causing problems for the princess. May I ask as to why you four would cause so many problems in this country?" Doto found his courage.

"I'm tired of this country being considered weak to every other village. I want snow country to rise as one of the greatest shinobi based villages and Koyuki won't be able to do that. Every ninja village takes advantage of our technology knowing we don't have the man power to do anything. I think there is a weapon that could help us located somewhere. If we were to arise as one of the greatest then we will need something to defend our country from others. I have no doubt that once news was to reach others about our intentions that one of them will invade us for our lands." Naruto saw where he was headed with this. He would overthrow a civilian in order to gain control over the village but why when there is are other ways. Naruto decided he would get both sides of the story before doing anything.

"Then how about you and your group follow me so we could settle this issue right now?" Doto motioned his group to follow him. Naruto led the group into the fortress making his way pass the tensed solders. Seeing Konoha Nins near their enemies made them feel a little safer seeing as their enemies made no moves against them in the presence of a konoha Nin. Naruto asked around until he found Koyuki in a room with Sandayo. They immediately became frightened by the presence of their enemies. Naruto reassure them.

"They won't do anything to you two. I am Naruto Uzumaki and I came here to help you get over your issues. I want to hear your side of the story but first, Doto why don't you tell Princess Koyuki you intentions and in turn you tell Doto what you want to do with snow country Koyuki-sama." Doto looked at her before telling her his intentions.

"I want to make snow country one of the strongest ninja based villages so I thought by overthrowing you would give me control over this land. I also want the secret treasure that your father hid away and gain access to a weapon that was rumored to be here." Naruto motioned Koyuki to go.

"I only want to keep this country out of war to keep its people alive. You propose we go to war with ninja villages to gain power when clearly we don't have the power to do so. Then what about the leader of your so called kage whom would represent us? Surely you aren't strong enough to do much about that. We need a leader who can strike fear in the hearts of others." Naruto saw where she was headed with this. This village did not have ninjas but rather samurais. The only natural protection they had was the snow. He couldn't help but feel sorry for them knowing their country would continue to be exploited for their technology until someone put their feet down. It was then he came up with an idea.

"Well what if I were to lead this village to become one of the greatest villages. I don't have much back in konoha so I'll simple retire." Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi gasped that he would leave konoha. Moegi grew teary eyed.

"But boss, what will happen with us and the others? Surely Hinata and the others will be upset about you leaving." Naruto sighed.

"Well you and the others could come over here seeing as your only genins. This would gain us a strong ally just like Suna and wave country. I'll still visit you while making the country strong. How does that sound my little Moegi-chan?" He kissed her on the lips tasting her salty tears.

"Fine but you got to keep your promise or I'll get you somehow." Naruto made a pinky promise before turning to Konohamaru.

"I want you to be the next Hokage Konohamaru and make me proud." Naruto wrote up a letter and sealed it with a few things before handing it to them before creating a portal to konoha. "Take that to Tsunade while I take care of things here. I'll send a portal back in an hour but when I do, just drop the scroll through." They stepped in the portal only to disappear from snow country. Naruto turned to get down to the issue.


The three appeared outside the towers and made their way in to find Tsunade going through her usual paperwork. Konohamaru gave her the scroll and she unseals the contents. After reading the letter and receiving the headband, Tsunade exploded.


The three stepped back away from the enraged hokage not wanting to feel her legendary strength. She looked up and calmed down before asking Moegi about her choice.

"I'm guessing you would like to move over to their slowly rising ranks too?" She nodded before Tsunade took out a few pieces of paper. "I have no doubt that Hinata and the others will want to do the same so I'll just start on it now. She wrote up a few pieces of paper and sealed them away. "I'll have to tell the council of his decision so stay here." They did as they were told and waited for her return. She came back 30 minutes later and sat down.

"They didn't take it well but seeing as Naruto retired, they couldn't do anything about it. As for Hinata, Ayame, and Teuchi they didn't seem to care seeing as Teuchi and Ayame were civilians, and Hinata was the Hyugas issue. Hiashi didn't seem to mind his daughter leaving to create an alliance seeing as he would gain more power down the line. The civilians cheered when I mentioned Anko and she didn't say much when the made insults in front of her. She told me she would love to take the offer as soon as possible. Would you like to go as well Udon?" He shook his head.

"No I would like to stay with Konohamaru so he won't feel alone. Besides, I know he will stay here to become Hokage someday so our alliance will only strengthen." A black portal opened up and Konohamaru dropped the rely back along with release papers for Anko, Teuchi, Ayame, and Moegi allowing the ninjas to leave and the civilians information to reach their new homes. The portal closed back up only to open back up 10 minutes later stating he would come back for them three days from now.