~*Waking Me Up*~

Imprisoned beneath Volterra for centuries, her salvation lies within Edward and his family, two of whom she shares similar abilities. Twists of fate and destiny...

Edward x OC story.

An alternate story.

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~*Chapter 1*~

Noise...Chatter from the minds of people somewhere above me as I lay imprisoned below, my mind absorbing the noises they encountered in their daily lives and their innermost thoughts.

From person to person, my mind would quickly jump on its own. I didn't even have to think about it anymore.

Occasionally I would block the endless chatter to soothe my mind, but that never lasted long. I always had to send my mind back out and let the noise overtake me before the darkness did.

It had been so long since I had singled out one person and listened, sending my mind to a halt and separate the noise to something more distinct and clear.

The last time I tried I hadn't been strong enough. My mind let go and I was plunged into the darkness and I fell into a dreamlike state, something I feared far worse than silence.

But I was always so tired, so sleepy, so afraid of letting my mind descended into the darkness and silence that would overcome me much like the water of a lake as I slowly fell, my lack of strength weighting me to the bottom.

I was then forced to relive my memories in crystal clarity, over and over in a vicious circle, never knowing when the darkness would fade and I could float back up and grasp desperately to the slightest thought from above.

I would awaken dazed and confused, wondering how long I was asleep, for it could have been a few months or a few decades.

Just barely I would be able to hold my head above the water that is the darkness, but just barely.

It had been too long since I last fell and already my mind was starting to slip.

The noises and the chatter were fading and my mind was starting to feel heavy.

I have been here for nearly five centuries, lying inside a tomb deep inside the tunnels underneath the city, forgotten in time.

The mere thought of being trapped in a tomb for centuries without blood would send a shiver up any vampire's spine, because every vampire would know the thirst would be torturous, painful beyond measure.

The first few years were unimaginable and I was close to losing my sanity, I fear I did for a while.

Eventually the painful thirst became this numbing feeling in the back of my throat that would never be relieved.

I became weaker, each passing day until one day I was so weak I could no longer beat away at the walls that held me.

I became still...immobile, trapped inside with my own thoughts and those around me before I would become too weak and fell into darkness.

The endless cycle.

Throughout the years, that's how I lived, in the thoughts of others, for while I lay still I saw the world through their eyes.

And through their eyes I saw the changes in the world around me as father time left me behind.

So there I was, sleeping if that's what you'd call it, letting the voices of people's thoughts flow through my mind.

It was probably the only thing that kept me from going completely insane.

As my mind started to feel weary, the voices just starting to fade to whispers, I suddenly came across something rather peculiar.

It was enough for me to stay above the darkness as I tried to figure out what was so peculiar that my mind had picked up.

It was a repetition of thoughts that surrounded me, much like an echo, but it was so faint I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

The curiosity was enough for me to concentrate, to narrow down where this strange echo was coming from.

My mind could only read the thoughts of anyone in a one mile radiance in any direction from where I was lying, any further I was too weak to reach out.

I scanned the streets, the people above going about their lives.

The echo becoming stronger, more clear as my mind made its way closer to the square.

Where was it coming from?

I continued searching. Jumping from person to person, trying to find the echo.

Then I found it.

Four people walking down a tunnel, a tunnel that looked vaguely familiar.

I focused harder, trying to grasp a picture of these people.

My stomach tightened when I realized what they were.


Not just any vampires, two of the Volturi guard.

Felix and Demetri.

I had grown to know this from several years of scanning the minds around me, and though I loathed the Volturi, my mind always ventured to them just to see how much they had changed.

Why was there an echo?

I concentrated harder.

All four of them were adorned with cloaks as the two strangers followed the Volturi down the tunnels.

Both were tall, one younger with bronze hair, the other blonde.

Expected guests, I gathered from the guards mind.

Then the strangest hint of familiarity was found in the blonde one.

He had been here once, several years before.

I only remembered him specifically because that was the day I discovered we could survive on animal blood and I had respected and admired his decision not to feed on humans as much as Aro had tried to sway him.

Carlisle, that was his name. Carlisle Cullen.

What was he doing back here?

I had watched him leave before when Aro had made him too uneasy, pressuring him about our natural lifestyle.

But he was never tempted. Never before had I wanted to meet someone so badly as I did him. I remember wanting to know everything about him, so many questions I just needed to know the answers to.

How did he do it? How did he have so much self control?

Still so many questions as I followed his thoughts down the tunnels with the Volturi.

The echoes started again. That's strange, it was Carlisle's thoughts that were echoed.

He was thinking about his family, but most of all he was thinking about his son, Edward. He worried about him, worried about Aro convincing him to join them. He was hoping Aro would leave them both in peace.

Why did his thoughts center around Aro?

I concentrated harder, trying to pick up anything that might explain why Carlisle was back, and perhaps why, with his arrival, I was hearing these repetitions. I knew by concentrating so much I would use up the very limited energy I had, but I just had to know why I was hearing all these echoes.

"Protect the family, the less they know about what you can do the better. A brief meeting, tell them what they want to know, then we leave."

As the thought echoed back to me, I could have sworn it sounded almost as if he were talking to someone other than himself.

What did the Volturi want to know?

His thoughts kept revolving around his family, particularly the one next to him, he was wishing he hadn't come with him.

So his companion was a member of his 'family'?

My curiosity then led me to the unfamiliar person next to him with the bronze hair.

Thats when I felt it.

Like an arch of static electricity I felt a spark as my mind touched his, sending a strange tingling feeling across my consciousness .

The echo was coming from him!

Then...as my eyes opened wide in shock for the first time in several hundred years, I realized what the echo really was.

I could hear exactly what he could, the thoughts of those around him.


I withdrew immediately, closing my mind off completely as I lay there in shock.

I wonder if he felt that strange spark I did?

I hoped not. I did not want him knowing I was here, not just yet. Even though I was dying to reach out to him, I couldn't run the risk of Aro being reminded of me.

He didn't know how to keep Aro from invading his every thought and the first thing Aro was bound to do would be to touch their hands and take in the contents of their minds.

I couldn't put myself into this newcomer's mind just yet, not just yet.

My mind started to feel heavy. I needed to stay calm, not to let myself get anxious or excited. It had taken almost two centuries of being motionless to gain back this limited amount of energy and I really needed to preserve as much of it as possible.

I closed my eyes, feeling myself relax, and I listened.

Careful to keep my mind from his, I reached out, needing to see more of this stranger, this member of Carlisle's family with an ability so like my own.

From Carlisle's mind, I picked out what I was assuming the reason they were here.

It started with a letter, Aro requesting that Carlisle and his family visit Volterra.

The only reason he could see for the letter was that Aro was becoming curious about him, and Aro's curiosity was something he seriously wanted to avoid.

I could see the internal debate that went on in his head, that if he didn't go Aro would certainly take offense.

He was prepared to go alone, but then Edward voiced his concern that going alone would also be an offense.

Carlisle had instantly stated that he didn't want any member of his family near the Volturi unless it was absolutely necessary. His great fear was that the Volturi would be intimidated not only by the growing size of their 'coven' but also by some of his family's abilities.

Edward insisted that he accompany him to Volterra, explaining that his ability would be extremely helpful for them to know what the Volturi were thinking and also to ensure their safety.

Oh Aro, what are you up to?

I knew Aro's mind was uneasy. With a slight peek I discovered not too long ago one of the Volturi guards had been in Denali, Alaska when he encountered Carlisle there visiting with a coven of his own.

With the exception of the Volturi, these two covens had been the largest number of vampires to live together, and it was this thought that made Aro's mind so uneasy.

As far as I could tell, Aro's intentions were to find out more about what Carlisle was up to all these years, but I wouldn't put it past him to try to convince Carlisle and his coven to join him.

I was glad to see Carlisle was very much aware of this possibility and part of me was relieved to see that his answer would be a firm yet courteous no.

I watched from Carlisle's mind as they entered the large circular room which held the three ruling Volturi.

"Ah! Carlisle. Thank you for accepting my invitation, its been too long my dear friend. And I see your diet hasn't changed." Aro said with a chuckle as his hand reached out for one of his expected greetings.

I watched wearily through the blonde vampires eyes as he accepted Aro's hand that would let him invade his mind.

I only hoped whatever Aro found there, he wouldn't pursue.

Carlisle's mind immediately shifted just before their hands made contact. Everything pertaining to his

family was pushed in the furthest reaches of his mind, as if he had hidden them away so Aro could not find it.

My mind started to ache a little as I listened to Aro. It was intriguing how his little gift worked, but also extremely dangerous to your innermost secrets.

What most people didn't know about Aro's gift was that even though it seemed he could take in all the contents of your mind, he couldn't. No one, not even a vampire, could do that. All that information could make a person mad.

His mind searches anything relating to what he is looking for and summons them to his touch, almost like a chain bridging thoughts together in a complex web.

It was a challenge for sure, to effectively block Aro's mind from yours, but it wasn't impossible.

All that Carlisle needed to do to protect his family was hide them behind something Aro wouldn't be able to connect to.

Aro was disappointed, he couldn't find what he was wanting to learn, but he kept his disappointment well hidden.

All he had managed to learn from Carlisle was that Edward was his 'son'.

Now his eyes were on Edward and he was extremely curious.

"Why, Carlisle, I don't believe I've had the honor of meeting a member of your family."

"My apologies, this is Edward."

I could see how nervous Carlisle was, introducing Edward, as well as all the worries that centered his thoughts. He never showed one ounce of his inner thoughts or concerns, keeping himself collected even when his thoughts seemed to spin in that one moment.

Aro, naturally, offered his hand, which Edward accepted respectfully even though he was hesitant.

It was clear he didn't like feeling so exposed.

I wanted to see what was in his mind, what he was thinking, but I couldn't without him becoming aware of the echo, or worse, that Aro might catch it.

So I stayed, watching and listening inside Aro's mind.

Once again, my head ached, only it was much more painful this time.

Edward didn't have to hide his thoughts from Aro. The moment Aro touched Edward's hand, he knew immediately of Edward's gift and this threw him off completely.

"How interesting" Aro spoke in amazement, his eyes never leaving Edward. "You have a gift so like my own."

I listened intently to Aro's inner thoughts, looking for the faintest hint of remembrance of me.

My head was hurting and it feeling heavier but I needed to know.

All I could see was Aro's intrigue and possibility of Edward joining the Volturi.

'You'd be a very valuable asset to us, if you wish to consider another family. Surely you must be interested.' Aro's thoughts called out.

Oh I longed to see what Edward would say to him, but I didn't dare risk it. Was he considering it? From what I've learned about him in Carlisle's thoughts, surely he couldn't be, he seemed to be so devoted him, like a son to a father.

Suddenly I felt relief as he pulled his hand away politely. "Thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid I've grown quite attached to my own family." Edward responded out loud.

Aro was disappointed, of course, but he remained polite.

"Very well," Aro spoke aloud. "Might I interest you in dinner then?" I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I'm afraid we ate before we came." Carlisle responded, almost too quickly.

I could hear from Carlisle's thoughts he was a bit annoyed and disappointed every time Aro tried to convince him of straying from his alternate source of nutrition.

"You know, I tried your way for a while, this alternate lifestyle, just out of curiosity. I just found it kind of bland."Aro chuckled in humor. "My dear friend, I do hope you plan to stay a few days, who knows maybe I could convince you to reconsider my offer I made all those years ago."

"I regret that I must decline your generous offer once again." Every time I heard that I couldn't help but smile a little.

"Such a shame, though you are more than welcome to stay as long as you like."

"Until Sunday, I'm afraid I've got business back in the states."

Aro chuckled.

"It is one of the flaws of trying to fit in with the human world, Carlisle, but alas, it is your way," Then Aro inhaled deeply. "Ah, do you smell that?"

"Heidi must have returned." Caius, all but quiet the entire time, spoke.

"I'm sure you gentlemen have room for dessert, no?" Aro inquired.

I tried not focus so much on the familiar scent Carlisle recognized in the air.

Human blood.

The thought alone sent an unnatural excitement through me.

I focused instead on Carlisle's response. "No thank you Aro, we're quite content." He said with a smile, just as polite and just intent on keeping to his way of life as before.

But Aro wasn't concerned with Carlisle's response, he was more interested in Edward's commitment to the diet.

He thought if Edward strayed from the 'alternate way of life' as Carlisle put it, he would perhaps stray from his family.

He glanced at Edward as he raised a questioning brow, but Edward only seemed to hold the same strong opinion as Carlisle, shaking his head slightly as he declined respectfully.

"Very well." Aro said with a humorless laugh.

Suddenly I could hear the thoughts of humans that were only minutes away.

Tourists, unaware of their impending deaths as the Volturi I came to learn as Heidi, lured them down the corridor.

So many people...so much blood...

I felt my throat tighten, the venom on my teeth pooling into my mouth.

It's been far too long, but not long enough that I didn't remember the taste of a single drop.

I recoiled back into my mind as I realized my head was becoming foggy.

I needed to get a firm grip of myself if I had any hope of reaching out to this Edward, I needed all the strength I had to stay focused to do it.

I couldn't do that if my mind was getting heavier with each second that I thought about something I could not grasp, that I haven't had in over five hundred years.

It was probably a really bad I idea and I was only going to end up torturing myself, but something about the possibility of being able to reach out to him gave me a sort of peace.

Part of me, probably the most logical and sane part of me, kept shouting 'What are you possibly expecting to happen by reaching out to him? That they would risk both their lives, their family's lives, to go beneath the most dangerous city of our kind and set you free?'

No, I wasn't expecting that at all, I couldn't expect that.

I was lost forever to the world until Aro decided to release me, and when that would be I would never know, but at least I could do something while I was down here.

The mere thought of being able to ensure Carlisle and Edward stay as far away from the Volturi as possible was enough.

They may be vampires, but at least they tried to pretend to be human, tried to keep a firm grip on their humanity.

This was all I could expect.

It was becoming harder to fight the darkness, I was starting to sink too fast. The thoughts, the voices, they were all become so faded I could barely hear them.

Just before I would fall helplessly into the dark, I took a glimpse at Edward's thoughts, even if it was nothing but whispers.

Before, I had been so focused on just Carlisle's and Aro's thoughts that I didn't noticed the thoughts of another certain Volturi.

But Edward did.

It may not have had that much of an impact on Edward, just a curiosity he would later inquire of Carlisle, but it was enough to keep my head above the surface of the dark.

It was enough for me to fight my thirst, to fight my desperation, and to keep my head clear.

Just before they left the circular room, Marcus had a very brief thought, more of memory really, of someone else who shared the same similar ability to Aro's.

It was enough to catch his interest, for sure, but before he could learn more, the thought had been gone just as expeditiously as it had formed.

He planned to ask Carlisle if he knew what it meant, when they were free to discuss it. It had been just a little peculiar.

I never wanted to reach out to him more than I did right now, to tell him just what it was Marcus had found familiar.

But I was just barely able to keep my head from the darkness. I couldn't reach out just yet, not without risking unconsciousness.

I forced every fiber in my being to just let go, my mind withdrawing from the world around me, floating just above darkness but not quite out of it.

Thoughts and voices faded and mingled together once again forming the hum I was so used to.

I needed to wait, wait until I was collected enough to reach out.

I just hoped I would wake up in time.

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