"Ven! Are you alright?" Aqua asked in between her quick pants. Obviously Ven, encased in a thin layer of ice, made no reply. The situation was grim - Ven was frozen, Terra had fallen down from a pretty far height, and she had taken damage herself from the storm of keyblades that had left a few dents in her armor. But she and Ven were alive at least, and through her heart she had a feeling that Terra was still hanging on.

"A...qua..." Ven mumbled, giving a sign that the thawing had already began. He tried to stretch his muscles which were aching from the cold, but the sensation of stinging needles signaled that he was indeed getting back motor control. Perhaps those hours developing his ice resistance proved useful afterall.

Aqua almost didn't hear the weak whisper while she looked in horror at the blue heart-shaped moon that appeared in the sky at Xehanort's summoning. Her attention was immediately redirected to the boy in her hands. "Ven! You're alright! I'm so glad..." Aqua released the breath she had held since who knows when and let the smallest of smiles creep up her lips.

But her happiness was short lived and she returned to high alert when she heard an unfamiliar voice from behind.

"How 'bout you leave the popsicle with me, so you can go have your little fight with Terra?"

A man with a ragged red scarf and a scar on his face looked thoughtfully at the ledge where Master Xehanort was probably at. "You can't be too happy 'bout him deep-sixing your master," Braig shifted his gaze onto Aqua and chuckled.

"Who are you?" Aqua asked, eyes narrowing.

"You two think you two got some grand role to play. As if!" The sharpshooter gave a condescending smirk and waved a hand in the air frivolously. "You two are only here so that when I finish you off, Terra will succumb to the darkness. So...who wants to go first?"

"Shut up!" Ventus leaned upright, his anger fueling his struggle against the ice. He wanted to do nothing more than launch a megaflare to that bastard's face, but he couldn't feel his legs and he was already quite tired from his struggle with the ice. Terra was his best friend, his older brother, the one who had turned a keyblade against Master Eraqus just to protect him. He knew there was good inside Terra, which was all the more reason to find his friend before his former master tried to crush it.

Braig mockingly put his arms up in the air like a caught criminal. "Oh, so this kiddo thinks he's a full fledged Keyblade wielder? He's got the angry look down." The man smirked, knowing that his taunts were working. It wasn't as obvious on the girl's face, but he could feel that she was absolutely boiling with rage within.

Aqua caught Ventus as the boy started to collapse backwards. She carefully took the boy to a far away rock, safe from the battle that would ensue. "Go ahead if you want to waste your time. Keep trying to drive us apart with your mind games. It'll never work!" A burst of blue light in Aqua's hand formed into the shape of her trustworthy keyblade.

"Terra will prove to you that he's stronger!"

Aqua knew something was up when Braig was still smirking by the end of their match despite his uneven breathing and torn up body.

"Well, he wanted me to buy time - and I say he got it." The man said cryptically, breaking into a run and getting a head start while Aqua hesitated for a split second in shock. He didn't get far though - a gust of wind sent him hurtling back towards Aqua.

"Oh no you don't!"

Ven stood in front of Braig's escape route, keyblade in hand. Braig had bought time- time for Ventus to free himself of the ice encasing him. Still, the smirk didn't disappear from Braig's face. His gaze traveled upwards and the two keyblade wielders looked up curiously.

"Well, look who's here!"


In a split second, Vanitas's keyblade lunged down at Aqua. It was met by the metal of Ventus's keyblade instead of the metal of Aqua's armor, but Vanitas didn't seem disappointed at the least. Aqua, pushed to the side, noted that Braig had escaped, but there were more pressing concerns. She followed up Ventus's block with a swipe to Vanitas's legs.

The agile masked boy easily back-flipped away from Aqua's attack. He landed a few feet away, keyblade posed to attack.

"Come, show me your power Ventus!"

Ventus glared, knowing what the clash would mean. Aqua did not. And if she did...well, Aqua may have never agreed to what he was about to suggest.

"Aqua, go find Terra!" Ventus pleaded, giving his friend a quick assuring look. "I can handle him!"

Aqua didn't doubt it, Ven seemed to have grown during his travels, but she couldn't help but feel a dark dread at the thought of leaving Ventus alone with the masked boy. Still, Terra was out dealing with an even worse enemy at a much more unstable state of mind.

"Be careful Ven," Aqua replied, concern evident in her voice. She summoned her keyblade glider and took off towards the top of the cliff.

"Savor that rage and despair. Let it empower you!"

"You will pay Xehanort!" Terra clutched a fist towards his chest. Flashes of the scene at his home world sprung up to his mind, the grief and despair once again fresh in his mind. "Was my master -no, my father - Eraqus not enough for you? Leave my friends alone!"

He could feel the darkness surround him, cloud him in rage. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew this was not right. But his anger, his rage, they could not be ignored. And if they helped him defeat Xehanort and protect his friends, he would use it at any cost.

Xehanort grinned. When pushed into a corner, Terra had always displayed his darkness and now was no different. "Yes boy, that's it! More! Make your whole heart blacken with anger!"

"No Terra!"

Aqua jumped off her keyblade glider which reverted back to a keyblade in a split second. She swung her blade down on Xehanort but her voice gave her away and Xehanort easily met her blade with his. He frowned - the girl should not be here. Had Braig fail his job? Had he underestimated the girl?

"Aqua!" Terra called out, the darkness slowly dissipating. "Where's Ven?

Aqua pushed Xehanort back, then cartwheeled backwards to gain some distance from her opponent. "Fighting that masked boy," she replied, glancing down towards where Ventus was currently battling. But they had to trust Ventus and focus on the situation at hand.

"Terra, you know you shouldn't use the darkness! You're better than that!" Aqua reminded him, not forgetting the stench of darkness that had surrounded Terra earlier. "Please don't fall Terra, Master Eraqus would not have wanted that. I don't want that."

Terra looked to the ground guiltily. "You're right." He replied, clearing his mind. "Cover my back?"

Aqua smiled and the two bared their keyblades at Xehanort. "Let's do it!"

Xehanort fell to one knee, clutching to his keyblade for support. Things were not looking well for him, but the bright golden beam of light that appeared from below gave him new hope that perhaps he could salvage this mess after all.

"There! You see?" He asked, grinning maniacally.

Aqua and Terra took a quick glance and was startled by the brightness of the light coming from where Ventus was.

"The Chi-Blade has been forged!"

"Ven!" They shouted in unison. Terra, more knowledgeable about Xehanort's plans on the forging of the X-blade, immediately rushed below while Aqua did what she promised to do - cover his back.

"And now Terra, it is time for the final union!"

Xehanort raised his keyblade to his chest. Aqua didn't know what exactly Xehanort was going to do, but she wasn't going to let it happen. She immediately slashed at Xehanort, landing a hit on his chest and sending him backwards towards the ground..

"Forgetting someone?" She asked, pointing her keyblade at Xehanort's throat.

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