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5. On a side note, even after I leave him, he's STILL there.

At least I'm hoping he will be.

After all, he always has been. I've lost count of the number of times I've screamed at him, called him names, occasionally slapped him, and just generally mistreated him. And yet he still comes back. Remus says that James' thought process is something along the lines of, "Some attention is better than no attention at all." I still think he's insane.

But now I'm relying on said insanity to help me out this one last time. Last night, James and I were the only ones left in the common room after drawing up patrol schedules, and he was so close. And I was ready to tell him, or I thought I was, or maybe it was the fire playing on his face. And he seemed to know.

I don't know how he could've. But he looked at me, his gaze almost as penetrating as Dumbledore's, said merely, "Lily," and I lost it. I just couldn't go through with it anymore. So I stalked off, scattering the papers everywhere as I went. The last I saw of him he was starting to clear up.

All of today I've been trying to rationalize what happened. That my gut knew something I didn't. That he'd been a git. But of course that wasn't true.

I'm going to finish this list. And maybe after that I'll make things right.

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