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See? This is what boredom can drive people to do!


Harry discovers a way around the underage magic restrictions.


Stir, Bottle And Stopper

Between the usual scandals, gossip, contests and actual news, every British newspaper had an article and comment on the unusual new inhabitants of the London Zoo. What was so bizarre about three new animals there was the way they had suddenly appeared within well secured enclosures.

The first was a blonde, nearly albino giraffe. She had a long neck she used to look over the enclosure and peer at the activities of visitors or other animals. She always seemed to have a look and air of sour disapproval on her. And that was the main and true reason the zoo staff named her 'Lemon'-Not just for her coloration, as they had publicly declared.

A large, foul tempered walrus became popular with the zoos many visitors, mostly due to his loud antics. Privately, the zoo staff considered the creature with the impressive mustache a seriously vicious animal, and amongst themselves began calling the animal 'The Bastard'. He was one animal they would not have mind putting down. Pity he was so entertaining.

In the aquarium, the biggest and most shocking discovery was made-A baby Beluga whale! At first shocked and bemused over the young beast's appearance in their tanks, aquarium staff quickly became alarmed over the young whale's appetite! Plans were being made to put 'Tiny' on a diet.

On a seemingly unrelated side note, in number 4 Privet Drive, one fourteen year old Harry James Potter lounged blissfully upon a floral sofa; in front of him was a television playing a black and white Japanese monster movie. Resting on the boy's stomach was an open box of Belgium chocolates. Harry reached into the box and, with pointer finger and thumb, pluck a piece out and quickly popped it into his mouth. Harry closed his mouth and eyes, humming in pleasure as the confection melted in his mouth.

In the kitchen, an unfinished breakfast meal for three remained undisturbed upon the table. Three chairs laid on their sides and back upon the floor, giving a view of the bottom of the seats and the runes carved into them.

Snap was right, Harry thought contently, fishing for another piece of chocolate. Potions could do anything-Including animal transformations without alerting the Ministry of underage magic use! And the transportation runes were easy to copy and curve into the chair bottoms.

Harry wriggle happily on the sofa, sinking into the soft comfort he had been denied for the majority of his life in the house. He was uncertain how long before the Order caught on to what he did, retrieved the Dursleys and reversed the transformations. But he did know one thing-He was finally going to enjoy his summer!


I'm not certain if London Zoo's aquarium currently has Beluga whales available for public viewing . . .Or walruses. But I am sure the zoo's giraffes are on display.

Anyway, thanks for reading this one-shot-The story is complete. Bye for now!