I just had to write this after watching grown ups. I'm really disappointed that there's no grown ups fan fiction. Review please.

"Ummm, what?"

"A Voss, you know water? Or a Fiji if you don't have that?"

Working as a waitress for a summer job wasn't exactly my ideal way to spend time. I looked on in confusion as this kid stared at me like I was an idiot. He was around 12, my age with brown curly hair. He was cute, I could admit that, but he was a stuck up kid.

"Hell take what ever you have."

The kid's dad was obviously trying to salvage the situation.

"We've got tap?"

I honestly doubted this kid would want it.

"What country is that from?"

"Are you for real kid?"

This kid was seriously getting me mad.

Everyone at the table was starting to get quiet.

"Greg, it's from the faucet."

Once again this kid's dad tried to fix the situation.

"Like the hose?"

I couldn't help it; this kid just pissed me off.

"No you idiot! What planet are you from?"


I snorted of course, he was a Hollywood kid, the kind who blew daddy's money and drove Lamborghinis.

"It's not my fault your to stupid to know what a Voss is!"

"Greg!" his mom looked shocked.

This kid didn't piss me off, he enraged me. Before I knew what I was doing I had grabbed the front of his shirt and forced him to his feet.

"Listen up Hollywood; you are nothing more than a spoiled brat who has no real world experience. Not everyone drinks water with a fancy name."

The kid looked scared shitless. I let go of the front of his shirt and he collapsed into his seat. Everybody in the restaurant was staring. Moments later Liz, an older waitress came over.

"No problems here folks?"

"No, miss."

I stalked to the kitchen getting everyone's drinks and giving the order to my dad.

"what on earth did he say?" my dads tone was reproachful.

"A Voss. He wanted a Voss."

walking off I laid out the drink at Hollywood's table.

"here's your damn water."

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