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Greg's Pov

" I packed for Milan, one of the most fashionable places in the world, girls they're wouldn't be caught dead in what your wearing."

I smirked as I saw Noa flush.

"Well most normal boys wouldn't even try on what you're wearing!"

She retorted. I heard a laugh behind me and saw Andre and Keithie behind me.

I scrambled for a reply, thinking on my feet for insults was something I was good at.

"Noa, were not here to insult him, remember?"

I noticed a pretty blonde girl behind her smiling."I'm Brooke, but introductions later, Noa do you have something to say to Greg?"


"Greg who's at the door?" my mother called as she walked toward us.

"Satan's spawn, mother."

My mother approached us and saw Noa.

"Hello, mam." Noa said politely

"Oh hi." my mother looked confused but quickly recovered.

"Greg where are you manners invite her in, ill go get Band-aids for your cuts."

"Come in." I said as I turned around.

"Ask nicely, and I might."

I laughed and faced her.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Ask me nicely Greg, use your manners."

"Noa, Please come in?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Why thank you Greg, id be delighted."

Noa and Brooke walked into the house laughing.

I officially hate girls, they're pure evil.

As we walked into the living room my mom came back with a first aid kit.

"Thank you Mrs.…"

"Feder, and no problem."

As Brooke helped Noa get some Band-Aids, she elbowed Noa.

"Oh right, the reason I'm here is I came to apologize for my harsh actions at the restaurant the other night. Here."

She handed me a rather pathetic bouquet of wild flowers.


"They fix everything, I really am sorry. I acted out of line."

"Yea while I'm sorry too, I overreacted."

I saw Noa's surprise.

"Truce?" I offered out my hand.

"truce." she agreed, placing her hand in mine and shaking it. That's when I noticed how small her hands were. I quickly let go.

"I still get to make fun of you, okay"

I laughed, she's not as bad as I thought.