Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - Season 2
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

OK, Season 2 launches pretty early.
I simply couldn't resist the world of love and chaos.
So sue me. Oh, good key word...
I do not own Digimon. OK?

Short season 1 recap:
The Tamers have landed in the world of the DigiDestined.
In the end, the couples are:
Yolei/Ken, Kari/T.K., Ruki/Davis, Renamon/Gatomon.
If you muttered "What the-", then please read season 1 first.

She wakes up and groans.
"Thank God." a female voice next to her mutters.
"Did anybody get the number of that truck?"
"Shhh. Rest yourself. You've taken much damage."
"It certainly feels that way." she answers and slowly opens her eyes.
She notices that she is lying in a bed.
Since the room does not look like a hospital room, she guesses that this is her own bed.
Must be midnight. Everything's so dark outside. she thinks after looking out.
The girl who has addressed her before is sitting on a chair next to her.
She can see a white cat sleeping on the bed. Nice creature.
"We've been worried about you." the girl tells her.
"That's so nice of you." she answers.
Is she my sister or just a friend? she asks herself.
Geez, that should be a no-brainer. But somehow... I can't tell for sure.
She tries to hide her nervousness and starts petting the cat's head.
All the time, her eyes are fixed on the girl.
The cat starts to purr, telling her that everything's right.
She smiles at the cat-
-and sees her arm for the first time.

"Boy, camping with Mom and Dad has been a real adventure." Tai sighs.
His sister snickers.
"No, really. During all my time in the DigiWorld, I have never been that afraid."
Kari snickers even more.
"Well, I've heard that we missed quite a show ourselves." Agumon adds.
"Oh, you can say so." Kari says and frowns.
"However did this happen?" Tai asks and points at Ruki's door.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" a loud scream startles all of them.
"Renamon." Kari instantly gasps.
As if having waited for the cue, the golden fox charges out of the room.
"Help me! Help me!" the Digimon yells.
What's wrong with her? Kari asks herself and stands up.
Renamon stops in front of her and presents her her arm.
"Help me!" she yells again.
Kari tries to calm the Digimon down, but it's no use.
"What is it? Does the arm hurt?" Kari finally asks.
Renamon stares at her as if the girl has lost her mind.
"Can't you see it? My arm! It's... WRONG!"
Kari sighs. She never liked being yelled at.
"What is wrong?" she asks, keeping her voice down.
The Digimon forcefully grabs Kari's arm and holds it up.
Then Renamon holds up her own arm.
"Can't you see? What did they do with me?" the vulpine Digimon asks, tears flowing down her cheeks.
Then she flexes her claws.
"Three fingers! And my skin! My skin! It's so... so... FURRY!"
Kari's eyes become narrow slits.
"Funny. You almost got me." she says flatly.
"I... don't... understand?" the Digimon whispers.
"Ever looked into a mirror?" Kari asks, annoyed by the Digimon's behaviour.
While Renamon walks to the large mirror in the corridor, Kari sighs.
I bet this has been Ruki's idea. God, I almost-
A very loud scream from the corridor makes Kari jump.

Talk about a wake-up call. Gatomon thinks as she carefully shakes the unconscious Ruki.
When Gatomon had been woken by the scream, the first thing she has seen was Ruki hitting the wall.
The poor had been tossed, Gatomon could tell that.
Then Renamon has stormed out of the room.
What happened?
Gatomon jumps when she hears the second scream of the day.
Deciding that Ruki would be all right, she runs out of the room.

"Sis, would it be possible that she didn't try to fool you?" Tai carefully asks.
Kari is already running into the corridor and instantly feels guilty.
Renamon, the normally cool and proud Digimon is lying in front of the mirror, weeping.
"What have they done to me? What have they done to me?" the fox whispers to herself.
"Shhh... I'm sorry, Renamon. Please." Kari whispers as she gently pets Renamon.
"Renamon... Is that the name you have given me... after you changed me INTO THIS?"
Kari instantly backs off when the fox Digimon starts to scream.
The girl feels a little safer when Gatomon joins them.
"What's going on here?" the cat asks, making Renamon scream again.
"NOOOOO! They've got you, too!" the fox howls in defeat.
"Renamon, I-" Kari tries to say as she approaches the Digimon.
She freezes when three sharp claws stops inches in front of her face.
"Pah. I bet these are sharp enough to tear you apart." Renamon mutters.
Kari gulps. The fox's voice has been filled with anger, hate, and disgust.
"You... you can't remember?" Gatomon finally asks.
"Remember? Remember what?" Renamon hisses, her claws still close to Kari's face.
"That I love you." Gatomon whispers.
There is a long pause.
"Funny. You almost got me." Renamon answers, quoting Kari.

"Oh Ruki."
"I love you."
"And I'm gonna hurt 'ya."
"Ohhh... You're a wild one."
"I'm warnin' you!"
"Oh Ruki, you-"
Davis blinks. Why has Ruki yelled that?
Then he can see the reason.
The boy is lying in his bed, holding Veemon. Close. Really close.
Kissing distance. Kissing position.
And judging from Veemon's face, he had almost made his final mistake.
"I know you like me, but I always thought we were just buddies..." Veemon teases him.
"ARRRRRRRGH!" Davis screams as he tosses Veemon out of the bed.
It takes him a while to calm down from the shock.
"Sorry buddy." he finally manages to say.
Veemon stands up and brushes the dust off his body.
"It's all right. It felt nice being held by somebody." he mutters.
Davis frowns, then understands.
"You miss Gatomon, right?"
"She's happy with someone else. End of story."
The blue Digimon frowns.
"But I will never stop loving her." he adds after a while.

Three hours! THREE HOURS!
Yolei feels that she will experience a nervous breakdown really soon.
She stares at her sleeping Digimon partner.
The first hour had been fun.
Hawkmon kept saying Renamon's name over and over.
Always while exhaling. Slowly. Steadyly.
After the first hour, Yolei had actually tried to sleep.
Yolei grits her teeth. She wouldn't get any sleep with this broken-record imitator.
With a sudden yell, she kicks the mumbling featherball out of her bed.
"You miss her? FINE! Then tell her, but not me!" she screams at the startled Digimon.

"What would you do if you wanted to win a girl's heart?"
T.K. sighs in the darkness of his room.
"Forget her. She ha smade her decision." he mutters.
"Yes. Of course. You're right." Patamon whispers.
There is a long pause.
"What would you do if you wanted to win a girl's heart?"
"Get over it. She's history." T.K. hisses.
"Oh. Of course."
Oh Lord, please let me get some sleep!
I must have done something really evil in the past...

"Oh boy... Now I know how her enemies feel..." Ruki mutters and groans.
On the other hand... I'm still alive. she muses.
"You all right?" the boy next to her asks as he helps her up.
"I guess so. You're... Tai, right?"
"Right. We haven't met that often." the boy tells her with a smile.
"Where is she?" Ruki asks, getting back to the important topic.
"Corridor, but I have to warn you."
"Warn me?"
"She seems to be... confused. To say the least." the boy tells her.
Cursing Ruki walks out of her room. Tai supports her to keep her from falling.
"Renamon? Are you all-" she asks as she walks around a corner.
She stops in mid-sentence when she sees Renamon, Kari and Gatomon.
Ruki blinks, not quite believing her eyes.
"Sis? You okay?" Tai asks.
"Having the time of my life." Kari hisses.
The girl is being held by Renamon, who uses her like a human shield.
One arm is wrapped tightly around the girls neck, keeping her in place.
"Now you'll explain what I am doing here." the vulpine Digimon hisses.
Ruki gulps. Then she points at the TV.
"Come. You should have made the late night news." she tells her partner.
Even if this creature doesn't consider itself as her partner.