Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - Season 2
Bonus Materials
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Hi there!
Season 2 has become even longer than season 1.
So I've decided to include some more bonus stuff.
And trust me, we've come up with much material...

The Plot Engine
Just like the last season, I haven't done the plot all by myself.
Many plot twists are the results of long conversations with Jodan.
Neat guy, really. Just toss him some key words and a mood and he comes up with a plot part.
This way, the plot has become very dynamic.
Characters acted individually, following their own plans and motivations.
We've discussed the individual characters' mentalities for a long time.
Especially Veemon and Patamon have been critical.
But I think we've done a good job.


Read Jodan's fanfics.
They can be found on FFnet, too.


Murder, he wrote
So, who died times in Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - Season 2?
This time, more characters have been in danger, but not so many times.
Everything went well until Renamon slept with T.K.
That somehow triggered a bizarre series of events:

Chapter 4 - Slaughter in the bedroom
Kari gasps when she sees that T.K. has slept nude.
Slept nude. Next to Renamon. With Renamon. Tonight. Nude. With Renamon.
Without saying another word, she walks out of the room.
After a minute, she comes in again.
T.K. is still staring at the Digimon in his bed.
Then he looks at her and sees the butcher's knife in her hand.
"I thought you loved me!" Kari shouts and starts to charge.
"Ka-Ka-KARI! Stop! What are you-"
T.K.'s protests are replaced by a surprised scream when Kari rams the knife into his-

WHOA WHOA! Time-out! Rewind that scene!
*scene rewinds*

Kari gasps when she sees that T.K. has slept nude.
Slept nude. Next to Renamon. With Renamon. Tonight. Nude. With Renamon.
"I thought you loved me!" Kari screams and sobs.
T.K. jumps up and runs to her.
"Of course I do! I only love you!" he tells her quickly.
Kari looks up at the boy she still loves and smiles.
"Thanks. I guess I- LOOK OUT!"
T.K. starts to turn, but it's too late.
Renamon's sharp claws leave deep gashes in the boys neck.
With a surprised look, T.K. drops to the floor, where he quickly bleeeds to death.

NOT AGAIN! Rewind a little....
*scene slowly rewinds*
Okay. And go!

T.K. jumps up and runs to her.
"Of course I do! I only love you!" he tells her quickly.
Kari looks up at the boy she still loves and-
Even before she can open her mouth to scream, Renamon's claws are locked around her neck.
The Rookie Digimon looks furious.
"Forget it. He's mine and you'll pay for getting in our way!" Renamon snarls.
Kari struggles when the vulpine Digimon tightens her grip.
Then, suddenly, the struggling stops.

Chapter 5 - The furious kitty strikes again
"Veemon? It's for you. Hawkmon." Davis says and hands him the receiver.
I wonder what he wants.
Vee, get out of the house. Or better yet, leave the country!
"Whoa. Wait. You sound stressed. What's wrong?"
Gatomon is on a killing spree! And- Oh no...
"Hawk? What's wrong?" Veemon asks, having noticed the horror in Hawkmon's voice.
H-Hey G-G-Gato, what's up? Hawkmon stammers.
Who're you talking to? a muffled voice can be heard.
Veemon gulps.
Errr... Phone sex? Hawkmon lies and laughs nervously.
You've warned that lizard, haven't you?
Ahhh... Ummmm... No?
Liar. You'll pay for making things harder for me!
Veemon gasps when he hears his best Digimon friend scream in terror and pain.
Gatomon is killing him, and then she would come for him.

Later, in the restaurant:
"You look hurt. What happened?" Davis asks.
T.K. somehow doesn't stop blushing.
"Well, Kari saw me and Renamon together. In bed. And I was... nude."
Davis gulps. His eyes seem unfocused, as if he is looking somewhere else.
"And then she told Gatomon the whole story." Davis mutters.
"Hm? What gave you that idea?" T.K. asks and cocks his head.
"Errrr... Behind you?" Davis whispers through gritted teeth.
T.K. frowns and turns around. Then he blanches.
Gatomon is standing in the restaurant. Her claws are stained with blood.
And she looks right into his eyes.
T.K. simply gulps when he sees Gatomon charging at him.
He knows that he has no chance of escaping the furious Champion Digimon.

Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - The soundtrack?
Well, Jodan and I didn't only talk about the plot.
Nah. We dicussed our view of some scenes.
We also noticed that some scenes would look great in a movie.
And a movie of course needs some good music.
The songs have been carefully picked.
Criterias have been mood of the song and/or the lyrics.
And here it is:
The soundtrack for Tamers: Stuck in Paradise (both seasons)!

Weird Al Yankovic - Bohemian Polka
The intro music and general theme for the complete thing.
It has been chosen because of its mood alone: fast-paced and happy ^__^

System of a down - Chop Suey!
The perfect song for the fight scene between Hawkmon and Veemon.
Yes, the fight after Renamon 'dated' Veemon.
Hawkmon freaks and attacks Veemon in Davis' room.

Bon Jovi - It's my life
Renamon's race to prevent Gatomon from jumping off the bridge.
Just imagine it, it works.

Linkin' Park - With you
Season 2 starts with a shock.
Renamon has lost her memory and runs away, leaving Gatomon all alone.
But she knows: Even if you're not with me, I'm with you...

The Beatles - Help!
After losing her memory, Renamon is on the run.
Lyrics and mood again.

The Beatles - Yesterday
General theme of season 2.
But it also fits perfectly for T.K. when Kari kicks him after finding him in bed with Renamon.

Shaggy - It wasn't me
T.K. and Davis in the restaurant talking about T.K.'s night with Renamon.
Just listen to the lyrics, it fits the situation perfectly.

David Bowie - As the world falls down
Veemon's song when he comforts Gatomon after she has rejected poor Renamon.
She's so sad and he helps her realize that she still loves Renamon.

Incubus - Pardon me
Veemon's song after he saw the reunion of Renamon and Gatomon.
It starts after he and Hawkmon escape through the window, leaving Agumon behind.

The Beatles - Happiness is a warm gun
Imagine Veemon. Humiliated by Gatomon.
The evil kitty from hell. And he wants revenge...

Face to Face - I won't lie down
The opening song for the final fight between Renamon and Veemon.
It shows Veemon's determination to face Renamon.

Seatbelts - Rain (Cowboy Bebop OST)
The music for the fight itself.
Imagine the fight in slow-motion, without sound effects.

Green Bird (Cowboy Bebop OST)
The song for the last attack that leaves both fighters unconscious.
Mega-slow-motion please. It's dramatic, after all. ^_^

Linkin' Park - In the end
The perfect song for season 2.

Stuck in Paradise, Season 3?
Call me insane, but YES!
It'll be great, Jodan is with me, too!
So expect to see the full emotional bandwidth again!
This time... Nahhhh... Wouldn't want to spoil you... ^__^

Tamers: Stuck with rewrites
While Jodan and I dicussed the big plot together, I still did the writing.
And as it turned out, some scenes would have looked a bit different in his mind.
During our chat, he presented me some rewritten scenes. But don't worry, we saved them, and I'll show you some of them.
Before anybody starts ranting: Jodan has agreed to this form of publishing.
OK, actually he asked me to do it... ^_^

Veemon tries to comfort Gatomon after she rejects Renamon
"Now I see Patamon's approach..." Veemon mumbled quietly under his breath as watched the small
white cat whom he cared so deeply for pour her heart out to him.
"Hmm? Wh-what do you m-mean Veemon?" she asked, trying to pull herself together, making Veemon flinch.
He didn't want to make her angry. Should he tell the truth and risk the chance of angering her or lie?
Veemon was a terrible liar... He looked into her eyes. She didn't need any more misplaced truths.
"To be honest, looking at you... You look so sad, so helpless. Gatomon... I want to hold you...
to comfort you..." He stopped as he saw an expression of anger cross her face.
"But I want to ask your permission first... and do it only as a friend." he finished,
as her emotion softened. Her face clenched up in emotional pain and agony as she turned her face
to the ground as if to hide it, nodding. Veemon carfully put one hand on her shoulder.

She flinched slightly from the touch, before he rested it there, the warmth of his hand sinking in.
He slowly, so as not to alarm her, moved himself beside her, resting his other hand on her arm.
He didn't want to end up on the wrong side of this kitty's wrath.
To his supprise, she pushed her body against his, letting his arms work as potential blankets to
the warm bed of comfort veemon provided.
He gasped slightly at first, fearing he had overstepped his boundaries and made her strike,
but sighed quietly with relief as he realised his quick judgement.
He held her tightly as she wept into his shoulder, him rocking her back and forth slowly and silently,
leaving only the sound of raindrops against the window to fill the void of silence the two created.
Her tears danced across his chest and down his body, as he couldn't feel it, trying not to enjoy
the feeling of her fur against his skin as he had always loved, but instead to help absorb
the feelings of depression and desire his friend held.

Veemon gasped more obviously as he felt the strange sensation of gatomon's lips against his chest.
"G-gatomon, was that-" he was cut off by a quick, albeit powerful mash of her lips to his,
tears dropping off her damp face.
"Veemon, shhh...... please, I want this...." she spoke softly as she wrapped her arms around him,
pulling him closer, embracing him once more. Thoughts flew through his mind like a diesel train.
Is this right??... Davis always tells me to do things for the greater good...
For the greater good? he asked himself in his mind.
What is the greater good? Is the greater good for myself or those around me?
He had finally made a decision. He pushed her off him to her supprise, a tear forming
in the corner of his eye. What was he doing? Was he really giving this up...?
"Gatomon, stop... you don't want to do this..." he nearly sobbed, only half believing his own words,
his inner concience throwing a ticker tape parade while his darker side was stabbing itself
with it's own tiny little cartoonish pitchfork.

"No, let me finish... do you still love Renamon?"
Gatomon avoided his deep, accusing sable eyes.
"Yes...but-" "Gatomon, part of love is understanding... Do you understand what she went through??"
Veemon was more sincere than he's ever been in his time on this earth.
"...yes, but-"
"Do you forgive her??" he choked out, holding the lump in his throat.
"DO you?!?" he asked, this time almost snapping as a new tear, warm and thin ran down her cheek.
Gatomon couldn't seem to find her voice to answer, but simply nodded.
"Go to her...." Veemon spoke, biting the inside of his mouth to quench the pain.
"Go to her now, Gatomon..." Veemon half advised, half ordered as she turned her head away from him,
before turning it back, kissing him on the cheek and dashing out onto the terrace,
and then onto the adjacent rooftop.
Veemon sat in the dark silence for what seemed like hours but was only minutes,
before he moved his hands to his face, moaning in agony, as he leaned down to cry... alone.

Renamon and Veemon after Gatomon has accidently humiliated him
Renamon sighed to herself rolling her eyes boredly as she vanished into the night.
The now-familiar sight of Davis's room faded into her sight as did a familiar blue dragon,
his back facing her, growling to himself.
She looked around, rather supprised at what a wreck the room had became since last she'd seen it.
Veemon..." she muttered more in supprise at the tragedy which was previously a room...
"Did you do... this?" her eyes moved across to fist marks in the wall, broken peices of furniture,
she wasn't even aware he was capable of such destructive force.
"YOU!" Veemon spun around snarling, not like the happy-go-lucky Veemon she had known,
but like a true Digimon; a warmachine like herself... a beast.
"Veemon, I-"
"Veemon, I-"
"How was this any different than what you did to us?!?" she snapped to his supprise,
his eyes widening in comprehension.
"That's it..." he muttered with understanding in his voice as his eyes went from supprised to enraged
as her seemed to reach a higher enlightenment.
"You did this... for revenge...?"
Renamon's eyes widened slightly in supprise, but before she even had a chance to answer...
"I tried...no... we tried to cheer you up... and THIS is how you repay us?!?"
The fox frowns slightly.
"Are you doing this to the OTHERS AS WE SPEAK?!?" he roared, making her step back slightly,
confused at herself for even being the slightest bit intimidated.
"VEE HEADBUTT!!!!" he screamed, not even letting her finish as he flew forward at a tremendous speed,
it seemed to move in slow motion as she felt the wave of pain overtaking her, he had hit directly
in the ribs forcing her against the wall, her breath leaving her as he moved his head back,
she could feel herself reluctantly fall to the side, clutching her midsection, gasping for breath
as if her ribs had been cracked as she fell into her subconcious.
Veemon backed up, gasping, supprised at how good that felt, providing all his other attacks
to inanimate objects and surfaces had done nothing. He surveyed his work.
"She deserved it! She was spying on me! ...but what about when she comes to...?"
He smirked as a lightbulb flashed over his head.

Her eyes fluttered open at the feeling of cold rain on her face as she turned over,
vomiting onto the ground.
"How...how could he... have such strength?" she wondered to herself, amazed at the scale of power
to size as she tried to sit up, her stomache burning with pain.
Immediatly she heard laughter.
Not one person...
Not even two...
But dozens...
It wasn't a normal laugh. It was an accusing, harsh laugh, ringing in her ears,
as she realised she was surrounded...
An area of free space, with a radius of about 20 feet around her, but after that people.
Humans. Hozens and dozens. Men women and children... all laughing at her.
The feeling was unlike any she had ever experienced.
Humiliation.... she was a victim... and she couldn't stand it.... What were they laughing at?!?
She stood up shakily, her eyes moving around, she felt... strange... Something was different.
Her paws brushed something... her thighs itched.
Her eyes gazed down, widening... she was wearing tight, pink panties... and a bra...
Not just any bra, but a pointy bra... with little bells jingling off the ends.
A blush unlike any other overcame her.
The laughs accused her... tearing into her soul as she felt tears well up in her eyes
before she vanished into the night, the underwear and bra going with her...
But she knew the laughs would follow no matter how far she ran...

Davis refuses to let Renamon in
Renamon's pupils thinned to slits with anger as she knew her helplessness towards a fellow Tamer.
Davis didn't even smirk, despite himself, as he began to close the door on her,
before she moved one hand against it, stopping him.
"Please... I insist..." she spoke with a hiss.
Before he could answer, her hand darted faster than the eye can see,
clenching around his throat like a vice grip, as his eyes widened in fear, pain and supprise.
"Let me see him now, Davis... or Ruki's love won't be able to save you."
He clenched his teeth with anger and pain, his hands grasping hers, doing nothing.
Her grip tightened.
"I recomend you reconsider fast." his eyes clenched shut as hit wind tunnel was cut off.
He was helpless... But he couldn't do this to Veemon.
He couldn't let this messenger of fate hurt him. Not his partner... not his friend.
A miracle of strength was blessed upon the chosen, as he found the power to raise his foot,
replaying years and years of soccer practice, striking her dead in the chest,
knocking her back to the wall, which she grasped firmly in instinct and supprise
while Davis fell to the floor, clutching his throat, gasping for air.
"How DARE you..." Renamon snarled, losing control as she lept forward to the downed,
protective Tamer, swinging her foot forward, hitting him square in the lungs,
sending him flying across the room, and into the couch which promtly fell over backwards,
him with it, as he rolled off and against the wall, where he lay still.
The door to Davis' room opened up, revealing a familiar blue dragon as he looked around in supprise.
"What in God's name was... DAVISH!" he stopped himself completly, running to him, by his side.
"Davis are you alright?!?"
Davis didn't speak, laying still, breathing heavily in his subconcious, a trickle of blood
ran from the crack of his lips.
Veemon's eyes clenched shut, a tear rolling from the corner as he held his best friend close,
pushing his face into the young boy's hair.
"Davis, i'm so sorry..." he sobbed silently. "I'm not worth protecting..."
Renamon watched the scene before her. Had justice been done?
Was it all in good balance? Or did she overstep her-
Veemon's voice sounded less like the friendly blue happy-go-lucky lizard guy she had come to know,
but like an enraged beast... a demon... a dragon...

Last words
Well, as always I'd like to thank all those people who read this.
I'd also like to thank the guys who created Digimon, Toei Animation.
I definately DO NOT thank the German Dubbers.
Errr... And I do not thank the US Dubbers either.
All right then, see you in season 3!
And I hope some of you will read my other fics!
*sighs* Yeah. And of course Jodan's fics! ^__^