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Welcome To Hell

Chapter One: The Boy Under the Floor

Romano's POV:

Romano looks at the large white house in front of him with distaste. "Why couldn't we stay in Italy…?" He mumbles and his father pats him on the back. "Don't worry Roma! America can be a nice place, too! And all the different people that live here! It's like…like…um…yeah! You know?" Romano looks over to his dad annoyed. "You sound like an idiot…" "Eh? The great Romulus Vargas is no idiot!" Romulus exclaims and a smaller boy staggers up with a large box. "F-fratello! Papa! H-help~!" He cries out and Romano quickly grabs the box and catches his little brother before he falls. "Be careful, Marcello!"

Marcello smiles up at Romano and heads back to the moving van. "Ahhh~! My little boys are sooo good~! Why I remember when you were all still little~! Feliciano was always drawing and singing, you were always out back helping me with the tomato plants, and Marcello was always in the water or bringing home aquatic animals from the creek out back~! It was such a happy time, such a wonderful house~!" Romulus coos and Romano scowls and crosses his arms. "It's a shame we aren't there anymore…"

His father sighs. "Yes…but when me and your mother divorced she got the house and I got you three~! It makes me so sad…no longer are we Mr. and Mrs. Romulus Vargas…now we're only Mr. Vargas and Ms. …um…uhhh…" Romano rolls his eyes. "You don't even remember your wife of sixteen years' maiden name?" Romulus smiles. "That's because since the day I met her I only thought of her with my last name~!" Romano huffs and eyes his father in annoyance. "Did you only think of all those other women you cheated with, with your last name?" Romulus laughs nervously. "W-well…about that..."

Romano groans and goes to the moving van. "My poor little boys…" Romulus mumbles before going to the van with them.

Antonio's POV:

Antonio gets up from his siesta and looks at the clock. "Ahhh…it's three…I should head out!" He jumps up and puts on some clothes before heading out to his bike. "I wonder what Francis and Gil want to do today~!" He says to himself happily and heads off. As he drives down the road he notices a large moving van and four males carrying stuff into the house three down from his. "Hmmm? New neighbors? YAY!" He turns to offer help but then quickly remembers he's late and heads back on his way.

He reaches Francis' house and sees the blonde on the front porch making out with some random chick. "I'll see you later, ma cherie~!" The girl giggles and leaves, waving to Antonio as she walks off. "Jeez Francis, do you ever take a break?" Antonio asks and Francis smirks. "There's no such thing as breaks when it comes to love~!" Gilbert comes out from the garage. "Ohhh so his toy of the hour is gone? Finally! Although I must admit…hanging out with your cousin Mattie is fun, too." Francis glares at him. "Don't touch my baby Mathieu unless you intend to be committed to him!"

Gilbert and Antonio look at him blankly for a minute. "Isn't that…hypocritical…?" Antonio asks and Gilbert glares at Francis. "I'm not you! I don't sleep with a bunch of people! Hell, I've never slept with any people!" Francis smirks at him. "You've never even dated." Gilbert blushes and Antonio snickers a little. "Oh shut up Tonio! You haven't either!" Antonio quickly shuts up and looks away embarrassed. "W-well…it's not like I haven't been asked…"

Francis laughs. "Ohohoho~! Yes, which is a shame for you that you always turn them down because that girl from Belgium was quite amazing in the bed~!" Antonio looks at him in horror. "B-Bella! YOU DO KNOW HER BROTHER ALREADY HATES ME, RIGHT? NATE ALREADY MAKES MY LIFE HELL! DON'T ADD FUEL TO HIS FLAME OF HATRED!" Gilbert snickers. "He has a point. Nate is brutal to Antonio. And knowing this…it'll only get worse…" Antonio pouts at him. "You know this…and yet you're laughing…"

Romano's POV:

Romano sighs and looks at his watch. It's now six in the evening. They have been unpacking for, like, three hours! It's insane! Now he's stiff and annoyed with his loud family so he is taking a walk around town. He reaches an empty park and sits down on a swing, pushing himself idly as his mind wanders. His mother and father just got a divorce due to his father's philandering ways. However, despite what he thought would happen, his mother actually URGED him to take the boys.

That hurt worse than the infidelity on his father's part. At least their dad, for lack of better word, wanted them. "Stupid America…" He mumbles and kicks the dirt under his feet. He is dragged out of his thoughts by the sound of something coming from in the wooden 'palace' in the playground. Out of curiosity, and boredom, he gets up and walks over to the large wooden play place and heads inside, looking around until he notices a foot under the floor boards. He twitches and backs up, hitting a wooden post. Panicking now, because he thinks he's just found a dead body; he lets out a little squeak when his hand touches a coat, thinking it's the murderer. "OH SHIT!"

He looks behind him and blushes at the coat hanging on the post. "…Not cool…" He growls out before looking around for an entrance under the 'palace'. Quickly he finds a trap door and opens it, crawling into the cramped space. Looking around he finally sees a curly haired brunette tied up with tape on his mouth. Unable to stand up, Romano crawls over to him and rips the tape off his mouth. "What the hell is this?" Romano asks, trying to hide his worry with anger.

The brunette grins. "Hey there! I'm Antonio Carriedo! You must be the new kid moving in three houses down from me!" Romano just stares at him blankly and unties him as he continues to prattle on about random things, like how he's Spanish. Who the fuck cares if he's Spanish! Why not tell him something important like…oh…WHY THE HELL HE IS TIED UP! "And don't let your cats outside if you have any because we have a boy in the neighborhood who pretty much steals them, and-!" Antonio gets cut off by a hand slamming against his mouth. "When I move my hand, you will tell me why the hell you were tied up under a kids play palace!" Antonio nods and Romano moves his hand.

"Oh! Funny story! My friends Francis and Gil and I were hanging out here and I told them that I couldn't see why people are interested in them and so they tied me up with some rope that Francis keeps hidden in the sandbox here!" Romano pales. "How is that funny…? Are you mentally challenged? Some creepy sex freak and his friend tied you up and you're laughing?" Antonio smiles at him. "They're my friends~! Of course I'm laughing~! They will probably be here soon!" Romano twitches and quickly tries to leave, hitting his head on the ceiling. "Owwww!" He groans, pressing his forehead into Antonio's shoulder without thinking.

Antonio blushes and stares wide-eyed at the boy for a moment before smiling and rubbing his head gently. "There there, you'll be ok." Romano stiffens up and pushes the other boy, causing him to lay in the sand and bring Romano down with him, since he was still petting his head. "Oh my~! The new boy is so bold~!" Antonio teases and Romano goes to hit him, banging his elbow on the ceiling. "Owww! MERDA!" Romano glares at the still grinning Antonio and curses his stupidity of trying to help him out. "Why couldn't you have just been a dead body…?" Antonio gasps. "Y-you want me to be dead?"

Romano frowns. That is how it sounds, isn't it..? He shrugs. "It'd be easier if you were. Dead people don't touch the living." Antonio smiles at Romano in a strange way the teen isn't familiar with. "Dead or alive, if I knew it was you near me, I'd still reach out and touch you~!" Romano's face goes beat red and he lets out a little gasp. "You-! Why-? DON'T-! AGHH! I HATE YOU!" Antonio laughs a little. "Why is that, chiquito~?" Romano glares down at him. "I'M NOT A LITTLE BOY! AND BECAUSE IT'S YOUR FAULT I'M STUCK IN HERE!" Antonio looks at him surprised. "You're…stuck…?"

The smaller teen fumes. "OF COURSE I'M FUCKING STUCK! WHY ELSE WOULD I STILL BE ABOVE YOU? BASTARD!" Antonio looks around the boy confused. "What are you stuck to…?" Romano pouts and looks away. "I'm not…stuck to anything…but every time I move I hit something! Isn't there a…I don't know…secret entrance right here that can just pop open and we can crawl out?" Antonio laughs a little. "You wish! Francis and Gil just tossed me in from that door you came in from~! I scooted over here as best as I could to avoid getting trampled on when they came back~! But if you can be…I don't know…calm…? For a moment then I can get us out."

Romano frowns and thinks for a second. Possibly get molested by this strange kid to 'get out' or…be stuck here until his creepy friends come-"OK! FINE!" Antonio smiles up at him. "Good~!"

Antonio's POV:

Fighting down a blush, Antonio wraps his arms around the smaller boy and pulls him to his own body. He stays like that for a minute, reveling in the contact with the cute new boy, until said boy practically hisses in his ear. "What the fuck are you doing?" Antonio laughs nervously before rolling them over so he is above the younger teen. "There we go~! No I'll lead the way out~!" He coos and backs away from boy until he is off of him. Both of them sit for a minute and the smaller boy looks away embarrassed.

"Thanks…" The boy murmurs and Antonio beams, this kid is just WAY to cute for his own good! "Of course~! Thank you for saving me, as well~! So will you tell me your name?" He asks hopefully and the boy pouts. "I-I'm…Romano…Vargas…we just moved here from Italy." Antonio smiles at him. Italian! How exotic! Not to mention Italians are the best lovers…he would LOVE to have a cute Italian lover~! "WH-? WHY IS YOUR NOSE BLEEDING?" Romano asks in disgust and Antonio blushes. "I-I'm not sure!" "Bull shit! You just had a creepy smile on your face and now your nose is bleed-! I want out of here! Now!"

Antonio sighs and crawls out of the trap door, quickly followed by Romano. "So I was thinking I could bring you ho-!" He notices Romano trying to run away. "E-EH? ROMANO? WAIT UP~!" Romano glares at him. "No way! Don't you have to wait for your weird friends anyways?"Antonio laughs. "Nah! It'll be fun to freak them out!" Romano stops and looks at him blankly for a minute. "…I'm pretty sure…that isn't what people do with friends…" Antonio looks at him confused. "I'm pretty sure, mi querido, that you must not have had any male friends in Italy."

He watches the color drain from the boy's face. "I-I had friends in Italy! And none of them tied me up!" Romano yells and Antonio raises a brow, not believing him. "Romano…you aren't fooling me." He happily wraps an arm around the boy's shoulders. "Don't worry! I'll be your new best friend! You could say I'll be your first~!" Romano cringes and elbows him in the gut. "I'll pass." Antonio pouts. "Romano~! I won't tie you up or scare you or anything! Come on! Let's be friends~!" Romano's face lights up a deep red. "I-I'D HOPE YOU WOULDN'T TIE ME UP YOU WEIRDO!" Antonio inwardly kicks himself. Way to scare off the cute new kid! "That's not…what I meant!"

Romano groans and stomps toward his house, followed by Antonio. "Hey Romano~! Waaiiit~! Let me cooommmmme~!" He whines before grabbing onto the boy's arm. "WH-WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME? CREEPER!" Antonio frowns and thinks for a minute. Who wouldn't want to be around someone so cute? He laughs a little to himself. "Only an idiot wouldn't want to hang out with someone so adorable~!" Antonio blushes. Opps. That was supposed to be left unsaid…

Romano looks at him creeped out and Antonio inwardly kicks himself. "Ah…I am…gonna…"The smaller teen inches away from Antonio until another one, almost identical to him, comes up. "Veee~! Fratello! Did you make a friend~?" Romano blushes. "NO! I MET A CREEPER FELICIANO! DON'T LOOK IT IN THE EYES!" Antonio frowns as the boy, Feliciano, looks at him questioningly. "Are you a creeper?" Feliciano asks innocently and Antonio practically swoons. Another cute one~! Not as cute as Romano, though. "Nooo~! I'm not a creeper~!" Antonio coos and Romano glares at him. "Don't fucking look at my brother!"

Feliciano smiles and grabs Antonio's hand. "Come have dinner with us~! We're having pasta! Papa is great at making pasta!" Antonio smiles at the boy and feels Romano's hand grab his other one, pulling him away. "HE ISN'T COMING HOME WITH US! LET GO OF MY BROTHER!" He looks over at Romano and sees a strange spark of what looks like jealousy in his eyes. Brother complex.

Feliciano giggles and drags them into the house. Antonio looks around the large white house and sees a smaller boy helping a man, who he presumes is their father, put the couch in the living room. "You have a nice house, Romano!"

Romano POV:

Romano cringes in horror as he watches the creepy stranger walk around his new house with his little brother. Why was Feliciano so damned nice? And so damned CLINGY! He doesn't have to hang off the guy's arm to show him around! "This is all just so wrong…" Romano mumbles to himself. "Ohhh? What's so wrong figlio mio?" Romulus asks from behind the pouting teen, making him jump and squeak in a VERY dignified way. "P-papa! That is just wrong!" He points to Feliciano and Antonio bitterly. "I just met the guy and him and Feliciano are acting like they've been buddies forever!" Romulus looks at the two before looking at his son. "Are you jealous, Roma~?" Romano blushes and Romulus goes deep in thought. "But which one are you jealous of, I wonder…?"

The teen scoffs at his father's insinuation. Like he's jealous! He doesn't have a brother complex and he SURE AS HELL didn't want that creeper around him! "Veee~! Marcello! What do you think?" Romulus asks the confused fourteen year old. "Think about…what?" "Why, which one Roma is jealous of~!" Marcello looks at Romano and pales a little. "Papa…I think you should stop teasing him…" Romulus looks over and sees the murderous aura coming from Romano. "Ahaha! I suppose so! Why don't we go check on dinner?" He grabs the fourteen year old in his arm and carries him off to the kitchen.

"I'm going to my room…" Romano groans after the murderous urge has left him. "Oh~! But you have a guest~!" Romulus calls out from the kitchen and Romano rolls his eyes. "Feliciano has a guest." A small smirk comes to Romulus' face. "I see…well then while you're up there put your bed together! Or you can sleep with papa tonight if you want~!" Romano twitches. "I'll put my bed together…" "Aww~! You hurt papa's feelings~!" Romulus cries out as Romano heads upstairs.

In his room Romano looks in disgust at the mess of boxes and random other things. All this mess means he'll have to clean eventually. "I hate moving…" He groans and begins to pile all the boxes up against one wall. Once he's done with that he places his dresser against another wall next to the closet and the stuff for his bed on the wall across from the door. He stretches a little and goes to put his bed together. "THERE YOU ARE! I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE!" Antonio cries before running up to the boy and hugging him from behind. "Wh-wh-wh-what the hell are you doing?" Romano yells and Antonio pouts. "I came to spend time with you and then you disappeared and I was all alone with your brother! Why did you leave~?" Antonio asks and Romano rolls his eyes.

"You were having much more fun with him. Now go play with Feliciano and leave me alone!" Romano says bitterly and Antonio frowns at him. "Romano…are you jealous…?" The smaller teen blushes and cries out. "Wh-why does everyone keep saying that?" Antonio smiles and hugs him. "You're just so damned cute~!" Romano gasps and tries to push him away. "G-GET OFF!" Antonio's grip tightens. "Nooo~!" "LET GO OF ME OR I'LL CASTRATE YOU WITH A DULL FUCKING SPOON!" Romano yells and Antonio laughs a little. "Aren't all spoons dull…? Isn't that, you know, what they're known for? And how exactly will you do that with a dull spoon?" The Italian twitches. "It'll take a lot of digging. Painful digging. Now get off." Antonio gulps nervously. "I see…well anyways…dinner is done! Let's go eat!"

Romano rolls his eyes and reluctantly lets the older teen drag him downstairs. There's just something so wrong about a stranger telling you dinner is done in your own house.

a/n: Should i keep doing both POV's? I dont know...I wanted to try something different...but Idk...Aaannnyyyyways...Marcello is Seborga. Don't know him? LOOK HIM UP BECAUSE HE IS ADORABLE! And Romulus is Ancient Rome. I'm not making him evil this time...just a manwhore. He doesnt need to be evil. Poor guy.