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Welcome To Hell

Chapter Eleven: When The Mother Calls

Romano's POV:

Romano's room:

Romano looks over to Antonio, actually reading, and finds himself blushing. It's constantly been happening since they started dating. They haven't done anything to really make Romano embarrassed, thanks to his family and their friends. Not that he…wants to have sex with Antonio or anything! He really doesn't! "Lovi~! You're staring~!" Antonio coos, snapping the boy out of his thoughts. "I-I AM NOT, DAMNIT!" Romano hisses, looking away embarrassed.

"Hmmm…yes you are." Antonio says before leaning forward and quickly kissing him. "You're so cute, Lovi." He whispers into the bright red Romano's ear. "Sh-shut up, damnit! And don't kiss me!" Antonio pouts. "Why not~? We're in your room…and no one else is here…" He says, a now familiar glint in his eyes as he crawls over to Romano on his bed. "Wh-what are you doing…?" "I think you know, Lovi. We're finally alone for a few hours. What do you think I'm doing?" Antonio asks before leaning down and kissing Romano.

He presses the boy onto the bed and begins unbuttoning the smaller teen's shirt. Romano wraps his arms around Antonio's neck, pulling him closer. In the two weeks that they have been together they have tried to do this probably five times, and each time something stops them. But today everyone else is busy and DEFINITELY won't be coming around for a few hours. So they are finally safe to do it.

"I love you, Lovi…" Antonio mumbles against Romano's neck, making the boy shiver. "I-I love you too…" The Italian stutters and Antonio laughs a little. "Wh-why are you laughing?" Romano whines and Antonio smiles at him. "Because you're so cute it's ridiculous!" The Italian twitches. "And you're so cheesy it's retarded." Antonio pouts a little and playfully bites Romano's nose. "O-ow!" "Be nice, Lovi." The Spaniard says before taking off his own shirt and leaning forward to suck on the boy's stray curl, which they recently found out was an intensely erotic zone for Romano. "O-ooohhh~!" The Italian moans and Antonio smirks, reaching down to his pants.

Almost exactly when he places his hand on the smaller boy's zipper, the phone rings. "FUCK!" Romano hisses and Antonio sighs sadly, moving away so Romano can answer it. "Hello?" He answers bitterly. "Hello, Romano!" Matthew says happily and Romano groans. "Man, I'm busy! What is it?" The blond laughs a little. "I figured you might want to know that Feliciano is on his way home. He has an essay to write. So put your clothes back on and take a cold shower!" Romano twitches. "You need to stop spending so much time with Gilbert." "Whatever you say. Meet you at the pizza place?" Matthew asks and Romano groans. "Might as well…"

The boys say goodbye to each other and hang up. "We're getting cock-blocked again, aren't we…?" Antonio asks sadly and Romano nods. "Feliciano has to come home and work on an essay…so Matthew wants us all to meet up for pizza…" The Spaniard groans and pulls Romano into his arms. "It's not faaiiirr~! I wanna have seeeex~!" Antonio whines and Romano blushes. "L-let's just go!" "Hmmm…fine…"

Pizza place:

"KESESESESE! POOR TONIO WILL NEVER GET LAID!" Gilbert yells and Matthew elbows him. "Shhh, we're in public!" Antonio sighs sadly. "He's right though…at this rate we won't ever get to…I'm gonna be a virgin forever!" Romano looks at him annoyed. "Is that all that matters? Getting laid?" Antonio frowns. "I won't be 'getting laid' Lovi, I'll be making love~!" Romano blushes. "Wh-whatever…"

"It makes me sad to know that one of my dear friends isn't getting laid!" Francis sighs dramatically and Michelle rolls his eyes. "You're the biggest drama queen here, and I'm the girl!" The blonde grins and kisses her on the forehead. "You love me and my dramatics." "I love you, not your dramatics." Michelle says, kissing him. Romano rolls his eyes in distaste. Just because he is in a couple doesn't mean he likes to watch couples. Especially those two since they're all over each other.

"Lovi~! You're rolling your eyes~!" Antonio coos, poking his cheek. "Sh-shut up! Stop staring at me all the time!" "I can't help it~! I love staring at my cute little boyfriend! Besides, you stare at me all the time Lovi~!" Romano's face goes bright red. "I-I DO NOT! TOMATO BASTARD!" "Oh please, yes you do. We all see it." Francis teases and Romano glares at him. "THEN DON'T STARE AT ME! PERVERT!" The Italian groans, he really is too obvious. To fucking obvious. It's all Antonio's fault, he doesn't know how yet, but it is.

Antonio's POV:

Antonio smiles at the now fuming Romano. The boy may be moody and, what Kiku calls, tsundere. But now the moody and tsunderific, yes it's totally a word, Romano is all his. "Wipe that smile off your face. It's gross." Romano says, scowling at him. "Make me, Lovi~!" Antonio coos, leaning down and kissing him. As per usual the boy goes bright red and sputters a bit. "I-! D-DON'T-! DON'T DOOO THHAAAAT! IT'S PUBLIC YOU IDIOT!" Romano whines, hitting his arm.

"Lovi you're so cute." Antonio coos, going to kiss the boy again and instead getting head butted. "Damnit we're at the pizza place you ass! Stop touching me!" Romano hisses and Antonio laughs. "Fusosososo! So cute!" "Hey Romano, your youngest brother is dating that Peter kid, right?" Michelle asks and Romano nods. "Yeah…why?" She smiles at him. "Have you met his parents?" The Italian gulps nervously. "I-I have…Berwald is creepy…I've already told Marcello that if he screws up with Peter he's on his own with Berwald." Michelle laughs. "What a nice big brother you are!"

Romano shrugs and Antonio wraps an arm around his shoulders. "Don't be fooled, Lovi is far too over protective about his brothers to just sit there." "Your father is dating a guy too, oui~?" Francis asks and Romano groans. "Yeah, what's your point?" "Woow~! A whole house of gay guys! How rare~!" The blond coos and Romano kicks him under the table. "Shut up!" "Have you met him?" Matthew asks and Romano nods. "Yeah, we all had dinner the other night…dad made us all bring our boyfriends, too…" Romano mumbles, groaning.

"Aw, but it was fun! I love your dad~!" Antonio coos and Romano blushes. "Wh-whatever…" Romano looks down at his watch and groans. "I have to get home. Everyone should be back now and dad said he has something to tell us. Probably that he's marrying that Legolas dude." Antonio grins. "You would like that, si~?" Romano blushes. "I-it isn't the worst thing…"

Romano's POV:

Romano's house:

The oldest Italian brother reaches his house and Antonio gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. That's right, the idiot walked him home. And is planning on going back to the pizza place. He really is an idiot. "Te amo, mi querido~!" Antonio coos and Romano blushes. "Sh-shut up!" He looks down and mumbles. "Ti amo, bastardo…" "SOOO CUUUTE~!" Antonio squeals, yes squeals, and hugs him tightly. "L-let go! I have to go inside!" Romano yells, peeling the Spaniard off of him and heading inside.

Inside he sees a bunch of streamers and smells a variety of Italian food. "Hm…so I'm right…" He mumbles and meets up with everyone, including Legolas, in the living room. "Sorry I'm late. Antonio wouldn't let go." Romano says and Romulus smiles. "That's ok, Roma~! Come sit with papa~!" He sighs and sits next to his dad. "Ok boys, we have something to tell you! ME AND LEGOLAS ARE GETTING MARRIED~!" Romulus coos and Romano pokes Marcello, who is sitting at his feet, with his foot. "You owe me ten bucks, brat." Marcello curses and hands him the money.

"Vee~! Fratello is so smart~!" Feliciano coos, handing him ten dollars as well. "You…you guys put bets on what this was about…?" Romulus asks and the boys pale a little. "Um…" Romano hides the money. "…No…" Romulus sniffles. "AND ONLY ROMA THOUGHT IT WAS US GETTING MARRIED?" The boys remain silent and Legolas rolls his eyes. "Veee~ Marcello thought you were going to say momma called, and I thought you were going to say Legolas was moving in~!" Feliciano explains and the room falls silent.

"You thought…? Oh, Marcello…" Romulus mutters, pulling the boy into his lap. "I'm not a little kid! Don't put me in your lap!" Marcello pouts and Romulus laughs, hugging the boy tightly. "Aaahhh, my little Marcello~! I know you miss her, and she will call you boys eventually." Their father says and Marcello sighs, sinking into his father's hug. "I guess…" He looks over at Legolas and smiles. "But I'm happy that we have you now." Legolas smiles back and pats him on the head. "As am I, Marcello.

"Great! Let's eat!" Romulus exclaims, standing up with Marcello still in his arms. "Papa! Put me doowwnnn!" The boy whines before they all go have dinner.

Later that night:

Romano gets into bed and contemplates calling Antonio to tell him about the money. They could actually go on a date now. N-not that Romano wants to! He blushes and buries his face into his pillow. Soon he begins to drift off to sleep, until the phone rings. Romano glares at it, but picks it up anyways; it could be Antonio, after all. Not that he would care if it was. …Shut up. Nobody asked you.

"Damnit Antonio! It's-!" "Who is Antonio?" A female voice asks and Romano pales. "Romano, is that you?" She asks and Romano remains silent. "It's me, Romano. Your mom." At a loss of words, Romano says the first thing that comes to mind. "It's 11:30 and I'm pretty tired-!" "No! Don't hang up!" She pleads and his resolve quickly shatters. "F-fine…what do you want…?" Romano asks and she sighs. "I miss you boys…" "It took you this long to miss us?" He asks bitterly and she sniffles. "I-I know, Romano…it took me a long time…I just…didn't want anything to do with your dad and-!" "NO! DON'T EVEN TRY THAT! You could have asked for custody! But no, we reminded you of him too much! You didn't even try!" He yells, immediately cursing himself. He probably just woke someone up.

"No! I did try! I-!" "No you didn't. I saw you and papa at court." Romano says, attempting to keep his voice down. "Oh…I do still love you boys, and I want to come visit! Maybe-?" "You can visit Feliciano and Marcello. I don't want to see you." He says bitterly and she begins to cry. "I love you, Romano! I do!" "Call in twelve hours, when Feliciano and Marcello are awake." Romano says and quickly hangs up.

Antonio's POV:

Antonio yawns and takes off everything but his boxers before he crawls into bed. He would call Romano, but it's already twelve. And Romano told him a considerate person doesn't call a house after eight. He could text him though. Romano never said anything about texting. All Antonio wants to know is if Romano won the bet with his brothers, because if he did then Antonio will bring him out shopping.

He smiles to himself as he pulls out his cell phone and begins to type the message. His actions are interrupted, however, when someone begins frantically knocking on the door. Antonio frowns, confused. Who would come to his house this late? He goes to the door and opens it, seeing Romano standing there in his pajamas. "…Lovi…? Isn't it kind of late…?" Antonio asks and Romano frowns, looking like he's about to cry. "L-Lovi! What's wrong, mi querido?"

Romano sniffles and comes closer, burying his face in Antonio's chest. "L-Lovi…? It's ok…" Antonio says, stroking the boy's back comfortingly. Granted, he doesn't know what exactly is supposed to be ok, but he knows Romano will tell him soon enough. "Does your dad know you're here?" Antonio asks, holding the now trembling boy. "I-I left him a note…" Romano answers in a shaky tone and Antonio frowns, quickly scooping the boy up in his arms and carrying him to his bed, with absolutely no protests.

"So what happened?" Antonio asks as he puts on pajama pants, now a little weirded out with how docile Romano is being. "I..." Romano mumbles, pouting at Antonio until the older teen sits with him in the bed. "You…?" Antonio asks and Romano moves closer to him. "Got a call…" He says as Antonio pulls him back into his arms. "A call? From who, Lovi?" Alright, Antonio has a pretty good idea of who, but he really doesn't want to say it and be wrong. "My mother…" Romano answers and Antonio sighs. He was afraid of that. "She called this late? And you answered?" Antonio asks, sincerely shocked. Romano's told him countless times that no one is important enough to talk to after ten. "I...I thought it was you…" The smaller teen whispers and Antonio feels a small smile begin to form before he quickly pushes it back down. "I see…so what did she say?"

Romano takes a shaky breath and buries his face into his chest again. "She tried to lie to me, saying she tried to get custody when I saw that she didn't. Then she said she wanted to see us…" Antonio frowns and hugs him closer. "Well…at least she is ready to talk to you now, right?" "I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO HER!" Romano yells, pushing away from Antonio. "I don't want to see her; I don't want to think about her, I don't want ANYTHING to do with her! Like she didn't want anything to do with us! I don't want her near Marcello and Feliciano either! She's just going to end up hurting them! I know it!"

Antonio watches silently as Romano continues to rant, until he begins to fully cry. The Spaniard quickly pulls him back into his arms, rubbing the boy's back and placing small kisses on the top of his head. "It's alright, mi querido…"


Romano is on top of Antonio, sound asleep and holding onto him with a vice-like grip. The Italian had cried himself to sleep, and now Antonio is trying to find a way to get to comfortable and not wake the poor boy up. He's now pretty sure it's impossible. Of course, the fact Romano is ON TOP of him isn't helping matters, either. It's so unbelievably tempting; although he would never do anything to the boy right now. He's asleep and upset. It would pretty much be taking advantage of him.

"Hnn…Antonio…" Romano mumbles and rubs up against him. Antonio stiffens up underneath the still sleeping boy. "M-mierda…" The Spaniard whispers as Romano continues to move. "W-WAKE UP!" Antonio cries, pushing the boy off of him. "Wh-what the hell Antonio?" Romano hisses and Antonio frowns. "I-I'm sorry, Lovi! B-but you were-! A-and I was-! But I couldn't-!" The Italian looks at him annoyed. "What the hell are you talking about? Idiot." Antonio sighs. "N-never mind…are you feeling better?" Romano blushes a little and nods. "Yeah…sorry…"

Antonio smiles and kisses him. "You don't need to apologize, Lovi. I'm happy you came to me~!" Romano bites his lower lip and moves closer to him. "Hm…? Lovi…? Wh-what are you doing…?" Antonio asks and Romano blushes. "U-um…would you…could we…?" Romano asks shyly, running his hand over Antonio's chest. "L-Lovi…you're upset…you shouldn't…" Antonio gasps as Romano kisses him. "We're all alone, and I really, really want to. Also, no one will bother us for another…four hours. At least. A-and I might not know much about sex…but it won't take four hours. So…please…?"Romano asks and Antonio's resolve snaps.

Antonio pins Romano on the bed and hovers over him. "You look so sexy when you beg." Romano looks up at him flustered. "I WASN'T BEGGING! P-PERVERT!" Antonio smirks and leans down, licking the boy's curl. "Pervert? That's so mean~!" Romano lets out a low moan before Antonio captures the boy's lips with his own, kissing him fervently. The Italian stares up at him in wide-eyed shock as the Spaniard presses his body up against the boy's, earning an involuntary shiver. Antonio smirks into the kiss and grinds against the teen. "O-oohhh~! Antonio~!" Romano moans and Antonio begins sucking on his neck.

"Te amo, Lovi." Antonio whispers into his ear as he brings a hand down to the boy's clothed erection. "W-wait! Don't touch that-!" Romano gasps out and Antonio ignores him, rubbing his crotch teasingly. "Too late, Lovi…" He says in a husky tone before ripping off the boy's pants. "WH-WHAT ARE YOU-?" Romano lets out a squeak as his pants fly across the room onto the floor. "Did you really have to throw them?" He gasps and Antonio chuckles.

"They were in my way, Lovi~!" He coos before pulling the boy into another heated kiss, quickly tracing his tongue over Romano's now swollen lips, hungrily swallowing his moans of pleasure as he slides out of his own pants. Romano whimpers as Antonio brings his hands down to grab his thighs and spread the boy's legs. Letting out a low moan Antonio rubs his now free erection against the teen's clothed one. "A-ahh~!" Romano whimpers as his hips begin to thrust up on their own accord.

Romano looks up at him in helpless confusion. "S-since when did you get so pushy?" "Since you started begging for sex." Antonio mumbles before grinding against the boy at a faster pace. "A-ahh~! Antonio~!" Romano moans and the Spaniard bites down on his neck. "Your moans are so cute, Lovi~!" He leans down and takes the boy's length in his mouth, sucking and licking. "O-oh god~! More~!" Antonio continues to suck his length as he enters a finger into the teen. "Oh Lovi, I love you…" He moans as he uses his fingers to stretch the boy out before slowly entering his cock.

Romano whimpers and adjusts to the feel. "Y-you can move…" He whispers and Antonio slowly moves inside the boy, going deeper into him with each thrust until he reaches that special bundle of nerves. "AAHHH~! ANTONIOO~!" Romano cries out, thrusting up towards the taller man. "Oh god Lovi…!" Antonio moans and the smaller teen whimpers, thrusting up faster. "O-oh I love you~!" He cries and Antonio looks at him in surprise for a moment before grabbing the boy's hips and thrusting harder into the boy, quickening his pace as well. "O-ooohhhh~! Antonio~! P-please! More~!" The Italian moans and Antonio thrusts into him harder, making the bed shake beneath them.

Antonio lets out a low moan as he continues to thrust in to Romano. "Ohh god, I love you Lovi~!" Romano gasps and grabs at the taller teen's shoulders, digging his nails into the man's skin. "I-I'm coming-!" Antonio moans and thrusts deeper into the boy until they both reach their climax. In exhaustion he lays down next to Romano, pulling the blushing boy into a hug. "I love you, Lovi~!" Antonio coos and Romano nods. "I-I love you, too…"

Two months later:

Romano heads over to Antonio's where everyone else is. "So…how did your talk with your mom, Lovi~?" Antonio asks and Romano sighs, sitting next to Matthew. "Fine I guess…she's moving here to be closer to us kids…Marcello and Feliciano are happy and that's all that really matters…I guess…" Matthew smiles at him and wraps an arm around his shoulders. "Well, that's good!" "Oh Lovi! Have you met your mom's new boyfriend?" Antonio asks and Romano looks at him annoyed. "She has a boyfriend…?"

The Spaniard grins. "Yep! He's from Germany!" Matthew backs away as Romano fumes. "WHY CAN'T THE FUCKING GERMANS STAY AWAY FROM MY GOD DAMNED FAMILY? I MEAN, I HATE HER AND ALL BUT DAMNIT! DO ALL OF THEM BUT ME AND MARCELLOO HAVE A GERMAN FETISH?" "E-eh? Lovi?" Antonio looks at him confused and Matthew laughs. "Aww you count me as family, Romano?" Romano blushes a little and scowls at him. "Yes. Because you're just as dumb as them…with your stupid German…" Gilbert twitches a little and then smirks. "You know…I met her boyfriend, too…" "Don't you dare…" Romano warns and Gilbert continues. "And it's my uncle!" "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!"

A/N:Obviously I had no idea how to end it...*never does* It might all seem rushed, but it actually isn't. Well...the sex scene is...*awkward cough* A-anyways...I didn't want to write the wedding, or about their mom much. I just wanted to show that she was starting to come back into their lives. And...well...yeah...that's the end. Onto a new one...lD THANK YOU FOR READING~!