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Roy was most definitely not in love with his boss.

Nope. No way. Not at all.

She was just a friend. Just someone who he spent his entire working day with. Just a woman who was his boss.

Just a woman who's your boss who has cameos in your little daydreams more often than not, said the evil little voice in the back of his mind.

Shut up! He snapped. She's just Jen!

Just Jen?

Even if he wasn't in love with her (and seriously, he wasn't), he had to admit that statement held water as well as a sieve. He'd been pretty annoyed when Jen had become his and Moss' boss. Admittedly, at first glance he'd wanted her. She'd looked like his type, though a little short. But once she'd explained why she was there (rather pompously, he might add), all thoughts of dating her disappeared. Boss? He didn't need a boss. He and Moss were completely capable of managing their own department–never mind that he'd just been beaten with a shoe. He was Roy the IT Guy, firmly stated by his business card–and the fact that he had one spoke volumes about his capabilities.

That was how it had started. That was how this whole thing had begun.

It had taken him a while to warm up to Jen. Not only did she know nothing about computers (or COM-puters, as she was fond of pronouncing it), but she insisted that she was only gracing this mess of a place with her presence for a short while, and that she would easily move up in Reynholm Industries. He'd resented her for that. Resented her for thinking she could do what he hadn't for years. He couldn't let himself make the best of the situation, or even look at the bright side that this was–hopefully–temporary. (It was as if she'd lit a fire in him, giving strength to emotions–a strength he hadn't felt in years.) She was a nuisance.

But she became more than that, didn't she? The voice prodded, causing Roy to flinch.

Yes, she'd become a friend. He'd begrudgingly let her in, and found that she could be a good boss and a quick learner. It had taken her all of two seconds to figure out how she could give the IT department a better report with the rest of the company. She'd also become genuinely friendly to him and Moss, asking how their weekends were, filling them in on hers, even joking with them. (He tried to laugh, he really did.) And no, he couldn't forget that she was particularly adept at extracting him from the trouble he always seemed to be getting into. At least that he was glad for.


Okay. Jen was beautiful. Oh, come on, he was a man, he had needs; he be remiss if he didn't point out that fact. Her femininity was prone to catch his eye at the most random times. Trying to force those two-sizes-too-small shoes onto Jen's feet, he'd been stunned for a few seconds by the slender, pale length of her legs. Another time when she'd ripped off her uncomfortable bra in frustration he couldn't help but notice her curves even without its support. Yes, he was aware that she was one of the prettiest women he'd ever known, but that didn't mean anything. Nosiree, his heart did not beat faster for her.

Yes, she was just a friend, even if he did spend more time with her than he normally did with women he wasn't dating. Besides the fact that he spent all day at work with her (that didn't count; it wasn't free time), he and Jen generally were not doing much separately, and ended up drifting together. He'd found himself at the same restaurant where Jen was having her date with the guy she'd cost a lot of money on that game show–aside from that being Moss' idea, he'd been itching to see what must be the most awkward date ever.

They'd also been known to have late-into-the-night weekend movie marathons, usually at her place, being cleaner and nicer than his bachelor pad. These usually consisted of Roy sprawling his long legs over many available surfaces and Jen falling asleep on those appendages at around two in the morning. Other times they'd go out to a bar and drink, chatting about nothing and anything, or pick up Moss and wander around a mall (of course, making sure Moss didn't steal anything). He especially liked the lunch breaks where they sat on the creaky brown couch and he gave her little crash-courses in computers, using the stuff all over the basement as props. She'd stare at him with wide eyes as he'd get animated, sharing with her his vast knowledge.

Roy and Jen, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, the voice teased. Damn it, she was just a good friend, that was all! No amorous feeling involved. But you get jealous…

It was true. Douglas annoyed him to no end–he would always find the most ridiculous excuses to come to the basement and bother Jen. While Roy could not deny that he himself had been chauvinistic at times, Douglas' brand of woman-bashing was particularly revolting. Roy tried his hardest to get Jen out of the way when he knew The Boss was coming down, and would find any excuse to never leave her side when the visit was unexpected. He held back on the severe beating he burned to lay on Douglas–he wanted his job, after all; he couldn't let him get to Jen. This protectiveness over her had also been found to stretch to most other men that Jen chose to date. He interrogated her about them (that's what friends did, get to know that part of their life) and made sure she knew what she was doing, once in a while deliberately ruining her relationships. Nope, these men were not competition; she was a friend he cared about who sometimes had bad taste in men, and he needed to make sure she didn't get hurt.

Good God, how can you not see it? You're totally whipped! You're head over heels in love with Jen!

No! He couldn't be! He wasn't supposed to! Having a relationship with your co-worker was bad, not to mention your boss! Sure, there'd been that time during Moss' game where Jen had leaned in close to whisper in his ear, and maybe he'd gotten goosebumps, and maybe he'd been overpowered by the scent of her apple shampoo (apples were his favorite fruit, after all), but that didn't mean he loved her. She knew nothing about computers! She got holier-than-thou attitudes! She was constantly trying to make him more professional! She would call him into her office to tell him something important, then when he asked what it was she'd get lost in her own little world and leave him hanging! She was so unbelievably, impossibly exasperating!

Weird the way love works, isn't it?

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