AN: The Darkthrop Prophecy got me so hyped up and gave me a ton of fanfic ideas. This will be a series of events that illustrate the struggles between Te'ijal and Galahad


By EsmeAmelia

Chapter 1

Galahad shouted out every curse he knew as his neck tingled and throbbed and blood trickled down towards his shirt. For a while he could hear nothing except his own swears, though he was vaguely aware of Te'ijal shouting at Beatrice. He stopped yelling long enough to see Beatrice turn into a bat and fly away.

After a final growl, Te'ijal turned to her husband, leaning her head over, exposing her beautiful pink neck in his direction. "Galahad, bite me," she demanded.

Her neck was beautiful. Why hadn't he ever noticed that before? He had certainly seen it plenty of times, but why hadn't he seen how plump and rosy it was?

Suddenly something hard pushed against his bottom teeth, something hard and sharp, bringing pain to his gums. He hardly had time to register the pain before the same thing happened on the other side of his mouth.

"Your fangs," Te'ijal said hungrily, pushing her neck closer to him. "Bite me, Galahad."

Fangs. So this was how it felt to grow fangs. Last time he had fainted dead away and woken up in his new wife's arms with his fangs already in place. He had never known that it hurt to grow fangs.

"What are you waiting for?" Te'ijal persisted. "Bite me!"

"No, wife!" Galahad roared stepping back from her, struggling to look away from her neck. "The vampiric curse is evil - I will not spread it."

As she growled loudly, he turned away from her, trying not to think about her delecate little neck with the veins underneath it.

"We don't have time for this," Edward was saying. "Let's get back to Underfall and Galahad can go into the Demon Realm."

Galahad would go into the Demon Realm. Yes . . . he would do it. He would get to rescue Mel, the way a knight was supposed to. He would get to be the hero . . . yes, he would use this curse to his advantage and get Mel to use the Orb of Life on him whem this was over.


He heard his wife's desperate call as the group left Beatrice's house and stepped into the night smelled so crisp and fresh to his newly reawakened vampire nose, but he wouldn't acknowledge it, nor would he look at her. He kept his eyes focused ahead on the streets of Ghe'dare spread before them.

"Galahad, look at me!"

Now she was using what was once her "vampire" voice, the voice meant to compel humans to do her bidding. Galahad almost laughed - it sounded more like a child who desperately wanted to play with a toy he had.

Then an interesting thought occured to him. He was a vampire while she was a human. Their roles from when they first met were reversed. He was stronger than her, faster than her . . . he could bend her to his will if he wanted . . . but did he have hypnotic powers when he had never fed?

What, what was he thinking? Of course he would never try to hypnotize his wife!

Suddenly Te'ijal leapt in front of her husband like an animal begging for food, once more pointing her neck in his direction. "Come on my partidge, do I not look tasty?" she said in her seductive voice. "Drink my blood and you will be strong enough to fight the demons."

Galahad's heart would have thumped if it still beat. As he stared at her neck he could almost see the ruby red blood flowing through her veins. Flowing, flowing, flowing. And her smell . . . did she ever smell so enticing before?

"N-no, wife," he said stiffly.

Now she was grabbing his wrists with her soft hands. "But crumpet, if we go into the Demon Realm together, we will have a better chance of saving Mel."

Together. Husband and wife rescuing Mel together. Once again the river of blood under her skin was pounding in his head, her smell making him dizzy.

"But . . ." His voice came out in a rigid whisper. ". . . I could end up . . . eating you."

Te'ijal gave a short laugh, a laugh that sounded like the sweetest music. "You? Eat me? Come on, you have suppressed your vampiric urges for over three hundred years - why would you lose control with your darling wife?"

"It's because you're my darling wife that I can't risk it!" Galahad shouted, yanking his hands out of hers."Don't ask me to curse you for all eternity." He immediately looked away and strode ahead of the group.

Don't think about her, Galahad desperately told himself. Think about your mission. He tried . . . he really tried . . . he imagined himself battling a demon . . . but every time he tried to picture what the demon looked like, he saw his wife again, baring her neck, her delicious blood only a bite away . . .

He gulped even though he no longer had saliva. Resist, resist, resist . . . goddess, why did he have to tell himself to resist now? He had been resisting for three hundred years.

But never before had Te'ijal been the one tempting him.