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Pairing/s: Tom Riddle/Harry (aka, Harrison Evans) Potter, one sided Abraxas Malfoy/Harry (aka Harrison Evans) Potter

Warnings: Adult themes, minor drug usage, violence, dubious consent, and language.

Setting: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 1943

Summary: Harrison Evans is the Slytherin's 'pet lion.' But what happens when one Slytherin forgets that only person Harry belongs to, is Tom Riddle?

Chapter 1: Accident

How common of an occurrence it was now to have their little lion in the snakes den. One would think he didn't like his own common room; he spent so much time in theirs. Not that anyone minded though, to be sure. Indeed, a vast majority of the Slytherins found Harrison Evans to be a delightful (though a slightly unorthodox) addition to their little nest. He was simply…infectious.

Harrison was a plethora of contradictions. A mixture of everything, it was no wonder it had taken almost five minutes for the Sorting Hat to finally place him in Gryffindor. He could be bold when needed, yet shy. Genuine, but could manipulate anyone on accident by simply gazing at someone with those big bright eyes of his. Amazingly mature with childlike tendencies. The list of his inconsistencies was a mile long. But perhaps the most intriguing paradox that was Harrison Evans, was how he managed to still be so innocent, so pure, so….Harrison, when he was dating none other than Tom Riddle.

Although everyone knew about Tom and Harrison being raised together in the same orphanage before coming to Hogwarts, it was never mentioned aloud. One fool had made the mistake of taunting Harrison about it, and he would later serve as the example of what happened to anyone that should dare mess with Tom's belonging. And everyone knew that Harrison belonged to Tom.

As a first year, Tom had made quite the impression. The Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin and instead of being the new victim everyone had wanted to turn him into, he quickly rose in the esteem of his classmates with his skill, maturity, knowledge, and unshaken attitude. By the time they discovered him to be the heir of Slytherin, Tom was in control; no one crossed him. And so when they heard of the boy that Tom grew up with, they were expecting someone of the same… type as their young leader. That wasn't what they received during Tom's third year, when he returned to Hogwarts with a first year Harrison tucked securely under his wing.

The total opposite of Tom, many people (including those outside the Slytherin house) couldn't see how they had formed such a tight bond; but they had, and it soon became apparent to everyone that Harrison was Tom's.

Riddle acted as Harrison's protector during his first year. And although sorted into Gryffindor, he did not seem fazed by what was supposed to be the natural rivalry between green and crimson. If Harrison needed something, Tom supplied it. Should the younger boy require help, Tom provided it. And if Harrison was hurt, Tom was the one who took retribution. Although eventually Tom wasn't the only one looking out for the snakes' little lion.

For the first couple of months during his first year, Harrison refused to sleep alone in Gryffindor Tower, and so spent his nights in the Slytherin Dungeons instead. At first it had been an outrage, and even some of the smartest Slytherins protested against Tom for allowing an outsider into their lair. Of course, Tom took care of those individuals promptly, and no more was ever heard on the subject. Although it didn't help that Harrison was just (as mentioned earlier) infectious. And like an infection there was no way to overcome Harrison's appeal. He was the balance that no one knew they had been without.

Finally, there was someone with whom they could relax around, and be comfortable with. No need to stand on ceremony and pretense with Harrison; it wasn't necessary. The snakes had someone to let their guard down with; something they had never dreamt was possible. That kind of gift was something unheard of, and although in a different way, Harrison was soon just as strangely accepted as Tom had been. Just in a more healthy way. And so the years passed on in such a fashion; Tom, always with Harrison, and Harrison usually with Tom or the other Slytherins. Until something unexpected yet particularly obvious happened one summer. Tom and Harrison began dating.

No one knows exactly what happened during the summer that finally pushed them over the edge together, but when Tom emerged off the Hogwarts train to start his sixth year, Harrison (in his fourth year) and he were holding hands. And once again, Harrison found himself spending his nights in the dungeon with Tom.

When Tom became a Perfect his last and final year at Hogwarts and received his own quarters, many counted on not seeing Harrison around anymore. After all, if Tom wasn't there, what other need would he have to visit the dungeons? It was to their secret delight however, that Harrison's Gryffindor loyalty was found not only belong to his housemates, but to them as well. Indeed, forasmuch as they liked him, Harrison had become equally (if not more so) attached to the snakes as well, and came by just as regularly as before. And that was why none of the Slytherins even raised an eyebrow when Abraxas Malfoy sauntered into the common room with Harrison in tow.

"Harrison, the answer remains as it was when you last asked approximately ten minutes ago," Abraxas drawled in his naturally haughty voice. "Such vile things are beneath you and I would hate to tarnish your glowing reputation." The sarcasm was apparent and Harrison didn't need to see his friend's face to know he was smirking.

The smaller boy smiled and simply pressed on. "Piss off Malfoy. You and I both know damn well what sport you like to make of seeing how 'bad' you can taint me. This is nothing different."

Abraxas didn't bother hiding his chuckle as he held the door open to his room for Harrison. "You really shouldn't curse like that Harrison. Where could you have possibly picked up such foul language." The pointed look he received from the brunette let him know that clearly Harrison placed the blame on his shoulders. "Touché," he replied to the intense look he had received. "Well then I suppose there really isn't a reason for me not to share this with you either."

The grin that erupted from Harrison's lovely mouth was well worth the nagging he had endured from him. In all honestly, Abraxas was going to show Harrison regardless. He always did. But he just loved the sound of Harrison begging him to do it. It made his cock stiffen almost painfully in the most delicious of ways. And so without further ado, he pulled his prize from out his cloak's breast pocket.

Harrison gave one look at the crude, rolled up piece of paper before glaring at his blonde friend. "You made all that fuss about an ugly Muggle cigarette?" What a waste of time! He had thought it was going to be something exciting and fun. For a person who abhorred Muggles, Abraxas was constantly bringing in Muggle contraband. And Harrison, who normally entertained Abraxas and made use of his trinkets, was dreadfully disappointed. After all, he had led a very sheltered life at the orphanage with Tom, and many things were still unknown to him.

Abraxas took in the disgruntled pout from his little lion and for once, didn't resist the dangerous temptation to brush his thumb against Harrison's jutting lower lip. "Don't be so upset," he said in a husky voice. "I promise it is more than it appears."

Harrison, still feeling put off, didn't catch the change of tenor in his friend's voice. Nor did he see anything out of the ordinary with his friend's gestures, or the way his grey eyes darkened with lust and need like a dark storm. "Well then you better deliver a good show," he retorted while crossing his arms like the petulant child he sometimes was.

Oh, he would deliver all right.

"This is not just some cig, Harrison," Abraxas started off. "This is called 'pot,' and it has some interesting effects. Much better than the cigs, I must say. Now, I'm going to light it, and to make sure you get a good enough hit, I'm going to shotgun you." Finished with his quick and vague explanation, Abraxas wasted no time in raising the joint to his lips, igniting the end with his wand. It became very apparent to Harrison that the older boy had probably done this many times before, and so he waited patiently.

After taking a couple hits, Abraxas' mind was blissfully serene and unperturbed. This was just what he needed, because there was no way he would have been able to go through with his treacherous desires for Harrison if he hadn't been out of his bloody mind. Ironic, that a Muggle device would be used to help him obtain the unobtainable; a taste of Harrison.

Like a starving man just inches away from an apple, Abraxas hungered for Harrison. Had hungered for him for quite some time. Well before Tom and the little lion became intimate. He had hoped like many others that were smitten with Harrison, that Riddle would eventually loosen his hold on the boy and allow him to date. But Harrison had always been on reserve and it wasn't until the school had seen them enter Hogwarts together, that everyone knew that Tom had been reserving Harrison for himself.

As a Malfoy, Abraxas had taken the blow very hard to his ego. He wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. It simply wasn't done. If he wanted something, he got it; even if that meant taking it from its owner. But there was no way Abraxas could take his beloved Harrison away from Tom. For one, Harrison seemed totally in love with Tom, and wouldn't think of looking anywhere else. Secondly and most importantly, there was no way Abraxas could win against Tom. And for this reason in particular, Abraxas loathed himself.

"Harrison I'm going to take a drag, and then blow the smoke into your mouth. It will be enough to get you high, although I will be forced to repeat the process," he stated smoothly. "Now lean in…" his heart beat loudly in his chest and he wondered for a split second if perhaps Harrison could hear it too. "...close your eyes, and…"


They couldn't be lips; they simply had to be something else. Because not even the god's lips could be so soft and so sweet. It was heaven. Harrison's lips were heaven.

Unwilling to arouse the boy's suspicions and thus have his time with, he slowly blew in the smoke between the soft petals that were Harrison's lips.

Acting on instinct, Harrison slowly inhaled the air that was being forced into his mouth. He coughed and sputtered a bit, unused to taste and feel of the burning air going down into his lungs. It wasn't so bad he supposed, but he didn't feel any…different. With a questioning gaze he looked at Abraxas.

"Did I do it wrong,? Nothing is happening."

Abraxas stared into the emerald green eyes, and mentally gave thanks for the naivety he saw within them. He suspected nothing. Good. "It takes more than just one puff Harrison," he chuckled at the boy's expense.

Harrison's face flushed a light pink in his embarrassment. "Perhaps you just aren't doing it right," he ground out.

The deep laugh that escaped the Malfoy heir's throat was unexpected, yet glorious to behold. He didn't laugh often, but on the rare occasion that he did Harrison was usually the cause. "Yes perhaps I am too blame for this also. Come, we shall do it again until you get what you came here for." Or at least until he tired of taking advantage of Harrison. But that would never happen. And with a determined nod, Harrison leaned back in.

By the fourth shotgun, Abraxas knew that his petite black haired friend was feeling the effects. Although Harrison couldn't tell the difference. But that was quite alright with him, for that allowed him more stolen kisses with his crush.

He quickly discovered that he was addicted to Harrison, and if by some miracle this little tryst went by unnoticed by Tom; he would gladly give up cigs altogether in favor of pot and the promise of having another experience such as the one he was having. But not even that would be enough because above all things; Abraxas Malfoy was greedy, and with each meeting of their lips, it became harder to break apart. Soon enough the brief contact didn't suffice anymore. He wanted-no needed, more.

Judging by the far off, sleepy gaze in Harrison's eyes, he could tell his little friend was out of his mind. Literally. If there was any a time to make such a bold and potentially fatal move, this was it.

Slowly so as not to spook his friend, he bought a perfectly manicured hand around and gently laid it on the back of Harrison's neck. He could feel tendrils of the soft black hair lightly grazing his fingertips. It was as soft and fine as he had always imagined. His other hand moved with the same sly expertise and casually circled the unsuspecting boy's slender waist. They were very close now and the body heat radiating off Harrison made Abraxas head swim and his imagination run wild.

He couldn't remember how long he had lusted after, and desired Harrison, but he knew that it had been for awhile. The fifteen year old was everything he could have possibly wanted; beautiful, caring, strong. Many a time, he had lay awake in bed and conjured up so many images of them together, that even the devil would have blushed. Oh, how he had wished for so long to finally be able to have him. And it seemed now Abraxas would finally get the opportunity because he simply couldn't wait any longer. Without thought of the consequences, he struck, gripping Harrison to him tightly, deepening the 'innocent kiss.'

The hand located at the base of his friends neck grabbed a fistful of hair and wrenched his head back. A startled gasp emitted from Harrison's mouth was taken advantage of as Abraxas bought his mouth back to the young boy's in a bruising kiss. There was no going back.


Harrison's mind was in a frenzy; it had all happened so quickly! One moment he was sharing a joint with his friend, the next, he found himself pinned down on a bed and being rutted against. Relentlessly he began squirming, but to no avail, and started to feel himself panicking. He couldn't breathe properly with Abraxas' tongue dancing in his mouth, and the constricting feel of his arms trapped against his sides scared him. Why was this happening to him? Why was Abraxas doing this? Harrison had always considered him a great friend. In truth the only other Slytherin he spent more of his time with was Tom…

Oh no. Tom. He would be furious when he found out. Thoughts of his impending death, combined with the obvious erection Abraxas was currently rubbing against his inner thigh, and the feel of his cool hand that was questing up under his shirt and lightly skimming his rib cage, was enough to send Harrison over the edge. To his horror he felt his eyes well up with tears and his throat burn. He didn't like crying. Tom had told him it was a sign of weakness. But try as he might he just couldn't stop the tears from spilling over and running down his cheeks in silent torrents. And just as soon did the tears begin to fall; Harrison felt the heavy weight that had been on top of him, recede. Without hesitation Harrison sat up quickly and bolted from the bed he had just a minute ago been ravished on, and fled the room.

He didn't slow down until he was out of the boy's sleeping quarters and in the safety of the Slytherin common room. Taking a few deep breaths, he tried to pull himself together. If any of the snakes spotted him fleeing out of the dungeon with obvious tear trails on his face, Tom would be alerted and that could not happen.

First and foremost, he had to think of a plan of action. He didn't know what had just happened back there, but he knew that Abraxas was his friend. And that if Tom found out, the Malfoy heir would be dead. Quite literally. And he didn't want that to happen. He supposed the first thing would be to leave the Slytherin dorm as calmly as he had entered, and then hightail it back to Gryffindor Tower without bumping into his boyfriend. So far, that seemed easy enough.

Tom was a Perfect, and so would be conducting his evening rounds soon. That meant he was probably in the Great Hall eating dinner and getting ready to head to the library to study. So all Harrison had to do was the take the South Corridor to avoid going by the Great Hall, and come up with an excuse for why Harrison wouldn't be spending the night in Tom's Perfect room, which was where he normally slept. A simple study group would be sufficient enough.

With his plan set, Harrison did a quick swipe of his eyes to rid himself of glistening wetness under his eyes, and proceeded through the common room and out the dorm, smiling as he went to some of his friends. See, nothing out of the ordinary. Stage one; complete.


Stage two was just as easy. No one really took the South Corridor since Peeves was known to set bobby-traps for unsuspecting students. But even the poltergeist wasn't around, leaving the corridor deserted, for which Harrison was extremely thankful. He was just about start the climb of the Grand Staircase, when he heard someone call his name.


Harrison froze, immobilized by the voice. Only one person ever called him by his nickname. Slowly turning around, he saw Tom standing at the foot of the stairwell, looking up at him expectedly.

His boyfriend was a sight to behold. About 6'2 with an athletic build, (although he never played any sports) short and immaculately cut dark brown hair, full lips, high cheek bones, and soul searching hazel eyes; it was obvious why Tom was considered the most desirable student at Hogwarts. But now wasn't a time to be checking out his partner.

"Hey Tom," he said casually, and was very happy that his voice sounded stronger then he thought himself capable of making it. Unfortunately that didn't last to long. "I'm just headed up the Tower…we have…ummm, a study group….tonight. In the Tower. So I won't be coming by…tonight. Too sleep, or anything like that, so-"

"What study group?" Tom interrupted. Harrison felt himself cringe. "You said you needed me to help you with your History essay on magical theory."

Shit, how on earth could he have forgotten about that? "Oh yea, that's what the study group is going to be about…" Harrison stated lamely.

A minute passed in silence, and Harrison tried to stop himself from shifting under the heavy weight of Tom's gaze. It became obvious to Harrison that Tom wasn't at all convinced, and since he was a horrible liar in the first place (let alone to Tom) he figured it was best to take his leave as soon as possible before he gave himself way.

"Tom, I'm just going to-"

"Why are your eyes so red Harrison?" Oh he was in real trouble now. Tom only called him by his full name when he was in trouble.

"Potions," he replied speedily. "We did this…potion… in Potions class…and it bothered my eyes." That sounded reasonable enough.

"And which potion would that be?" Was the universe against him or something? For once, Harrison just wanted the world to be on his side-

"Tom my boy!" came a booming voice. Harrison looked down the hall and saw Professor Slughorn approaching. At the bottom of the staircase, Tom gave one more hard look at Harrison before turning his attention to his teacher and giving him a very convincing false smile.

Harrison promised himself that he would go to every one of Slughorn's stupid parties in thanks for the man's perfect timing, and continued up the staircase. He could only hope that tomorrow Tom would have forgotten the whole ordeal.


After making it safely to the portrait hole, Harrison took a shower, climbed into bed, and quickly went to sleep. The day had been weird, and his mind was tired of thinking about it so much. He awoke hours later. A glance out his window showed a dark yet star filled night. On the nightstand beside his bed was a plate of food and a cup of pumpkin juice. One of his dorm mates must have bought him back something from the Great Hall, which meant it had to be pretty late since dinner was over. Thankful to however bought it for him, he dug into his food.

Once his meal was complete finished, he decided it was time to really work on his essay. He almost sighed. It was going to be such a drag doing it without Tom's aid. But he needed to get it done, and he needed a good distraction. Grabbing his bag, he headed down to the common room. Hopefully he really could pull a makeshift study group together.

About two hours later and Harrison had made substantial progress; there was only a quarter left of parchment to write. He was in the middle of formulating a good closing paragraph when a knock at the portrait hole caught his attention. For a second, he worried that it might be for him, but then quickly pushed the thought away. Tom was on rounds. But it was for him; just not Tom that came to find him. The portrait door opened to reveal a lovely brunette by the name of Merida Macmillan.

She was a sixth year Slytherin, and the fiancé of one Abraxas Malfoy. Like majority of all the other pureblood families, they had an arranged marriage set a few weeks after her birth. Like many of the other purebloods she was wealthy, prejudice, and (at least of Harrison) quite vile. She was one of the few Slytherins that he actually didn't get along with. Supposedly it was because Abraxas spent more time with him, then with his fiancé. Before, Harrison had laughed at the absurd notion of her being jealous of the time and friendship he had with Malfoy. But after what had transpired earlier that day, he couldn't help but feel guilty that her theory had been correct.

As he walked to the portrait door, he could tell something was wrong. Her beautiful pale face was flushed, her eyes red, and her countenance bleak. He couldn't remember a time when he saw her that she hadn't looked perfect to him. He closed the door behind him as he stopped out the portrait hole to address her. Something was obviously wrong.

"Merida?" he asked softly. As if not expecting to hear him say anything, her face scrunched up causing more tears to cascade down her cheeks. Not knowing what else to do, he wrapped his arms around the softly shaking girl in an awkward hug. Even the girls were taller than him. But Myrtle always seemed to perk up after her hugged her, so he assumed most girls liked them.

As he had hoped, she softened into his embrace before throwing her arms about his neck and heaving into his shoulders. Through her sobs he could make out only so much.

"I…I had seen you two today. You and Abraxas," she whispered brokenly. Immediately Harrison's heart seized.

"I was…just so…mad. And I thought, I thought that if…I told Tom, he would punish you…and then you couldn't be with Abraxas anymore."

Perhaps at a later date he would look back on this moment and find the time to be upset that she had tried to get him in trouble. But not right now. Not when a person's life might be in jeopardy. He pulled away from her to look up into her face. He stared at her hard.

"Tell me what happened Merida. You must tell me now!" She gave a few jerky movements of her head, which Harrison took as a nod.

"Tom went somewhere after that…and…but when I came back to the dungeon later, they said that Tom…," she sniffled some and the tears (if possible) began to flow even faster. "That he and Abraxas left together, but they haven't come back. And that was…hours ago. And I think…I just know that something has-" He couldn't bear to hear her say what he was already thinking, so he cut her off.

"-Merida, I want you to go back to the dormitory, and stay there," he commanded her. He wasn't sure where the sudden burst of bravery came from, but he was thankful for it since she didn't question him. "Don't tell anyone about what has happened." She nodded her compliance.

"Harrison…Harrison I know I've always been awful to you…but please…please," she begged relentlessly. "Don't let anything happen to him." She stared at him with big watery, cornflower blue eyes, and Harrison could see it clearly.

She loved Abraxas. Of all the other faults she had (and she indeed had many) Merida Macmillan loved her fiancé.

"I promise I'll bring him back."

Merida hugged him tightly and with a couple stray 'thanks, 'made her way back towards the Slytherin nest. With the girl gone Harrison could think as he stood in the deserted hallway.

Tom knew what had happened. And unlike what Merida had been hoping for, was probably punishing Abraxas. There was no time to waste. If they had been gone already for this long, Abraxas was probably going to be in bad shape, and it would only continue to get worst unless he stopped Tom.

Not bothering to waste time putting on his trainers, or changing into regular clothing, Harrison took off down the dark hall towards the only place Tom could possibly be.

The Chamber of Secrets.


Minutes later Harrison stood in front of a giant sink in the girl's lavatory. When Tom had discovered the chamber, he had of course shared its location with Harrison. But Harrison wasn't a parselmouth and so Tom had devised an alternative way to allow him access without the need to speak it.

Bringing his finger up to his mouth, Harrison bit roughly into his thumb. It stung momentarily, but the cut had been deep enough to allow his blood to flow freely. Holding his thumb over the sink's drain, Harrison squeezed his thumb and watched as some droplets of blood dripped into the dark sink. He immediately took a step back as the sink gave a low groan and began shifting to allow him passage. With no fear he took the staircase Tom had crafted, and began his dissent into the bowels of Hogwarts.

Once he reached the bottom of the stairs, he had to pause momentarily to remember the correct way to ante-chamber. Thankfully however, he saw a low light source streaming from the right. With no wand to light his way, this seemed a much better option than stumbling around helplessly in the dark.

After walking in the dark, the ante-chamber light when he emerged from the tunnel was blinding, causing him to shut his eyes reflexively. He knew what was there though. It was just a really plain, big circular room with a stone carving of Slytherin's face. He knew from personal experience that when the mouth opened, the basilisk would appear from there when summoned by his master. As he clenched his eyes together and waited for them to adjust to the light, he heard a muffled a scream.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood high as he felt dread seep its way into his gut. He didn't want to open his eyes; but he had to. And once he did, it took everything within him not to heave on the ground.

Abraxas Malfoy hung suspended in the air by about several feet. His beautiful pale blonde hair was matted, and streaked with dirt and blood. His clothes were ripped in various places, only hanging onto his body by stitches. On his chest, Harrison could see many types of fatal injuries. Some burns, some cuts, some that even looked like his skin was rotting away. There was a rank smell in the air, and Harrison knew he was right about the rotting flesh. One his friend's hands looked disfigured; all the fingers were broken and sticking out at various angles. His face was unrecognizable, and looked more like shredded meat then the face of a man.

Harrison didn't even have time to acknowledge he was crying as he rushed over to his friend, looking for a way to help him down. Oh, what on earth had possessed him to leave the dormitory without his wand? He felt so useless looking up at the now unconscious face of his friend. Desperately he looked around for a spare wand, or something. He was sure Abraxas must have had his on his person before he left, so maybe it fell on the ground somewhere-

"What a treat. I didn't expect to see you tonight Harry. What with your 'study group' and everything. I must say this is a most…delightful surprise."

Harrison's body froze taut at the sinister sounding voice that echoed in the cavernous room. He heard footstep coming toward his direction, only stopping when the person was directly behind him. His heart beat rapidly in his chest and he randomly conjured up a mental picture of a bunny being cornered by a very hungry snake.

"And I do hope your eyes are feeling better. Funny though, how you said it was a potion you were making today that irritated them so, since Slughorn told me your class was taking an oral exam today." The voice was full of dark humor, though nothing to Harrison was funny about the current situation.

"So love…" the voice said, as the man standing behind him circled Harrison, until he was standing in front, blocking the view of Abraxas' floating body with a silky green, shirt covered chest. Thin, elegant fingers caressed his face with a deceptive softness, before grabbing his cheeks harshly and jerking his face upward. He felt a warm tongue, licking the tears on his cheek and opened his eyes. He wasn't sure when he even closed them, but he knew he wanted to close them again as he looked up at the handsome face of Tom Riddle, and his burning hot crimson eyes. "What other lies are you going to tell me today, hmmm?"

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