Chapter 1

The Boy Everyone Wants

Everyone knows that the hottest, richest, most talented basketball player must want a girlfriend. And at Riverville High that boy was Charlie Bingley. Not only was Charlie all of the above, but he was also extremely sweet. He spent his time tutoring 7th graders, helping out the local soup kitchen, and volunteering at the library reading to 4 year-olds. Basically the guy was a saint.

Charlie, the new kid, was immediately deemed the catch of the year. I mean, who wouldn't want a guy who was the Mary Poppins of guys. You know "practically perfect in every way"? But unfortunately for the population of desperate Riverville High girls, no one ever caught him. Sure, he had been on a few dates, but nothing serious. Either Charlie wasn't interested, or his sister got in the way.

If Charlie was a saint, then his twin sister was the devil. She was rich, pretty and ,well there is no other word for it: a bitch. Caroline Bingley was devious and made sure she, "got her way, damn it!" She made had ruined the lives of 14 girls in the past year alone. She forced 12 of those girls to leave town. Caroline wasn't exactly into subtle revenge either. Once a girl ran into Caroline in the the lunch room, unintentionally dumping both her own food and Caroline's all over the both of them. Caroline then spread vicious rumors about the girl and a teacher (who had given her an F). The girl's boyfriend broke up with her, and her parents sent her to a boarding school in England. The teacher was obviously fired.

Caroline was convinced that this new suburban town was hell. And she being the devil was to run it. Well, she didn't exactly think of herself as the devil, but the metaphor was right there. How could I not take it? In all honesty, she thought that she was the new Queen Bee.

Everything was going to plan for Caroline. It was like a teen movie. Charlie making girls swoon, Caroline destroying lives. That is until Patrick Darcy came to town. Now, Caroline put all her attention in getting the boy (much to the relief to the rest of the girls at Riverville) Most of the other girls were obsessing over the new and mysterious Rick Darcy. The students only knew a little about the relationships between the three. They only knew that the Darcys and the Bingleys were extremely close - they grew up together. Charlie and Rick were practically brothers. What they didn't know was that Caroline had been pining for Rick since first grade when he was in second grade.

Rick was what any normal teenager would call perfect. At least that's the way it seemed at first. He was hotter then Charlie, if that's possible. He, meaning his parents, was richer. Not to mention his mad basketball skills. The rumor spreading around like wildfire was that he had been scouted last year as a junior. Now he was the glowing senior god that every girl gazed at whenever the opportunity came up.

A few days after Rick came to Riverville, Caroline was walking through in the courtyard during her free period. And who just happened to be sitting outside under a tree? Why the flawless Rick Darcy. Caroline quietly approached an snuck behind him "Ricky!" squealed Caroline.

"Oh, hey Carrie.", Ricky said barely looking up from his book. He was used to Caroline being a pest.

"You have to come to Pandorium with Charlie and me! It's the only thing in this town that is remotely fun at all." Caroline knew that Ricky wouldn't say no if Charlie went.

"I really would rather not." said Rick shocking Carrie with his response. But that didn't get Caroline down. She quickly reacted by changing her tactics.

"But Ricky if you don't go I'll be forced to talk to THESE people!"she gestured to a mob of students, "I can already feel my I.Q. dropping." Caroline was very pleased with herself. She knew that he would have to help her now. If there was one thing that would get Rick Darcy to do something, it was a sense of obligation. And saving Caroline from a night with a lower class was the epitome of obligation in their world.

"Well, if you really want me to…" Rick said with obvious disdain, actually looking up from his book.

"OH, I do! Thank you! I don't think I could stand another second with those idiots. They all think they are sooooo cool."

Caroline continued to babble on, Rick just ignored her and continued to read and think. He thought a lot. Mostly about people, his sister especially. He worried about her. She had been through one hell of a month. Their parents couldn't let her go through that torment again, so they picked up and moved to this place. She was now a way from anyone who could hurt her or her reputation. They sent her to an all girls private school with an excellent reputation. Rick didn't have to go with them. His parents told him that he could have stayed in the city if he wanted. The thing was, his parents didn't know the whole story. He couldn't even begin to tell them it. It would kill them. And because they didn't know the whole story they couldn't protect Georgiana. And Gia needed someone to protect her.

His thoughts were interrupted with Caroline's shriek of annoyance in response to Charlie swiftly jabbing her in the sides scaring her half to death. Hitting him with her binder, she went off on a tangent about how immature he was. She gave him one final look of pure loathing and stormed off.

"Finally some peace and quiet!", Charlie said plopping down next to Rick.

"SO, Caroline said we're going to Pandorium tonight." said Rick

"Yeah. It's pretty tight there. Good music. Tons of hot dancing girls, and some pretty cool people."

"Great! Mindless dancing, loud music, and sluts. It's my biggest dream come true."

Charlie laughed and said, "You'll have fun - I promise! Besides, it'll do you some good to socialize. You barely know anyone. Do you realize you could rule this school if you tried?"

"Did it ever occur to you that I might not want to socialize with THESE people? We only came here for my sister. I'm here for one year. Then I'm back to my life. I'll play basketball, I'll participate in class, I'll even go to this stupid club. But only because I have nothing better to do."

"Dude chill. I get it," Charlie, trying to change the subject, asked, "Are we gonna meet you there?"

Their conversation continued. They didn't suspect that anyone could here them. But someone did. AND that person told another person, who told another person, who told another person, that Rick Darcy hated everyone at this school and thought that they were all losers. Which we all know is exactly what he said. But even that couldn't tarnish his reputation completely.