Chapter 43


It had been a long night. And finally after an entire batch of Mrs. Darcy's chocolate chip cookies, 12 cans of Coca-Cola, and many, many cups of tea, Lizzy's application was complete. Everything from the essay, to the trivial personal information, and even a letter of recommendation from Mr. Darcy. Now all that was left was waiting and more importantly sleeping. It was getting hard for Lizzy to keep her eyes open. Especially since Rick's bed was one of those ones that felt like lounging on a cloud.

"So you're positive you want to say 'his or her'? Not just 'his'? It' sounds cleaner if you use 'his' instead," asked Rick.

"I'm so positive that I'm Miss Mary Sunshine."

"I didn't know I was in a relationship with such a feminist."

Lizzy rolled her eyes. "You say that like it's a bad thing. Wanting to be represented isn't. Or would you prefer it if I didn't make my own decisions?"

"I'm all for you making your own decisions. I just think getting mad at not adding 'or her' is a bit radical that's all. It's not like it's meant as a slam. It's understood as both sexes."

"Yes, but if we used 'her' instead of 'his' everyone would be in an uproar," replied Lizzy, " Besides if I was as radical as you seem to think I am, I'd insist on alphabetical order. 'E' comes before 'I'. So it'd be 'her or his'."

"See but that'd be grammatically incorrect. 'I before E, except after C'. Or do they not teach that at public school?"

Lizzy laughed, "Wow, someone is classist!"

"Or educated?"

The two held their determined gaze until they both cracked up.

"Okay there we go 'his or her'. Just as the lady asked. All saved and ready to printed out tomorrow morning."

Lizzy scooted closer to Rick as he shut his laptop.

"So, I guess that means we're done," she said "I've gotta go."

Rick nodded. But neither made an effort to get up.

"I don't want to get up, Rick."

"I don't want you to get up."

The couple smiled and snuggled closer together.

"Do you think, I'll get in?"

"Yes, I do," replied Rick as he kissed Lizzy's head.

They stayed like that until Lizzy said, "Rick, I really have to go. It's 3:00 in the morning," she got up, took a sip from the last Coke can,"Well, here's to hoping that I don't die on the drive home."

Rick looked at Lizzy, and anxiously said, "You could just stay. I mean I don't want you to die from a car wreck. What kind of boyfriend would I be?"

"You sure?"


They just looked at one another for a second and then Lizzie said, "So, Do I get my own room? Or is Gia my bedmate?"

"Here is fine."

Lizzy's eyes widened.

"I just meant, that you seemed comfortable. And I mean we would just sleep. I didn't mean to imply... I can set up the guest room if you want. I just. I mean."

"No, I think that's a good idea. I just wasn't expecting it is all."




The next morning came quickly. The last day of break. Then Lizzy and Rick would be back in school. And Rick honestly wished that it wasn't over. Not yet. Not now that he had Lizzy right next to him. These past few days had been emotionally exhausting. So having a moment like this nice.

And as much as he loved having Lizzy in his arms, they were starting to cramp up. How could he move his arms without waking up Lizzie? While Rick knew there were much more terrible things going on in the world and much bigger problems, it sure as hell didn't feel that way. Move cramping arms and risk waking up Lizzie? OR just have his arms amputated? Right now both options seemed impossible to choose.

Thankfully while Rick was struggling to figure out an answer to his problem, Lizzie woke up.

"Good Morning," she said sitting up and allowing Rick to move his arms free.


Rick quickly realized that though his arm was safe now, it certainly was the least of his problems. And it was very obvious looking down at his lap, what the problem was. Fuck. What was he gonna do?

Lizzie seem to notice something was up. She looked at Rick. And giggled a little bit. "I guess, I should have had my own bed. huh?"

Rick became slightly red. He started to try and explain but all that came out of his mouth was an inaudible squeak.

Lizzie giggled. "It's okay Rick. It's not like you can control it in the morning."

Rick seemed relieved.

But Lizzie suddenly looked away and said, "On that matter, you should now that I'm not very experienced."

Rick was not expecting that, "I mean that's not a big deal. I haven't done much either."

Lizzie looked back at Rick. "You haven't?"

"Yeah. Sex isn't something you rush into."

"But you're the basketball star! I mean not to be stereotypical... but I mean."

"Well I just never had time. I mean contrary to popular belief, I don't have very many friends. So I didn't go out much. And I had a lot of school work to get done. So I just didn't have much time to date. And with my parents... well I guess I was raised to wait for the right person."

Lizzie smiled and looked down."Um, what do you think I should do with your shirt?" she asked. Lizzie had borrowed Rick's Yale shirt to sleep in. It was big and comfy and it smelled like Rick. Lizzie really didn't want to give it back.

"You can keep it," said Rick. He smiled as her face lit up. "I wouldn't want Lizzie germs."

Lizzie gasped and hit Rick with a pillow. "You're so mean! I don't like you anymore."

"You sure?" said Rick.

"Eh, I guess you're alright."


Lizzie couldn't help but feel nervous about going downstairs. After all Rick's parents hadn't exactly been aware to the fact that she had spent the night. She had been so tired last night she didn't even think about what his parents might say. Though she was fairly sure they trusted Rick and know that they would never do anything foolish... like completely ravish one another. She still was concerned about what they might think. After all they were teenagers.

Rick seemed to sense Lizzie's uneasiness and said, "I think my mom is making us Blueberry pancakes. She usually does on Sundays."

"Rick, you don't think that they'll think.."

"No. They knew we were working hard last night. They really won't mind... In fact if I hadn't let you spend the night my mom would probably be throwing knives at my head right now for being un-gentlemenly."

Lizzie giggled. She felt a little better, because if Rick was joking that must mean things would be all right.

And sure enough, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy didn't seem phased by Lizzie's presence. In fact there was an extra plate set at the table.