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Why was it so cold? Why did his body ache all over?

Those were just some of the questions running through his head. His head that was when he realized something was definitely wrong. He felt something sticky with a tinge of copper that made his nose scrunch up. Was he bleeding? Well that was a stupid question. He was obviously bleeding the smell of blood was enough to confirm that.

"Hey now time to wake up," a dark voice cooed, "Now is tat anyway to tank someone who brought you down ta his marvelous home and all ya do is sleep," he said, an exasperated sigh slipping from his lips. A pair of cat-like gold eyes looking the boy over, but mostly he was just l0ooking at the teenager's face. "Heh, you're supposed to be the son of Hera," the voice said, a light cackle splitting the air.

Slowly very slowly chocolate hued eyes opened, "Will you quit with the yelling?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

This caused the albino to growly a bit despite telling himself to remain calm, "Why ya little-" he cut himself off there as the boy on the ground began to laugh, "What in ta hell is so amusin?" he asked , crossing his arms over his bare chest. The God of the Underworld wearing nothing but a pair of black jeans that were shredded at the waistband and in the pant leg cuffs, but the jeans were held in place by a peace of sturdy rope he must've found lying around somewhere.

"Who are you?" the orange haired teen asked.

The deity looked appalled if not taken aback by the question. "Ya don't know who I am? Who in their right mind doesn't know who I am!" he asked, his going an octave higher then normal. "I'm ta one and the only, Hades," he said, yet again receiving no response from the boy he growled. "Ya know ta god of the underworld," he said.

He just giggled finally being able to look up at the man, "You mean 'Hades' as in Greek Mythology?" he asked, looking the man over once before chuckling some more. "Whoa, dude you're so pale. Ya know you kind of look like me too 'cept for the white hair and gold eyes," he said.

"The name's Ichigo Kurosaki, by the way. Pleasure," Ichigo said, grinning at god dumbly.

Gold eyes just narrowed into slits, "I don't care what yer name is, human!" the albino hissed.

"Well that's rude don't you think?" Ichigo asked, still not completely conscious, but conscious enough to hold a small conversation. "Where am I anyway?"

"Yer in ta Underworld," the God answered.

Ichigo just giggled again, "Underworld, yea I'll believe that when pigs fly," he said weakly, but you could still hear the sarcasm in his voice.

That was it he had had enough of this insufferable human. He didn't care if this kid was a demi-god, or a supposed one at that. He would put this human out of his misery, and lock his soul away for a very long time here in the Underworld.

Bringing his left hand back balling it into a fist he was ready to punch the living snot out of the kid, but a cool hand on his shoulder stopped him. "What in ta hell is wrong with you!" the albino roared, turning to look at the person.

"Zeus would like to speak with you," the woman said, her voice stern, even though, it didn't fit her personality at all.

The albino laughed, "Zeus wants to speak with me? Yet he sends his beautiful little Aphrodite to come and fetch me! Really I am starting ta thin the man is becomin' a coward," he sneered at the goddess.

Aphrodite just let a sigh fall from her lips, "He just wanted me to come and get you. Now do as I say and go to him before a real problem starts up, Shirosaki," she said, her fingers idly messing with strands of her violet hair. Her honey colored eyes shifting over to the orange haired boy, "Send him back to his home before you go," she said, walking away from Hades, and vanishing into pure white mist seconds later.

Shirosaki just growled turning his attention back to this 'Ichigo' kid. "I guess I will play with you a little later," he muttered, lifting a hand up. Snapping his fingers once the teenager vanished into thin air, and he let out a sigh as he made his way back up to the surface to talk to his 'brother'. How he loathed that word.


"Ah, Shiro-chan I'm so glad you could come," a male voice said, as the God of the Underworld appeared in the plain bright white room. His gold eyes shifting from one Olympian to the next and his gaze finally stopped upon a blond haired man, who sat in the center of the room. The deity stepping into the center of the room, and he stood on if he looked down what seemed to be a three dimensional map of the world.

Shiro bristled as he was called 'Shiro-chan' by his brother, "What da ya want, Zeus?" he asked.

Zeus let a little laugh fall from his lips, "Aw, Shiro-chan don't call me Zeus when we're among family. It`s Kiskue remember that," the king of the gods said.

"Whatever Kiskue just tell me what ya wanted, so I can leave," Shiro said.

"Ah yes, the reason I called you up here. I understand it that you decided to mess with our newest little demi-god, ne? Now what have I told you about trying to kill off the demi-gods, Hades?" Kiskue asked pulling a small fan out from the pocket of the white and gold robe he was wearing. To his surprise it wasn't Shiro who answered him.

"Who in the hell cares if he or she is a demi-god we should just kill them anyways. It would be a great excuse to start a war," one of the other gods said. Kiskue momentarily turned his attention to look around the room, and only to chuckle when his eyes landed on Ares. The God of War leaning back casually in his seat, nothing covering that overly defined chest as those silky light blue robes pooled around his waist, the robe color a few shades darker then his brighter teal hued hair, and eyes. A long spear the same baby blue spear was what he rested his head on.

With a roll of his eyes the king of the gods spoke again, "Ares, you will not be trying to hurt this boy. Now will you? As for you Hades please refrain from doing something like this again, and if you do I think you will know the consequences for your actions," Kiskue said, tone completely serious now.

Ares rolled his eyes straightening himself back up in his seat, "Why can't I fight this demi-god. I haven't had a good fight in eons! Besides if this kid is in a nice country I could…ya know always start a war there," he chuckled, running a hand through that silky blue hair.

"What don't ya go and put some clothes on. What are ya doin' auditioning for playboy?" Shiro snarled turning to look at Ares, who was just grinning at him.

"You're just jealous because I have the best abs between the two of us," Ares snickered.

"You do not!" Shiro said walking over to him, and standing beside the other man he looked over at Aphrodite, "Who looks better?" he asked, offhandedly at that.

The violet haired goddess looked the both of them over, "Sorry Shiro but Ares has you beat," she said simply, causing the albino to growl, and then storm off. 'Well he sure does have a short fuse today," she said.

Kiskue just shook his head bringing his hands up to his face, "Why must things always end up with a who looks better contest?" he asked himself.


"Where do you think you're going?"

That voice scared the crap out of him making him jump a bit. Teal hued eyes shifting over towards the source of the voice, and standing in the doorway was Zeus who was casually leaning on the doorway. Ares just looked at his father with a wary look on his face, "I just want to get out of here for awhile. I need to have some fucking blood on my hands! I'm the God of War I need to create war, and fight people, and staying here I'm not getting that," he said, raking a hand through his hair again.

Kiskue just sighed, "Listen to me Ares-"he was cut off very suddenly.

"You know you can cal me Grimmjow," the blunet stated.

"Well alright then. Listen Grimmjow, you may go where ever you please, but do not think you won't have someone watching you. Remember what happened last time I let you leave without an escort?" the god asked.

Grimmjow chuckled, "Look that war had nothing to do with me," he stated.

"Either way I will send an escort with you, or send one down after you arrive at your destination," was all the blond haired god said before stepping out of the room. "Have fun on your trip son, but not to much fun! ~" he sang.

The teal haired go just chuckled, "I swear that guy is on something," he muttered, slinging a bag over his left shoulder before vanishing from the room.


The streets of downtown Tokyo were bustling and busy as usual on a typical Friday night. A flash of white light appearing in between the alleyway of two buildings, and stepping out was the God of War himself. Grimmjow wearing nothing but a simple pair of faded blue jeans, and a white muscle t-shirt. He had to fit in right?

Stepping out into the throng of people he just looked around-completely confused. Where exactly was he? He really had to start working on that materializing trick because he would soon end up in the middle of the ocean. Not that anything would happen to him, but still. His teal hued eyes stopping on a group of girls that sat on a nearby bench, and with a sigh of the exasperated sort he walked over to them.

"Hey where in the hell am I?" he asked bluntly, no if a bit rude.

Six pairs of eyes turned to look at him, and he heard the girls gasp before their cheeks turned completely red. "U-Um…you're in Tokyo, Japan," the first girl, who was sitting on the far end of the bench stated.

"How can you not know where you are? That is kind of weird. Did you just fall out of the sky or something?" the second girl that sat on the arm of the bench asked.

Grimmjow scratched the back of his head, "Somethin' like- I mean no I'm from Athens, and I just got here today…when I took the wrong flight when I was trying to get back home," he stated, rather lamely at that too.

As he continued to talk with the girls he didn't notice a man in a black trench coat walk away from where the god was. The man standing a couple of feet away from where Grimmjow stood, "This is interesting," the man cooed quietly, disappearing into the back alley that was near the area.


The man that had been watching the god from afar walked into a building about an hour later. Shrugging out of his coat he placed it over his left arm as he walked into the elevator. Pressing the button that red '36' he watched as the door closed, and the elevator began to move. About five minutes later the elevator came to a screeching halt, and as the double doors opened he was soon met with a man standing in front of the doors.

"Welcome back," the white haired male said, a fox like grin on his face, "What brings you over to these parts?' the white haired man asked, that grin still plastered on his face.

Emerald hued eyes just stared blankly at the man, "I have some information to deliver to Lord Aizen, and the rest of the Order," the man stated, in that bored like voice.

This sparked some interest within the white haired man, "Oh! This shall be interesting to hear," the white haired man said, that grin widening a bit.


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