Chapter Nine: Chróno gia na kynigísoun Part One

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"I asked you three a question," he said, fingertips drumming against the solid oak wood table top of the desk he sat behind. "What information have you gathered about the deities that are here on earth?" he asked once again, running his pale hands through his auburn locks. The three men in front of him remained silent, and only stared at him.

Finally after a moment the silver haired man that had led the group in stepped forward. Gin as usual had that fox like grin plastered onto his face, and his eyes had actually opened a fraction of an inch. "Lord Aizen," he began, pausing for a moment to look at the three, "they don't speak. Riruka, Ginjo, and Ayame are mute," he answered. The woman named Riruka stood from her chair, and walked forward to the desk. Her hand coming up, and grabbing a manila folder that was placed under her arm and she tossed it onto the desk.

A thin brow rose as the folder landed on the desk, "What is this supposed to be Gin?" he asked, slightly irritated. At that question you could see the silver haired man's smirk visibly widen.

"That my dear Aizen is some very valuable information regarding some of the deities of the gods and goddesses on Earth as of right now. We know almost everything about them. Where they work, where they study, what they look like, and the names they have chosen to use," Gin said. He couldn't help but let his own little victorious smile crawl onto his lips, but then it turned into a frown seconds later. "What about that Kurosaki boy? You were supposed to have killed him by now. It's been what….eighteen years, and the task is still yet to be completed," Aizen murmured, his gaze slowly shifting to the four.

"Well that is easier said than done, Aizen," Gin muttered under his breath, his hands returning to the pockets of his pants. "Trust me these three have tried countless times to capture and eliminate the boy, but every time they tried someone has always intervened," he said, a sigh falling from his parted lips.

Everything was silent for a moment as Aizen slowly turned in his desk chair, His hand coming up to grab the folder off the desk."Get it done Gin, and soon. As for this," he paused, waving the folder absentmindedly in the air, "collect more information about them, and report back to me within two weeks' time. You are dismissed," he said. With that the four left the room without a word, and each went their separate ways.


Back on the other side of town one said blue haired god was snoozing away underneath the shade of an oak tree. His arm tossed carelessly over his face as he tried to block out the sun, and in another attempt stop the sun from bothering him he turned onto his side. Of course his peaceful sleep didn't last long as a very familiar voice reached his ears.

"GRIMMJOW!" the blue haired deity groaned as he heard the younger man bellow at him. Grimmjow slowly sitting himself up, and allowing himself to lean back against the trunk of the tree, "I'm still not done talking to you about what happened yesterday, and that little joke you played wasn't very funny either," Ichigo snapped, walking up to the older man. His face bright red but that was mostly due to the heat.

Ares couldn't help but let a small chuckle fall from his lips. Remembering the small practical joke he had played on the berry earlier. "Well I happened to think that it was hilarious," he said, with a small airy laugh. Azure eyes glinting with humor as he looked at the fuming orange haired boy, "I mean I did get you to confess that you think I'm hot," he teased.

The orange haired boy huffed and flared out his cheeks as he took a seat in front of the blue haired man. "I want some answers Grimm, and don't think about finding a way to avoid it," Ichigo said, "Cause I'm not letting you leave until I get them. So tell me what happened yesterday."

He ran his hand over his face out of agitation. He couldn't tell Ichigo the truth about what had really happened yesterday. That would probably just scare him. "Fine you really want to know what happened yesterday?" he asked, to this Ichigo merely nodded his head once. The blunet let a sigh fall from his lips, "Alright then, so you remember that we were at the library, and I was helping you with your report on Ares right?" again another nod from the berry. "Well we did research for a couple of hours, and then you go hungry. So we ended up leaving the library to go to a small café across the street, and you tripped, and bumped your head as we were leaving," Grimmjow lied, hoping that the boy would believe it.

Ichigo huffed and shook his head, "Lie after lie," he murmured, slowly standing back up.

"That is the truth, take it or leave it," the blue haired deity huffed, pushing himself up to his feet. "I have to get go. I'll see you around, berry," Grimmjow said, giving the younger boy a small wave as he walked away.

The orange haired teen simply tilted his head to the side as he watched the other's retreating figure. "I'll get the truth from him eventually."


Now while all these events happened across town back at the mansion the gods were staying at. Things were quite different. Neliel was busying herself with bringing a hot cloth and some herbal medicine to the fallen Styx that still laid unconscious upstairs. The green haired goddess looking from the albino that sat in the chair next to the bed to the still sleeping god. "Still not awake yet," she murmured, walking over to the bed, and changing out the cloth she had placed on Styx's forehead. Hades otherwise known as Shirosaki was just staring at the floor, "I don't think he'll ever wake up. Whatever they did to 'im really messed 'im up. For tat I'm gonna kill them," he said quietly. The albino slowly lifting his head up to look at the slumbering Ulquiorra, "Dem hunters are gonna pay," he said, gritting his teeth a bit as he stood up. Neliel moved away from the bed, and moved to block the door. Her arms coming out to the side to grab each side of the door frame. "You know killing them won't solve any of your problems. Killing them won't return Ulqui to you," she said, her voice taking on a warning like tone.

He laughed at this statement, "What in ta hell do you mean it won't solve my problems?" he said, a small growl falling from his lips as he pushed passed her. "I tink it will solve most of 'em," he said, running down the stairs, and out the door.

Up the stairs the green haired goddess just sighed, and she reached into her pocket pulling out a cell phone Yoruichi had given her. "Grimmy, I need to bring back Shiro. He's gonna go on another killing spree. Stop him -_-"she quickly texted, and pressed the send button. With that sent out she returned to the bedroom to take care of Ulquiorra.

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