OK, this is something I had the idea for on Saturday, after watching the episode. This chapter is written a bit weird, as it's supposed to be memories. Each different bit is the memory of that person.

Disclaimer: I own the story line for the last two and a half memories. The beginning follows the episode.


Bumping into the cupboard. Unable to believe it as the pan fell, the chain reaction starting, sounding incredibly loud in the otherwise quiet room. Reacting instantly, ready to shoot as the creatures wake. Shooting. The creatures collapsing when hit. Opening the door. Shooting one last time before running through.

Listening to the others on the radio. Hoping they get the boys out in time. Thinking that he's failed enough times without it happening again. Poking his head round the corner, seeing the stools dislodging and falling off the tables. There must be more.

Swallowing quickly, praying it's only one. Jumping onto the nearest table, moving quickly, gun pointing down, ready. Finally getting a clear shot. Firing twice, the squeal of the creature fading away in the silence.

Moving across more tables, reaching the counter. Looking down at the mass of creatures lying there. Feeling fear creeping up. No! Determined that wasn't going to happen.

"Jess, we need backup. This place is crawling with them."

Backing slowly along the table, keeping a close eye on the creatures. Bending slightly for a closer look. Straightening, hearing a noise from behind, turning. Seeing a creature leap, roaring.



No reply. Hurrying along the corridor, hearing a roar, pausing.


Entering the dining room, shooting at creatures running from the kitchen. Running along the room, still shooting, looking round for Becker. But there's no sign of anyone apart from the creatures.

Fearing the worst.

Climbing onto a table, running along. Jumping onto the next table, checking round. Stopping suddenly, seeing the number of creatures curled round next to the table. Turning, moving off as quietly as possible.


Hearing a noise from the kitchen, turning to investigate. Running backwards, still checking for more creatures. Turning, climbing over the counter into the kitchen. Looking round. Saying Becker's name again.

Hearing a faint voice saying "Here" three times, and an arm appearing from behind the next counter. Spinning round to deal with the creatures appearing through the gap to the left. Shooting them. Can't believe how many there are. Bending down, helping Becker up, shooting with him at the creatures leaping at them. Hurrying off as quickly as Becker can manage. He's limping, but still shooting accurately.

Making a decision.

"There's too many, let's go in here."

Taking Becker into a store cupboard with a sliding door. Letting him slide to the ground.

"Let me see."

Checking his leg, seeing the blood. Becker saying that the poison's spreading. Pulling off your belt, watching Becker gasping with pain.

"I've just got to tie it up."

Becker asking how long he's got. Looking up at his face.

"How does twenty seconds sound?"

Being told it's not the greatest news he's heard lately.

"Right, well, I'll give you thirty."

Fastening the belt tightly round his leg. Becker groaning.

Telling him what's to be done.

"I've got to pipe the wound, stop the venom spreading. There's got to be salt in here somewhere."

Checking the shelves desperately, finding nothing. Asking Jess if she can see the kitchen, if it's clear. Being told the camera's on the blink. Telling them "Give me two seconds." Opening the door and running out.


Lying there, scared, feeling the life slipping away.


No reply. Eyes closing, trying to ignore the feeling of the venom spreading.


Weak voice, gasping for breath. Breathing Matt's name one last time. Nearly giving up.


Forcing the door back shut. Shining the torch at Becker, seeing him move slightly. Ripping his trousers around the wound, clenching torch in teeth. Grabbing the salt, opening it. Pouring lots onto the wound, Becker crying out, gritting his teeth. Both pressing hands down on it. Shining torch into his eyes.

"Becker? Come on man, wake up!"

Watching his head slumping forwards.

"Stay with me."

Grabbing his jacket, shaking him. Breathing a sigh of relief as he lifts a hand, rubbing at his face.

"Let's get going."

Helping him up, opening the door and hurrying out, shooting again. Leaning Becker against a wall, feeling him slipping down. Crouching next to him as he reaches the floor. Praying something will happen as the creatures are getting closer. Watching some bombs falling to the floor, letting out smoke. Coughing and choking, the smoke reaching you.


Walking through the smoke, Necker around mouth. Looking carefully for Becker and Matt, the two boys alongside. Only seeing creatures.

Pulling down the Necker, relaxing. Should be safe.

Spinning round, shooting as a creature flings itself over a counter.

Hearing a groan, moving to where Matt's lying on the ground, Becker leaning on the wall next to him. Crouching, dropping the gun, ignoring Matt. Placing fingers at Becker's neck. Hearing Jess say "Connor, is Becker going to be OK?" Hearing the worry and strain in her voice, feeling it. Looking round, eyes filling with panic. Whispering "Come on." Praying hard.

Tears starting to fall, worst fears realised.

"He's not breathing."

Saying it so quiet no-one heard.

Except Matt.

Crying hard, watching Matt start CPR. Unable to do anything, feeling useless.

"Get us medics, now!" Matt's shouting.

Can't speak, just sitting there staring at a friend. Praying it's a mistake, that he'll wake up.

Knowing he won't.

Knowing it's too late.


Refusing to believe it. Knowing inside that it must be true. Starting to cry.

Standing, running through the ARC. Bumping into Abby and Lester, ignoring their confused looks and questions. Entering the locker room, locking the door. Going to his locker. Curling up on the bench in front of it, weeping. Wishing he'd known everything. Wishing he'd walk through the door, alive and healthy. Laughing at a joke, smiling, living, breathing, walking. Doing all the things he'd never do again.

Whispering. "It's not fair."

Shouting this time. "It's not fair!"

Closing eyes, pretending he's there. Dreaming of stuff that will never happen. Holding his hand, kissing him, going out on a date.

Standing, picking something up from in front of his locker. Going back, lying down again. Falling asleep, hugging his T-shirt.


Moving to the ADD, picking up a headset. Hearing Matt say they're coming back. Thinking, taking in Jess's face, the sorrow in Matt's voice. Putting two and two together, working it all out.

Running to the vehicle bay, pacing, waiting for them to arrive. Watching the cars pulling in. Matt climbing out first, Connor following. Connor's white, eyes puffy. Hugging him, letting the tears out. Asking where he is. Matt saying he's in the ambulance.

Going back upstairs, clinging to Connor. Listening as Matt reports to Lester and Philip. Crying all over again, hearing it is bringing a worse pain than before.

Matt saying "He's being taken to the Morgue."

Lester's face paling. He's blinking rapidly, as if getting rid of tears. Telling us all that he'll arrange a funeral for the following week. That he's sorry it happened.

Philip adding his condolences, then walking away.

Tugging Connor's hand, leading him away to a seat. Cuddling up to him, crying together and comforting each other.

Remembering the last old team member, Captain Becker.

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