Chapter One

First Kiss

"Do it for me? Please?" the Dark Liege begged sweetly.

Time lapse

The fin-eared demon wandered aimlessly around the human world looking for his General. He was debating on whether or not to chew Rivan out for skipping out on his paperwork again, but was leaning heavily towards the 'not' part of it. He didn't want a repeat of last week.

Barik sighed impatiently. He had tried all the possible fishing spots, even the 'no fishing' spots. Rivan loved to ignore those signs. "Where the hell is he?" Barik yelled in frustration.

"Shut up, you'll disturb the fish. Then I won't be able to catch anything."

Barik turned around quickly to see his General standing only a few feet away from him. He was holding a small bag. The egotistical demon noticed a donut sticking out the top of the bag. 'So much for bribing him with donuts,' Barik thought.

"Seme or Uke?" Rivan asked suddenly.

"I-I'm sorry, Sir. W-What?" Barik stuttered, thinking he misheard Rivan.

"Seme or Uke? Pick one." Rivan took out a chocolate covered circle donut and munched on it, waiting for his underling to give a reply.

"U-Um. U-Uke?" Barik stuttered unsurely after a minute of hesitation. 'This has to be a trick question, I just know it.'

Rivan was silent as he finished his donut. "That's what I thought," he muttered as he sat down and began baiting the hook. He kept quickly glancing at his underling while baiting the hook, then brought the fishing pole up, gave it a strong cast to get the bobber just far enough out into the water, got comfortable, and watched the bobber go up and down as the waves passed beneath it.

Barik figured that Rivan was occupied just enough so that he could somewhat chew Rivan out. It had to be indirect, though.

"There's a lot of paperwork piling up on your desk, Sir," he began, "I can't do most of it because it's the General's job for those papers." He thought about what to say next, and had to choose his words carefully. "If I could fill out the paperwork myself, I would," he lied, hoping his temperamental General couldn't see though his obvious lie.

Rivan was focused on the bobber. "The donuts?" he asked monotone.

"U-Um. Th-There's a shortage of donuts," the Lieutenant-General stuttered again. He looked down in thought. "Or are they all gone? I can't seem to remember." 'That's unusual. Why would I forget something like that? I checked the stock before I left to search for General Rivan. But, as soon as General Rivan asked me that weird question, I forgot all about it. Why?'

"That's such a hassle," Rivan muttered under his breath, reeling in the bobber. Barik didn't know whether the other demon was talking about the donuts or the fact that the fish he had caught got away.

Barik sighed. If he was to bring his General back to the demon world, he'd have to tell him straight out. "Sir," he began, "the Dark Liege ordered me to find you and-"

"Bring me back," Rivan interrupted, finishing his underling's sentence for him. "I know. That's the only reason why you're here." He looked at Barik out of the corner of his eye. "Isn't it, Barik?"

Barik's eyes widened. 'How did he know?' he thought. He felt his heart thump a little in his chest, and his stomach felt queasy. 'What's going on?' He wasn't sick or anything. What was it about the way the other demon was looking at him that made him feel this way?

Rivan blinked and looked at the hook. He began to bait the hook again. 'What a hassle,' he thought. He lifted the rod up and gave it a quick, strong flick to cast it out into the water once again. "Well?" he asked, still waiting for Barik's reply.

Barik hesitated. He knew that if he told the truth, Rivan would probably yell at him. But, if he lied to his General, Rivan would just see right through that, say he's lying, and yell at him anyway. So, no matter what his choices were, he was still going to get yelled at. There was no escaping the inevitable. "N-Yes. It is."

"You're holding back on something. What is it?"

"N-Nothing. Nothing at all," the fin-eared demon stuttered. 'Again with the stuttering! What's wrong with me?'

"Say it, or I'll blow you away," Rivan warned.

It was now or never. The Dark Liege did order him to bring Rivan back. "As I said before, Sir, the Dark Liege has ordered me to bring you back to the demon world. I also mentioned that there was paperwork on your desk that you have to fill out and file. And I'm not going to do the paperwork for you." He was too busy rambling to notice that there was an uneasy mood hanging in the air.

Rivan watched the bobber. He was already irritated from early today and now Barik was stepping on his last nerve.

"And with the donuts, it doesn't really matter if they're gone or not. You can always go out and buy some more anyway." Barik didn't think that his General was listening, since he was focused on the bobber. He kept babbling on and on.

Rivan held the fishing pole tightly as a fish yanked eagerly at the baited hook, trying to get the worm that was tied on. The line snapped, as did Rivan's last nerve. He set the fishing pole down next to him, stood up, and faced his underling. "Shut up," he said coldly.

The fin-eared demon immediately stopped talking and looked at his General. 'Oh, shit. I pissed him off!' He started backing up to get away from Rivan. The temperamental demon matched Barik's every step. Barik's back hit a tree. He looked over his shoulder at the tree and was just about to run away when he saw a hand go past him and was placed firmly against the large tree. Rivan had boxed Barik in with his arms, his right leg was placed firmly between Barik's legs to keep him from getting away.

"S-S-Sir, I-I-I'm sorry!" Barik stuttered uncontrollably. "I-I didn't mean to make you angry!" His facial expressions consisted mostly of fear, the other being confusion.

"I told you to shut up," Rivan stated again. "You're such a hassle." He closed his eyes, leaned in closer to Barik, and gently pressed his lips against his underling's lips.

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