Kyoya Realization

My name is Ootori Kyoya. I'm a second year student at Ouran High School. I'm also the Vice President of the host club at Ouran High. I'm in love with Fujioka Haruhi. She doesn't even realize it. She makes me crazy with passion when she enters the room. The one time I try to express my love for her. She basically tells me there no merit in loving her. Just by her statement, she made me believe that she has no romantic feelings for me. She always comparing me to Tamaki. She confuses me. She knows I'm the last person to leave the host club after club activities. She comes back because she always forgets something. When she come back for her items, she stares a me. It drives me insane. I fear another rejection from her will break me. When Haruhi leaves, I'm in need. I'm already In need after wooing three girls for the day and then figuring the club's finances. Renge always tells me how much in love she is with me. One day after Haruhi left, Renge paid me a visit. I was really in need.

Kyoya: Renge how can I help you?

Renge: Oh you can help me in many ways.

Kyoya: Name it.

Renge: I want your love. I want to become your girlfriend.

Kyoya: I don't have feelings of love for you. You are a good friend to me.

Renge: Well who do you have feelings for?

Kyoya: That's really not any of your concern.

Renge: It's a pity. I have the hots for you really bad. I guess I will leave now.

Kyoya: Not so fast. Maybe we can help one another out. I can help you with your hots between your legs. If you help me.

Renge: I'm listening.

Kyoya: You ever wonder why I only entertain one female at a time?

Renge: Yes. I wonder why you gross as must yen as Tamaki, but he entertains twice as many girls. Why is that?

Kyoya: Because I add something Tamaki doesn't. And I'm gaining more of his clients through word of mouth.

Renge: What is that something your adding?

Kyoya: I offer discreet intimate massages. My clients must pay double admission for clitoral orgasm and triple admission for a vaginal orgasm.

Renge: Do you have sex with them?

Kyoya: NO! NO! No! That's a no no. You should always save sexual intercourse for marriage. That don't mean you can't have orgasms. I make my clients pay me only in money. You are my friend but I expect something in return.

Renge: What?

Kyoya: After my sessions with my clients, I'm in need. I can make your body feel good, if you make my body feel good.

Renge: OK. Will you have sex with me Please?

Kyoya: Renge. I want to save sex and oral sex for the person I choose to marry. Your probably wondering how I'm going to pleasure you.

Renge: How?

Kyoya: With my hands, fingers, objects and vibrators.

Renge: So you want me to do the same for you? Right?

Kyoya: I guess if you agree to our arrangement, that makes you my girlfriend. Just understand that I don't love you romantically. I normally have all of the women I pleasure to sign a contract.

Renge: What kind of contract?

Kyoya: A contract stating that our intimate contact is consensual.

Renge: Why a contract?

Kyoya: For my protection. I don't want any one blaming me for any misconduct.

Renge: Where do I sign. (Kyoya pulls a paper out of his pocket.)

Kyoya: Sign here. (Renge signs the short document.) Now I'm in need. What do you want?

Renge: Your the one that said you can help the hots in between my legs. You show me what you talking about.

Kyoya: Go in the bathroom, pull off your panties and bra. And sit on my lap. While you do that I'll ready myself.

Renge sits on his lap. He unzipped his pants and he pull out his member. Renge's eyes widens at the sight of Kyoya's penis. Kyoya parts her split with his thumb. Then makes contact with her clit. As his thumb makes small circular motions.

Kyoya: Does that feel good? (Renge moans as she nods her head.) Now as I'm stroking you, you can stroke me. Do you know how to stroke me?

Renge: No. Ahhh! Oooo! (Kyoya stops his ministrations on her to show her what to do.)

Kyoya: Put the back of your hand in mine. Then follow me. (Kyoya has her hold his member. He moves her hand up and down.) Now keep stroking me at this pace. Mmmmm! That's good. (While Renge was making him feel good, Kyoya was keeping his end of the bargain.)

Renge: Ahhh! Ahhh! Kyoyaaa. (Renge abruptly pulled Kyoya's hand away. Then concentrated more on bring Kyoya to satisfaction.)

Kyoya: Ahhhh! Damn that feels good Mmmm... Here comes. ( Kyoya reach for a Kleenex on the end table. He came in the Kleenex.) Renge I thing I'm going to like this arrangement. How often do you want to this?

Renge: I'll drop in when I'm in need. You call me when your in need.

Kyoya: Good I like it.

Renge left satisfied. Kyoya left satisfied. Kyoya really wished it was Haruhi he was satisfying. Because he loves Haruhi. There's something he wouldn't do for any other woman he was pleasuring. But he would involve himself in kissing, licking, sucking, hugging and loving only one person, Fujioka Haruhi. If only he had the opportunity. Kyoya was now in an agreement with Renge. So he fired his maid. As he got older and she got older, it felt uncomfortable being satisfied by her.