a/n felt like writing a little fic centered around *drumroll* Kit and Nita!

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Today is Nita's birthday. The first after her Mom died and Ponch died (or moved on. I'm still a little fuzzy on that) and the first after the whole Mars scenario and the first while we know we like each other. And my gift sucks. She deserves something special, something slightly romantic and reminiscent and utterly Nita-ish. And all I got her was this pile of sh-


And all thoughts of Nita and the disaster that is my present fly out of my head.

I bang my head on the door as I run downstairs

"Ow! What?"

I finally come to the first floor and I see Carmela there, holding up a fluorescent purple gift bag with something in the speech written on it.

"Here. Something for Nita's birthday, because I know you got her something horrendous like always."

I'd protest, but I know she's right.

I also know how dire this situation is if I'm admitting she's right without losing a bet.

But as a guy accepting romantic help from his sister, I am forced to defend my gift in all macho manliness as if she were wrong. (which she knows she's not)

" My gift is probably better than whatever psycho blow-drying –blender laser you got her."

"Oh, Kit, honey, this is so not a blender. It's the key to your romantic future."

"Whatever happened to you saying that I don't have a romantic future?"

"well, Miss Juanita Louise came along. Although, what she sees in you I'll never know."

I sighed in defeat and took the pulsing purple bag.

I looked at the writing and saw 'Geernd' xzreets gifts and more'

Oh great.

I got to my room and fell down on the bed. Scared, I waited 5 minutes before opening it.

I read the tag first.

'Talking picture frame: for wizards only

Place any memory in it and relive it over and over

Great for friends, girlfriends, and spouses!'

That's just swell.

But, its better than what I got her….

"Kit, Nita is here!" Carmela cried up with glee, " I'll keep her busy!

I groaned.

"Hi, Kit!"

I grinned.