That was the sound as we came into existence in Nita's gorgeous backyard.

"Looks like the party is I full swing" I didn't know my voice could drip with that much sarcasm.

"Neither did I."

She punched my arm.


"Hey, my brain is private property - no trespassing!"

Mela rolled her eyes and walked away to talk with Ronan, one out of about twenty party guests.

"But I'm allowed in."

"No, you're not."

Nita and I glared at each other for a bit, but her glares are so- I don't know…Murderous?-that I backed off.

And now was time for the universes cheesiest gifts,

Drumroll, Please…

"Hey, Nita, do you wanna open your B-day gift now?"

Better get the pain over with.


I almost want to take it back and run far, far, away, but that would only get me even more dirty looks and bruised arms.

And I would officially live up to the title 'Kit the pansy' that Carmela and Nita have bestowed upon me.

(Aren't I lucky they're in my life?)

"Oh jeez…."



"Yeah. "

"Um, Kit ? Did you… did you pick this out ?"

"Um, no. Mela did 'cuz I burned your gift."


"Flammable Pajamas again?" She said with a smirk.


"No. Cookies."

"Ah. That would explain the flour in your hair. I thought you had mixed it up with your gel. Again."

"That was butter and Carmela's fault."


"Anyway," She says "Where's the memory?"

"Excuse me? The WHAT exactly?"

She rolls her eyes.

"You know, the memory. The only reason this thing exists. That Memory."

"Oh that."

I grin.

"Thought I'd let you pick, the gentleman I am."

Eye roll.



"You gotta stop doing that, or you'll end up with a broken and bruised boyfriend."

"Aw, but Kit, that's how I show affection."

Ah, the power of sarcasm.

"And any way, I think I'm gonna use this moment."

Did I hear her wrong?

"Umm, why?"

Then we kissed.

Short and sweet to the outsider's prying eye.

(Hi, Mr. Callahan)

But to us, with our wizarding and all,





Sides unknown the other.


Two bodies. One soul.

(Yep, that's me. Kit, the romantic–poetic boyfriend)

And, apparent by the incoherent thoughts of joy bursting in my head, two brains.

One headache. (Kit stop thinking so loudly.)

And against my lips, she smirked.

I guess we'll work on the 'two brains' part.