Kyoya's Perspective

Ootori Kyoya is my name. I feel like I'm the happiest man on the face of the earth. I have the woman I love by my side. My father actually approves of her. Ootori Haruhi is my wife's name. She just had our son three month ago. His name is Ootori Kyohan. Everyone that has held him, has fell in love with him. I make time for my wife and my son. Even though I run four businesses. And attend medical college. This is some I wished my father would have done, when I was growing up. I rarely saw him. I was blown away went my father had a mansion build for me and my bride. Since giving us a house was not part of the agreement. When Haruhi and I returned from our honeymoon, I thought for sure I would have to make arrangements for Haruhi and I to stay in a hotel until I purchase our home. I want to tell you about my happy first year of marriage to Haruhi in our new home.

Month #1

Miles, the drive, drove up to the K.O. Mansion. That's what we named our mansion. Our Mouth's dropped open. This mansion is truly magnificent.

Kyoya: Haruhi, This is our home. Did you expect this?

Haruhi: This can't be my home. This just can't be our home.

Kyoya: My home is your home. Are you not my wife?

Haruhi: I can't believe it. I never had anything this enormous and beautiful. This mansion looks larger than the entire block my father and I lived at.

Kyoya: How do I thank my father for such generous gift? It's more like I'm getting my inheritance now.

Haruhi: Invite him to dinner and thank him.

Kyoya: My father is too busy most of the time. I don't know if …..Well your right. I should invite him to dinner. But first I want to carry you though the threshold of our new mansion.

Haruhi: This is all too surreal.

As we get out of the limo. I walk my lovely bride to the door, I unlock the door and sweep my lovely bride off her feet. I carry her into our home. According to Ootori tradition, as soon as you step foot into your home as a married couple, it's customary to make love to your mate that night. I think I'll ask Haruhi how she feels about that tradition.

Kyoya: Haruhi how do you feel about following family traditions?

Haruhi: Kyoya I'm just too overwhelmed to think right now.

Kyoya: I can understand that. I'm overwhelmed too.

Haruhi: What family tradition are you talking about?

Kyoya: Your an Ootori now. I'm talking about Ootori tradition.

Haruhi: Oh no. I don't ever want an audience ever when we make love. You rich bastards have too many traditions.

Kyoya: I want to inform you that your wealthy now. Don't that make you a bastard too? (chuckling)

Haruhi: I guess I can't say that no more. What Ootori tradition are you talking about?

Kyoya: The kind of Ootori tradition that requires an Ootori newlywed couple to make love the day they step foot in their new home.

Haruhi: I'm all in agreement with that tradition. Now where will we make love?

Kyoya: If we are following tradition, we should make love in our master bedroom.

Haruhi: As huge as our house is. Do you even know where it is?

Kyoya: Let's look for it.

Haruhi: OK.

Haruhi and I finally found our master bedroom. We took a few moments to marvel at the luxurious our bedroom. I advanced toward Haruhi, passionately kissing her slowly. I want her to remember this day when were old and gray. That I made love to her the first day in our new house. Haruhi started unbuttoning my shirt. I whisper in her ears.

Kyoya: Haruhi slowly unbutton my shirt. There's no rush. Tonight I will pleasure you thoroughly for hours.

Haruhi: And I will pleasure you thoroughly for hours. (As she lightly kiss my neck.)

Kyoya: Just be prepared to come multiple times. Because I'm going to make you. (Smirking wickedly.) (I slowly unzip her dress. I slowly slid her dress of her very attractive body to reveal her sexy undergarments. She grab the top of my jeans, to unbutton my jeans and unzip my zipper.) Slowly pull off your panties and bra. I want to watch you. Strip for me. (She nods yes.)

Haruhi: As you wish handsome. (Haruhi reaches behind her back an unhooks her bra. She drapes her bra around Kyoya's neck. I look at her luscious lips at first. But then I glance down for a second. Something else snatches my attention. I see her hard dark pink nipples protruding forth. That has me mesmerized.)

Kyoya: (Whispering in her ear.) As much as I want to kiss you breathless, I want slowly lick and tease your nipples. Haruhi just let me lick and suck your nipples.

Haruhi: I thought you wanted me to strip for you. Which is it Kyoya? It's your choice.

Kyoya: Skip stripping. I'll strip you myself. Just let me lick and suck your nipples. I'll make you feel good.

Haruhi: I'm your wife now. You don't necessarily have to ask. My body is yours. You can do with me what you want as long as you don't abuse me.

Kyoya: (Smiling at her.) If I abuse you, that would be like abusing myself. Your a part of me Haruhi. Now I want to make you feel good for hours. ( At that point. I indulge in manipulating her erect nipples. As I indulged, I ripped another expensive set of panties. So much for stripping my wife. My wife reaches for my unzipped pants, slips hand under my undergarments. Her skillful fingers massage all of my sensitive areas slowly. Pleasuring me slowly. After I had my fill of ravishing her breast.)

Haruhi: Sweetheart stop what your doing for a second. Take off your clothes. I want more access to you.

Kyoya: I won't argue with you there. (I take off my clothes slowly.)

Haruhi: Kyoya stop teasing and tormenting me. You know I want you.

Kyoya: What is the rush? We have the whole night to make love. (I kiss her passionately. Then carry her to the bed.) Let's try out our new bed my love. I want to try something different. I want to watch you play with yourself slowly while I'm kissing you.

Haruhi: I want to see you play with yourself slowly while kissing you. (I give her a nod of approval.)

We kiss passionately for a good moment. The we both get curious and watch each other. Learning from one another how exactly to pleasure each other. Well I had a few years of practice with Haruhi. So I already know many of her hot spots. But a few reminders are always welcome. Watching Haruhi gratify herself is a turn on for me.

Kyoya: Haruhi I'll do this for a while but I don't want to make myself come. I want to come inside you.

Haruhi: I don't want to make myself come. I want you now. (We both are breathing short and hard.) Make love to me.

Kyoya: You don't have to tell me twice WOMAN!

Haruhi: Yes SIR! (Haruhi is sitting at the head of the bed. I grab her hips and pull her down in the bed. My aim is to make love to her slowly and in a romantic fashion. Missionary is fitting. I kiss her all up and down all known sensitive spots of her neck, as I pull her down into the most comfortable part of the bed. Then I caress her breast. My textured thumb circles her firm nipple, making her moan. My other hand grabs under her thigh opening up her legs. I press my manly parts to hers private parts. I proceed to enter her slowly and my thrusts were slow to moderate speed. As for force, I use one of my four main thrust patterns. I usually drives her insane, which is my aim.) Kyoya faster please.

Kyoya: Shh! There's no rush. Just enjoy it, beautiful. It feels good doesn't it? Huh?

Haruhi: Yes Kyoya I love it.

Kyoya: Savor the sensations. It last longer like this. (I continued to sex her like that 15 more minutes. Before she screamed my name. Shortly after that I came. We were both panting and breathing short after that. We made love two more times before both fell asleep for the night.)

Later in the month

Haruhi got up one mourning sick. Her ran to our master bathroom, and hovered over the toilet. I went to work any way. I didn't get any work done. I was concern about my wife. I wanted to confirm what I already knew. I took the rest of the day off. I had Miles take me to a drug store to purchased a pregnancy test. I when home and had Haruhi take the pregnancy test. She did and gave me the results. The results was no surprise to me. I've been having relation with her all this time with no protection. I guess that was the plan. I'm going to become a father. I want to give my child the attention my father didn't show me growing up. I'd even take my child to the job to spend time with him or her. Haruhi and I decided to have a dinned party. And invite our friends over and tell them the good news. We knew Hunny and his wife experienced a miscarriage a few months ago. We wanted to cheer them up. I also wanted to see how the twin where treating my cousins. After I talk to my cousins first.

Dinner Party at the K.O. Mansion

Kyoya: Amane and Kirara I'd like a word with you if you please.

Amane: OK. (Kirara nods.)

They both followed Kyoya to his office.

Kyoya: How are my boys treating you? ( They both look at each other and shrugged their shoulders.)

Amane: What are you talking about Kyoya?

Kyoya: In our host club at Ouran High, a few years ago, I was known as mom. Kaoru and Hikaru are like my sons. How are they treating you?

Kirara: Amane let me talk. Kyoya it's really none of your business. But I happen to know you have our best interest at heart. So I'll tell you. Kaoru and Hikaru treats both of us like we're the Queens of the Earth. They spoil us rotten. But...

Amane: Let me cut in. Hikaru loves me and Kaoru loves Kirara. But they have been pressuring us to give up our virginity.

Kyoya: How do you feel about them? Do either of you two love them?

Kirara: I love Kaoru. I'm tempted to sleep with him. I don't know.

Amane: I want a limousine wedding. I don't want to give up my virginity.

Kyoya: Do you love them enough to marry them?

Kirara and Amane: Yes.

Kyoya: A piece of good advice Kirara. If you want to marry him, don't give him your virginity. I know how the twins operate. They wouldn't consider going with the girls at Ouran High because the girls sleep with everyone. If you give it to them. You will give it to anyone. That's not marriage material to them. Let's not hold up dinner.

Everyone ate and have a good time. After dinner, we announced to everyone that my wife and I are having a child. No one was surprised. I arranged to talk to Hikaru and Kaoru.

Kyoya: Hikaru, Kaoru may I speak to you briefly. (They both go to Kyoya's office.)

Kaoru and Hikaru: (same time) Yes.

Kyoya: I want to know how the romance is going between both you two and my cousins?

Hikaru: Were spoiling them rotten. They won't give us no booty.

Kyoya: And they won't.

Kaoru: Me and my brother want to have sex with them.

Kyoya: My cousins are not tramps or skeezers. They are the products of excellent breeding. They are not looking for one night stands. They are not like the girls of Ouran High. They want to eventually get married. They want someone that truly loves them.

Hikaru and Kaoru: (Both) I love her.

Kyoya: You both won't get those panties until both of you wed them. The question is do you love them enough to marry them?

Hikaru: I want to marry Amane.

Kaoru: And I want to marry Kirara.

Kyoya: You shouldn't marry them just for sex. If you hurt them, you both will have to deal with the whole Ootori clan. Is that clear?

Hikaru and Kaoru: Yes Kyoya.

Month #2

I'm very fortunate to be married to Haruhi. She make sure I'm comfortable after a long day of work and college. She at the point in her pregnancy she's sleepy all the time. She still has mourning sickness. And she lost her sex drive. Which is understandable. Ever though she at this stage, she still pleasures me every other day, due to my over active sex drive. And she doesn't want anything in return. On the weekends we swim and exercise together. I make it a priority to have date night with my wife once a week. After work I took her a nice restaurant of her choice.

Kyoya: This is for you my beautiful woman. No I mean beautiful pregnant woman. (I give her a rose.)

Haruhi: Thank you my handsome husband. Kyoya

Kyoya: Yes?

Haruhi: How do you really feel about about my pregnancy?

Kyoya: Honestly?

Haruhi: Yes Kyoya Honestly?

Kyoya: I'm a young person. And quiet honestly. If it wasn't for my dad's proposition, I would have chosen not to have child so soon. It takes patience and work to raise a child. I would have liked to enjoy my bride for a couple of years before I considered fathering children. But since my father has given us a mansion and is paying for nannies when the baby arrives, it's not so bad. We never have to worry about money. I love you and under the circumstances, I'm actually quite happy about you having our kid. Now, Honestly, how do you feel about carrying our baby?

Haruhi: I love you. I'm happy to carry our child. The thought of a miniature version of you is very endearing.

Kyoya: I hoping our child is more the miniature version of you. If our child does. I'm really spoiling that child rotten. I want to really spoil you rotten. I can't wait to show you physically. (Wink.)

Haruhi: Kyoya! (Smirking.)

Month #3

Haruhi, by the end of her first trimester, start to have weird cravings for food. I learned really Quickly to always keep a good supply of the food that Haruhi craves. She will cry until her food cravings are satisfied. One day she sent me out to the a commoner supermarket at mid-night, to get what she was craving. She cried until I agree to do it for her. Since that time, I always keep what ever she craving in stock food wise. One thing that's great news is that she's getting her sex drive back. One weekend we were alone in our indoors swimming pool. She decides to wear a bikini. She looks so sexy. I couldn't help myself.

Kyoya: (I walk behind her and sweep her shoulder length hair off her shoulder. Then whisper in her ear.) Your hot for me now aren't you?

Haruhi: Why do you say that?

Kyoya: You put on your sexy bikini. You know you want it. (Kissing down her collarbone. Sliding my finger under her bikini top, caressing her nipple. With my other hand in her bikini bottom rubbing her feminine area.) Your definitely not objecting to what I'm doing to your body.

Haruhi: No I'm not AHHhh! Kyoooyaaa! I want you. I want you now!

Kyoya: But your pregnant.

Haruhi: Since when did that stop you Kyoya? That AAHHhh! Not stopping Oooooo! You now. (Haruhi makes pleasure sounds as I hit her sensitive nerves.)

Kyoya: OK Haruhi I will give you what you want. ( I turn her around. And walk her to the wall of the 4 feet. I remove he bikini bottoms. She opened my swim pants and pull out my genitals, rubbing and stroking it. I lifted her enough to position myself to enter her. Legs wrapped around me as I pumped her mercilessly. I made her scream my name. The hire help ran to Haruhi rescue. Only to find me screwing my wife breathless.) So you want to watch me screw my wife go MMMmm! Go ahead, because I'm not stopping at this point. Aahhh!

Tai and Ming: (Maids) Oh Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Ootori ( They watched them from a distance.)

Tai: Daamn! Ming. Master is tearing his Mrs. ass up.

Ming: It must be good to her. She screaming his name every few seconds.

Tai: This man has got skills. (Ming nods in agreement.)

The next day (Westside K.O. Branch)

I went to work that day and a had to set up a seminar to train young cadets. I had to conduct board meet for my staff members that day, to assign various members tasks for the up coming seminar. I also had a few college assignments due. It was going to be a stressful day. To top everything, I two unexpected phone calls.

Kyoya: Hello (Phone call.)

Hikaru: What up Kyoya this is Hikaru. I want you to free up you calendar January 5, 2011.

Kyoya: Why should I do that?

Hikaru: Well I know you would never miss out on your cousin's and club member's wedding on that date.

Kyoya: So you and Kaoru decided to marry my cousins?

Hikaru: Yes. I ask Tamaki to be my best man. Kaoru would like to speak to you.

Kaoru: What up. Kyoya how would you like to be my best man?

Kyoya: I'll be your best man I'm honored. I'm glad you both are marrying my cousins. You and Hikaru are not marrying them just to have relations with them are you? I have to ask. Because this is sudden.

Kaoru: I can't speak for my brother, but I fell in love with Kirara when you first introduced us. I love your cousin. And yes I will marry her January 5. I would be honored if you would be my best man.

Kyoya: Yes Kaoru. I would be happy to. Well I have an extremely busy day. Congratulations to both of you. I'll talk to you later.

In an hour and a half, I have a board meeting. It's a good thing I worked on the arrangements last night in my office. Because just before the meeting, I got another call.

Kyoya: Hello.

Renge: Hello. I know you know my voice.

Kyoya: Renge

Renge: Yes.

Kyoya: I don't think I have any business to conduct with you to my knowledge. So if you don't mind I have a very busy day.

Renge: It would be in your best interest to hear me out.

Kyoya: How is that?

Renge: If the time is not right for you right now, let's meet In person after your meeting.

Kyoya: I'm not going to play any of your games Renge. If this is not business. There is no need to meet together.

Renge: This is business.

Kyoya: My meeting end at 3:00 p.m. I can meet you at 4:30 p.m. Where?

Renge: Cozy Café at 4:30 p.m.

Kyoya: Agreed.

I worked a little on my college assignments and then went to the board meeting, which was a success. Now to meet Renge.

Kyoya: Hi

Renge: Hi

Kyoya: Now Renge what is this meeting about?

Renge: I get to the point.

Kyoya: Yes, get to the point, Because I'm a very busy man.

Renge: I want you to come over my house and enjoy hours of pleasure to you body. Courtesy of me.

Kyoya: I can get that and more from my beloved wife. Honestly I don't have time for your foolishness. I'm leaving.

Renge: (She grabs my hand.) If you leave our meeting now, I will tell your wife how unfaithful you've been to her.

Kyoya: (I sit back down.) You know Renge. You can't make some one love you romantically that person doesn't. I will never love you like that. If you keep on you will ruin our friendship. Blackmailing is low of you.

Renge: I don't want your love. I want to have sex with you. I heard your amazing in bed.

Kyoya: Where did you hear that? The only woman I ever had sex with is Haruhi. And she wouldn't confide in you. So where have you heard this?

Renge: I don't really had to hear it to know that your sex skill are premium. We shared sex play for about two years and I miss it. Many of your friends are my friends. Even though you didn't invite me to the wedding ceremony, your friends told me about the consummation. So I know.

Kyoya: Renge your a beautiful woman it wouldn't be hard for you to get a man to fall in love with you. When love is combined with sex it just amazing. It's amazing to have sex with the person you love. You would be cheating yourself to have sex and not love the person your with.

Renge: I love you. I want to have sex with you.

Kyoya: I love my wife. I won't cheat on her with anyone.

Renge: If you don't I'll tell her.

Kyoya: Give me time to think.

Renge: OK.

Month #4

After my meeting with Renge, last week, I got angry with myself. How could I allow someone to try to manipulate me like puppet? I knew soon Renge is expecting an answer. But I'm thinking I'm an Ootori. I'm not going to let Renge win and have power over me. Even if I lose Haruhi. I will tell her myself. I came home from work pissed thinking about it. I knew if I told Haruhi about Renge and I, she would be upset for a good while. It maybe a long while before she let me be intimate with her again. So I decide to make love to her first before I tell her. I approached my wife when I was still pissed at myself. When I made love to my wife, I didn't even want her to see the anger my face, as I was violently humping my wife in my favorite chair, in a rear entry position. She scream blood murder every time I thrust my manliness into her inner womanly parts, hitting all of her pleasure nerves. And I loved it. Pure satisfaction. This intimate time of ours. Haruhi made love making more pleasurable for me by doing her pelvic floor exercises while we were having intercourse. This makes it harder to want to tell her. I really don't want to lose her love. After we make love. Well it was more like I was fucking her because I was angry. Haruhi ask me to clear my calendar for her doctor appointment. She wants me to see the baby by ultrasound. I did want her mad at me so I decided to wait until after the doctor appointment to tell her about Renge and I. I just had to avoid Renge until the day after tomorrow.

At the doctor appointment

During the doctor appointment, Haruhi and I saw our precious baby by ultrasound. We see that we're having a baby boy. This is great. My father has been longing for his first grandson. Akito and his wife has given him four granddaughters. And Fuyume just found out she is pregnant. Itachi and his wife choose not to have kids right now.

The Ride Home From Doctor's Appointment

I thought to myself, there I no better place to tell her than in the limo. I explain to Haruhi that I always had feeling for her. Especially after I pull her into my bed the first time. True I was trying to teach her a lesson. But I also wanted to make my feeling known to her. Until she basically said there no merit in loving her. The way she said it, made me believe that she had no feelings for me. And I told her that. But I still had feelings for her. And I had sexual needs. I know longer wanted my maid's help. Since Haruhi I thought was not interested in me. Regretfully, Renge was a nice substitute at the time. I made an agreement with Renge on a regular basis. I took a chance one day and asked Haruhi to be my girlfriend. I knew it was a good chance she would say yes. Since she would leave her items as an excuse to come back and stare at me. I told her that I love her. But while I was having sex play with her, I was also having sex play with Renge. I told her that I didn't love Renge romantically though. I also told her I kept the arrangement with Renge until our relationship was solid. She ask me why did I tell her now. I went on to tell her that Renge threatened to tell you what I was telling her, if I didn't have sex with her. I figure it would be better if I told her myself rather than hear it from Renge. She sort of blamed herself for my misbehavior. Then she forgave me. In all honest I did think she would forgive me so quickly. After I told Haruhi. I called Renge.

Renge: Hi Kyoya have you made your decision?

Kyoya: How did you know it's me and not my wife.

Renge: Like you said before. Your wife doesn't confide in me. Beside why would she anwser your cell phone?

Kyoya: I'm calling to tell you. I will never allow anyone to blackmail me. I told Haruhi about you and I. I will never love you romantically. Your not even a good friend and I'm terminating my relationship with you.

Renge: You will change your mind one day. When you do I will be here for you.

Kyoya: Don't hold your breath. Your sick. Get professional help. Please don't contact me again.

Month #5

A month or so ago I stopped getting my hair cut. I wanted a different look. Different from my father and brothers. In no way do want to look like them. If I could get away with it professionally, I would shave my head and wear one long braid going down the side of my face like Pharaoh of Egypt. Haruhi wouldn't like it. She not for me dyeing my hair another color. So I decide to grow it a little longer. Haruhi forcing to be Mr. Universe inadvertently. I'm avoiding her this month. I've been working out three time a day, trying to avoid her. She wearing me out sexually. I thought my sex cravings were out of control, wanting it nearly everyday. But Haruhi wanted sex three times a day. I don't know what's wrong with her. I'm sorry, but in the mourning I treasure my sleep. In the mourning, if she wakes me up for sex its a straight up fucking. Because she made me mad and I'm going to make her pay.

Haruhi: Kyoya. (Whispering in my ear and rubbing my genitals.) Kyoya

Kyoya: What the hell?

Haruhi: Sweetheart I want you now.

Kyoya: Just let me sleep one more hour.

Haruhi: PLEASE! I need you. (Tears were starting to form in her eyes.)

Kyoya: I can't sleep now. You won't let me. (Sex in the mourning for me and Haruhi is always rough. Because I try to make her pay for waking me. I can't stand for her to see me angry. I got up out of the bed. And grabbed her ankle and pulled her off the bed, so that she was in a prayer position. I put her in that position so I wouldn't bring harm to our unborn baby. Because I am going to put the hurting on her this mourning for waking me up. I spoon my naked body behind her. Both of our knees on the floor and leaning on the bed. I reach around her body to pinch and rub both of her nipple, making them hard. While curse her out for waking. I entered her vagina.) Woman I'm going to hurt you. You understand that don't you? (She nods. I'm thrusting on her forcefully as I'm talk to her.) I will Fuck you until you beg me to stop. You a act like a fucking harlot. I'm going to fuck you like one. (I hook my arm under her thigh raising her leg, to get deeper. I'm already longer than her depth. So I wanted to make her beg me to stop.) You love for me to pump my big, thick swollen cock in and out of you pussy.


Kyoya: That right scream my name. You love it don't you. (She nods yes.) You act like a bitch in heat. Well I'm going to fuck you like your one. (I amped up my thrusts greatly.)


Kyoya: That's what I want. (When she came I held back until she beg me to stop.)

Haruhi: Kyoya please stop. Your hurting me. Please. ( I decided to come and withdrew from her. I hurt her feelings in my anger. I apologized to her. She apologized to me for waking me before I was ready.)

After loving her like this in the mourning. She came to my job at noon for sex. And in the evening she wanted sex. She even cried for it. This went on for just about the whole month. She cried when I put her on a sex diet. I had to. She was turning into a nymphomaniac. I limited her to once a day. Now that I think about it. It was just a phase of her pregnancy. I don't how I managed to satisfy my wife, run a successful businesses and maintain a 3.8 GPA. In college.

Month #6

Tamaki and his wife are having their baby this month. Tamaki talk to his mother over the phone, and she asked Tamaki to get her and bring her to Japan. And Tamaki wanted his mother to be present when the baby is born. Eclair is was due in one week. This was enough time to go get his sick mother from France, and bring her to Japan for the baby's birth. It so happen that Eclair when into labor. While Tamaki was on his way back to Japan. I was an alternate birth coach and camera man. Taking all kind of abuse that Tamaki should be taking. Eclair gave birth to a 7lb.- 1oz. Baby boy named Suoh Michael. Tamaki and his mother arrived one hour after the baby was born. My wife got to glance a the baby. When she had to run to the bathroom. The nurse handed me the baby. Since Tamaki hadn't made it to the hopital.

Kyoya: Eclair I really don't know who Michael looks more like. I think he's a fine mixture of you and Tamaki.

Eclair: Please Kyoya bring him to me. I can tell you who he looks more like. (Eclair looks into her baby's eyes.) Michael looks just like my mother.

Kyoya: I never seen your mother.

Eclair: I have a picture in my purse. Kyoya please hand it to me. (I was just going to pick up Eclair's purse when, Mori and Hunny walks in.)

Hunny: Kyoya where's Haruhi?

Kyoya: She went to the ladie's room.

Hunny: As I pass the ladies bathroom, I thought I heard Haruhi's voice and then a big commotion. (After Hunny said that, I dashed to the ladies bathroom.)

I walk into the bathroom to find Renge screaming because Haruhi was pounding Renge forehead into the floor. It was bought to my attention, that Renge pushed my pregnant wife to the floor. I saw red. I was pissed at Renge for putting my wife and child in harms way. Even though Renge received the worst end of that cat fight. She had no business fight any pregnant woman. Let alone my wife. Renge became my enemy that day. Fortunate for her, my wife and child are fine.

Month #7

This month the Hitachiins and my cousins get married. Tamaki is Hikaru's best man. I am Kaoru's best man. Takashi and Hunny are the Groomsman. Laminda is Amane's Maid-of-honor. Torilee is Kirara's Maid-of-honor. My wife and my sister (Fuyume) are the bridesmaids.

The best man or best men in our case. (Double wedding.) and the Groomsmen wore the same attire as the Grooms 2nd tux. The brides wore two different style maiden dresses. Kirara's style was victorian. Amane style was modern. Both the maid-of-honor and bridemaid wore modern theme attire.(Peach color.) Kirara's bridal court wore victorian theme attire.(Lavander color.) My wife was Amane's bridesmaid. Boy was she sexy. She wore her hair in a big bun a big white rose to accent it. She had long curls cascading down to frame her face. She had on a short strapless peach dress and she wore white fishnet stockings with white strappy shoes. A white shaw completed the look. I missed a good part of the ceremony staring at my wife. After the ceremony. At the reception. I got jealious when everyone that was in the wedding court was dancing. This is because I was team up with Torilee she a pretty girl, but I wanted my wife. I finally get the chance to dance with my wife, and I get arouse just by looking at her. Me and my wife are not big on eating cake. So we left early.

The Limo. Ride Home

Kyoya: Haruhi baby. I have to have you now. (Kiss her behind the ear and whimpering in her ear.) I want to make love to you now.

Haruhi: What about what I want?

Kyoya: What do you want?

Haruhi: I want to taste you. (I unzip my pants. And pull out my member.)

Kyoya: Taste all you want.

Haruhi: Mmm! Kyoya not only do you taste good mmmm! You smell good.

Kyoya: Always. That's a must. Aaahh! Haruhi (Sucking and licking me firmly. Hitting major pleasure Points. Making jump every so often.)

Haruhi: I'm addicted to you.

Kyoya: I'm also addicted to you. (After her last sentence, I can't help but to make her deep throat me.)

After the limo. ride home. I gave her the same courtesy she gave me. In the comforts of our bedroom.

Month #8

Mori and Rani had a baby boy. He weighs 8lb. Even. They named their baby Takashi, Mori's first name. Mori and Rani eloped two week after the birth of their son. Haruhi is beginning to show good. And she due in three weeks. Love making is a little more challenging. Lesser options. Haruhi is a good wife. She makes me feel like I'm king of the manor. Agruing with the cooks sometimes to make me a meal. Make my bath water, giving me a bath and massaging my back and shoulders. She also tended to any sexual needs that I had. After stressful work days. This is how she took care of her dad when he came home from work for years. (Minus bathing him and sexual deeds.)

Month #9

I was so excited about being a father, with the baby due in two days. I let my guard down. And the unthinkable happen. I got kidnapped.

Kyoya: Miles my going to the office today. Pick me up in front. ( As Miles was walking to the car. Some one came from behind him and hit him on the head. Knock out Miles and striped him of his clothes. The person that knocked him out. Looked very much like Miles. He put on Miles clothing. This impostor posed as Miles. He fooled me.) Where are we going Miles this is not the way to my building. (The impostor locked me in and kept the privacy divider up. He drives me to Renge's hidden mansion in the deserted hills. He makes me get out by gun point. And motions me to walk to a luxurious master bedroom with monitors every where. Meanwhile, Renge talks to the impostor driver.)

Impostor: I did the job. Pay me my $50,000.00

Renge: I only have $25,000.00 right now.

Impostor: If you don't pay me in two days with interest. You will have big problems. You understand?

Renge: Right right. Oh drowned the car, it has tracking on it.

Imposter: That's an extra $5,000.00. I will be back in two days.

Renge: (Renge talks to me through the monitors.) Kyoya do you want to go home? Your wife should be due anytime now. Wouldn't you want to be with her when she delivers?

Kyoya: I don't think It would surprised me as to what you want? Renge just let me go home and I will forget you did this.

Renge: I want you Kyoya. Just sleep with me one night?

Kyoya: Renge I think I told you before. Sex is reserved for the one I'm married to.

Renge: You will never go home until you give me your body.

Kyoya: Renge your making a huge mistake.

My wife calls around 5:00pm. My phone is on vibrate. I'm aware that I have my phone. I know that I'm being watched. And I also know that this room is bugged. So I text my wife under the covers.

Kyoya: Haruhi, Renge had someone kidnap me by gunpoint. She doesn't know I have my phone on me so I'm texting you. She won't let me come home until I have sex with her. I will never have sex with her. I don't know where I'm at.

Haruhi: I don't want you to have sex with her. But maybe you should. I need you I love you.

Kyoya: No Hell No. I wouldn't screw her now if she were the last woman on the face of the earth. The human race would end. Haruhi I have camera footage all over our estate. Call the Westside K.O. Special Police force to look at the video footage to find out who kidnapped me. If they find the identity of the kidnapper they can easily find me.

Haruhi: OK. Kyoya I love you.

Kyoya: I love you too. I will be there for the birth of our child.

Renge gave me some food laced with trace amounts of Viagra. I was starving so I ate it. She slip it though the opening through the door. I figured she didn't want to kill me. She's in love with me. I was in want. I never masturbated in my life. But I was seriously considering it. I'd rather do that. Than sleep with Renge. I really regrets ever having a relationship with her now. Renge fed me very well. But I began to put two and two together. I realized she's giving me a sex drug. Because after I eat I get hard. I tried cold showers and exercise. It didn't help that Renge would show up on her monitors naked. I was to tempted to touch himself. I managed to fight the urge.

Renge: You need relief? I'm more than willing to give it to you?

Kyoya: This is your last chance. Let me go. Let me go and I won't press charges.

Renge: Kyoya they will never find you. I'm deep and hidden in the woods.

After a few more hours. I notice it was strange that Renge didn't feed me my next meal. It's about dinner time. Shortly my special police force recued me. They found no trace of Renge. I discover what my dad loving did to get me back. I knew Renge would pay now. And not by me. My dad will make her pay wherever she's hiding. I'm near my house. I'll text my wife.

Kyoya: I'm coming home and coming up the drive wait outside for me.

The minute I saw my wife I hugged and kissed her. She was very emotional. I have to say that day I made my wife go into labor. With all the love I had to give her. I had Miles take us to the hopital. After six hours my wife gave birth to a 6lb.- 9oz. Baby boy. Tamaki named our son Kyohan. I took great measures to prevent any more kidnappings in the future. I now have hidden tracking on all of our clothing. I also have more security guards stationed at my residents. Me, Haruhi and my father choose a.m. and p.m. Nannies for Kyohan. With the kidnap scare. A nanny must be with Kyohan at all times, except when he's with his parents. Both of the nannies are skilled in martial arts.

Month #10

My father requested a meeting with me this afternoon. I have a feeling I know what it's about. Renge.

Yoshio: I know that Renge kidnapped you. I want you to tell me three things. Tell me how you meet her? How you got involved with her? How she got infatuated with you?

Kyoya: Do you have anything scheduled the rest of the day?

Yoshio: Yes but I can make it wait. This is important to me.

Kyoya:Telling you could take the rest of your day.

Yoshio: Tell me everything.

I told my father that Renge mistaken me for the guy she fell in love with in her video games.

Kyoya: She's from France. She found out I went to Ouran High School Academy. She persuded some relatives in Japan to take her in. so she could attend Ouran high School Academy about three years ago. She was always infatuated with me. She was my friend. But I had no romanic feelings for her.

I went on to tell my father I always had feelings for Haruhi. How I thought she wasn't interested in me. And how she thought that I wasn't interested in her. Because of her commoner status. How I had sexual desires just being around around Haruhi. And not wanting to be gratified by my maid. So I explained to my father that if I couldn't have Haruhi at the time. I regretfully made a temporary arrangement with Renge. She could tend to my sexual needs. In return, I would tend to her sexual needs. This arrangement to me that was better than my maid. I made one more attempt to make Haruhi my girlfriend and she accepted. I told him, every since I ended my arrangement with Renge. Because I never had intercourse with her, she's been trying to blackmail me. If I didn't have sex with her, she would tell Haruhi about our sexual arrangement. I wouldn't let her blackmail me so I told Haruhi myself. When Renge couldn't succeed in ruining my relationship with my wife. She resorted to kidnapping me. She put sex drugs in my food to make me want sex. She was thinking I would have sex with her to satisfy my forced craving for sex. (I gave my father a more detailed version of this summary.) After telling my father everything. He didn't say anything. Which worried me. My father is the type of person that doesn't want any disruptions in his life. Whoever causes disruptions in his life, we usually he makes them pay for it. Renge is in trouble. I feel it.

K.O. Mansion

I made it home at 8:00 p.m. I decide to check on my son. Mikalako was watching my son. I pick my son up and out of his crib. I held him and played with him. Until he got sleepy. Now I need to relax. I walked into my master bedroom and I heard the shower running. I went in the bathroom to find Haruhi taking off her clothes.

Haruhi: You want to shower with me?

Kyoya: I can't refuse. I need a shower too.

We both walk in to the I just can't keep my hands off my wife. I start by washing her hair massaging her scalp. Kissing her shoulder blade. I turn her around and start kissing her slipping my tongue in and across the textures of her tongue. I press her close to the tiles of the bathroom shower. Continuing to kiss her lips and all up and down her neck. She lick and kisses my earlobe.

Haruhi: Kyoya.

Kyoya: What? Beautiful.

Haruhi: Talk dirty to me.

Kyoya: I'm not angry with you. ( Licking and sucking her nipples.)

Haruhi: Mmmm! You don't need to be an..Ooooo! Angry with mme to t-talk dirty t-to me. (sliding my finger in and out of the folds of her womanhood, then drawing circles around her clit.)

Kyoya: I talk more dirt when I'm angry with you. (she grips the length of my penis and works it. While she's doing that, she's also gently massaging my balls. I'm kissing her collarbone as I continue my ministration on her.) Haruhi just how do you want me to make you come? Tongue gratification? Screw you?

Haruhi: I want y-you inside me now?

Kyoya: As you wish. (I enter her promptly. From behind. Moving in and out of her at a moderate pace.)

Haruhi: Faster Kyoya.

Kyoya: Want to scream my name? Then beg for it then.

Haruhi: I'm going to make you pay for this Kyoya.

Kyoya: OK.

Haruhi: Please Kyoya. Make me scream. (Kyoya grabbed her hips and work them up and down in the same rhythms as my now violent thrusts. I hit every pleasure point in vagina with my long and thick dick. I gave her no mercy. As she screamed to the top of her lungs. She ask for it. I gave it. We both came at the same time.)

After our sex act in the shower, we just realized we were suppose to wait six-weeks after the birth of our son to have intercourse again. Oops.

Month #11

Haruhi and I woke up at 7:00 a.m. we were horny that mourning. So I was screwing my wife. When someone knocked on the door.

Kyoya: Who is it?

Terri: Terri, your butler.

Kyoya: Come in. ( Haruhi is moaning Kyoya's name.)

Terri: Oh Master Ootori I'm sorry.

Kyoya: What are you sorry for?

Terri: Well Master Ootori I came in and your like enjoying your wife.

Kyoya: I invited you in don't be sorry. I'm just fucking my wife. You have a wife don't you?

Terri: Yes

Kyoya: You enjoy fucking her. Right?

Terri: O-of course sir.

Kyoya: Don't be ashamed. Sex is beautiful.

Haruhi: Aaahhh! Kyoya!

Kyoya: Sss! Haruhi I know it feels good. Terri what's so important?

Haruhi: Aahh! Aahhh! Kyoya! I'm coming.

Kyoya: Mmm! I am too. Aaaahh! Mmmm! Terri I'm listening.

Terri: Your father wants you to meet him after work around 5:00 p.m. At the Eastside A.O. Building (Akito's division.)

Kyoya: Thank you Terri. (Terri Bows.) Haruhi let wash up. You nurse the baby and let's go down stairs and have breakfast together.

Haruhi: Yes Kyoya.

Eastside A.O. Building

I went to my brother's building at 5:00 p.m. My father met me in the lobby. My father wanted me to follow him. We went in to and observation room. On the other side of the glass I saw Renge in hand cuffs.

Yoshio: Kyoya I want you to observe.

Kyoya: Yes father.

I saw my father, Akito, Itachi and Falcon. Go into the room.

Yoshio: So Renge it been brought to my attention, that you want to know what it like to screwed by an Ootori.

Renge: I don't want to screw an Ootori. (Akito go get your brother. Yoshio whispers.)

I walk in the room where my father, brother and Renge are.

Kyoya: Renge let's go to my car and have sex. Just me and you. ( I'm daggling the cuff keys.)

Renge: Let's go. I've been waiting a long time for this.

Kyoya: Renge one question before we go. Am I an Ootori?

Renge: Yes now let's go.

Kyoya: Not so fast. Are you a liar?

Renge: No.

Kyoya: Play back my father's first statement and Renge's statement. Then bring back the Ootori questions and her anwser to it.

Yoshio: So Renge it been brought to my attention, that you want to know what it like to screwed by an Ootori.

Renge: I don't want to screw an Ootori.

Kyoya: Renge let's go to my car and have sex. Just me and you. ( I'm daggling the cuff keys.)

Renge: Let's go. I've been waiting a long time for this.

Kyoya: Renge one question before we go. Am I an Ootori?

Renge: Yes now let go.

Kyoya: Not so fast. Are you a liar?

Renge: No.

Kyoya: The truth is your a liar. You Screw the entire Ootori Family. When you kidnapped me. My father had to take a little out of all the Ootori's funds, to pay the creep you paid to kidnap me, to turn himself in. In order to find me. That amounted to $1,000,000.00 yen. Now you will know what it's like to be screwed by a Ootori. I leave you to my fathers mercy.

Yoshio: Kyoya don't leave you may have to participate.

Kyoya: Yes father.

Yoshio: Renge you have three options:

You spent two years in our prision

We will world web cam video tape your bare bottom receiving 25 lashes from each one us Ootori men and apologize to each one of us by name.

Pay me back $2,000,000.00 yen

Kyoya: Father your too kind.

Renge: I don't have $2,000,000.00 yen. My father won't pay it for me. I don't want to go to prision for two years. I guess I have no choice but to choose option 2.

Falcon: I have everything set up. The camera is ready to roll.

Yoshio: Renge pull down you pants I want to see bare ass. You can bent over the desk. Kyoya I think you should go first since she cause you more heartache. Apologize to my son.

Renge: Kyoya I'm sorry for kidnapping you and causing you and your family harm. (I gave her 25 lashes on her ass with a ping pong paddle. My Father, Itachi, Akito and Falcon did her the same way. And it made national news.) I never heard from Renge again after that.

Our Anniversary

I'll make this short. Me, Haruhi and Kyohan went to a fancy restaurant. I gave my wife a rose and a ruby and diamond-heart necklace. My wife gave me a positive pregnancy test and most cherished, ten gift certificates to my favorite coffee shop. We eat. Then discussed events the has happened during our first year or marriage. Then when we settled Kyohan with his nanny. We made love (Twice.)

Ten Years Later (Family and Host Members Children)

Kyoya/Haruhi (Ootori)

Kyohan (Male)

Kyotaki (Male) (Quad.)

Kyokao (Male) (Quad.)

Harukyo (Female) (Quad.)

Harley (Female) (Quad.)

Harpra (Female)

Tamaki/Eclair (Suoh)

Michael (Male)

Sarah (Female)

Angelique (Female)

Takashi"Mori"/Rani (Morinozuka)

Takashi "Lil Mo" (Male)

Hisoka (Male)

Taro (Male)

Yasuo (Male)

Mitsukuni"Hunny"/Sei (Haninozuka)

Hideaki (Male Twin)

Hideyo (Female Twin)

Hikaru/Amane (Hitachiin)

Choyo (Female)

Tukiyo (Female)

Kane (Male)

Kaoru/Kirara (Hitachiin)

Kasuo (Male)

Kenji (Male)

Kohana (Female)

Itachi/Rukia (Ootori)

Itachi II (Male)

Mai (Femele)

Akito/Sakura (Ootori)

Kumiko (Female)

Seiko (Female)

Aiko (Female)

Kichi (Female)

Nagataka (Male)

Daisuke/Fuyume (Matsuki)

Murasaki (Female)

Nami (Female)

Isi (Male)

Tomi (Male)