Summary: Dean's gone…again. WARNING! Character Death!

Challenge WOW: Side

Word Count: 100

Let it Be

Choke, cough, wet breathing. Holds his side to keep the life in. Tears in younger eyes, begging for this to end.

He tries to splutter out words to make it better, that it was alright. He'd be okay. Can't hear, can't see, can't breathe…Pain...

"DEAN!" A far off echo. Baby brother's voice. "I can fix it, I can fix you!"


Can't speak. Dying. Cold… Black. No. Don't leave Sammy. Can't. No. DON'T!

"NO!" Sam bawled holding his bloodied brother, sobbing, hand still on his stomach. That was the seventy-eighth time Dean died, and it wasn't getting any easier.