Welcome friends! Shall we start another adventure together? Whats that? You want passion, violence, and lots of sex? Lol, well come on in. In this story I have made our poor poor hanyou go through the demon version of puberty, I think its gonna be great. XD

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Inuyasha blinked and tried to focus on the clock to his right. He had a whole half hour before class was out, but he needed to leave now. He just knew if he waited till the end of class he'd end up puking.

It had all started this morning, this 'stomach virus.' He had woken up feeling weak and feverish, and it had only gotten worse as the day had progressed. Since he was a demon, he shouldn't be affected by a human virus, but he sure as hell was sick.

He clenched his teeth as another wave of pain swept through every muscle in his body.

He looked at Kagome and mouthed that he was leaving. She looked confused, and then worried, but nodded. She had been his best friend for the past four years of high school and knew almost everything about each other.

"Talk to you after class," she whispered as he stood and walked over to the teacher at her desk.

Kagome watched as her friend used that charm he had no idea he had to sweet-talk the teacher into letting him leave.

She frowned a bit as he slipped out of the room holding his stomach. Never in the four years that she had known him had Inuyasha gotten sick. School couldn't be over soon enough.

Inuyasha hobbled down the hall of the school, discovering that movement only made the pain worse. By the time he got to his car he was sweating, and his body felt like he had just got done running a marathon. He had to fight not to pass out the entire drive home.

He walked through his front door and fell flat on his face into darkness.

It wasn't until a few hours later that he woke up. He was in the bathtub, ice cubes floating around him, and his mother and father talking over him as his mother dabbed a cold rag on his face. He would have freaked out if his body had let him, but he was having a hard enough time just trying to stay awake.

"You said this wouldn't happen…he would be normal…" his mother sounded frantic.

His father's voice was deep and calm, "I didn't think it would, it usually happens around sixteen, and he's nearly nineteen.

"I don't want to lose my baby, Daiki!" his mother's voice had fallen to a whisper and sleep started to tug at his mind like quicksand.

When he woke up again, he was in bed. His fever was down but his entire body still ached. What had his mom been talking about? Was there some demonic disease that he had caught? Was he going to die? Panic tugged at him, but was quickly chased away but the pain.

"Are you awake honey?" his mother whispered as she kissed his forehead. "Kagome is here to see you."

Kagome's scent chose that time to waft over to him. He knew it was her, but something about her scent was different. He breathed the scent in deeper and reveled at the little bit of respite it brought him from the pain. His tilted his head back to take in another lung full of her scent, it was beautiful. He wanted more. Maybe to touch her, or taste her…

He shivered and his mother tucked the blankets a little tighter against his sides. "He'll be alright Kagome, it's just a little bug going around."

"Are you sure Mrs. Takashino? He looks so pale…" Kagome's voice made his jaw clench. What the hell? She even sounded different. He felt a cool hand on his forehead and knew it was hers. Every nerve in his body went crazy at the touch and he groaned.

Kagome pulled back the hand with a gasp, "Are you sure it's just a 'little bug' he sounds like he's in a lot of pain…" She sounded so worried.

He heard his mother mumble something about him needing his rest and for Kagome not to expect him in school tomorrow and rushed his friend from the room, leaving him alone to think.

He had never felt this way about Kagome before. Yes, she was beautiful, but never, in his wildest dreams had he wanted to fuck her like he did now. Just the thought of her bare hand had him shivering and tense. He had never wanted to fuck ANYONE like this. Yes he had gotten the urge every now and then, but never before had it been a NEED.

This was all wrong. He was going to die soon, and he was thinking about ruining his relationship with his best friend for a good one-time lay. Of course he wouldn't follow up on the new desires- he wouldn't push away his only best friend.

Kagome didn't realize she had been frowning the whole way home until her brow had started to hurt. She rubbed her forehead as she drove, thinking of Inuyasha. He had looked like shit, worse than she had ever seen him, but something about him had made her heart pound a little faster this time. He had been glistening with sweat from his fever, and his body was twitching in pain, but he had seemed more...MORE than he had before.

When she had touched him, it was like she had been shocked by a plug-in. Her fingers still tingled a bit from it… She pondered over the new feelings as she slipped into the house and started on her homework. Pushing the bizarre thoughts of a new Inuyasha from her head, she focused on her calculus; she would go back to his house tomorrow, if he didn't show up at school.

The next day was no better, maybe even worse. Inuyasha's body was still weak, and some movement was possible, but every tiny move brought on another wave of pain and a groan. His skin was so sensitive it hurt. The sheets that he had long ago worn into the perfect softness felt abrasive and scratchy, and his boxers were causing a new pain of their own.

His mom was usually there when he woke up, but he never lasted long enough to see if she stayed for more than five minutes, though he suspected she did.

He had discovered he wasn't dying, when his father had reassured his mother that their 'baby boy' would be okay in about a week, but he still didn't know what the fuck was going on.

His dreams had turned violent; blood was a given and sex was present almost as much. Every time he woke up he would have a new hard-on, but his mother never seemed to notice, or be surprised. He was still in too much pain to be embarrassed for long.

After what seemed like forever he woke up again, not sure what had awoken him until he smelled it. Kagome was back and her scent seemed to have gotten stronger. He was instantly hard as a rock and had to turn over on his side to hide it from her view. What would she say if he told her how he was feeling? 'Uh hey Kagome, I feel like shit but I really think that having sex with you would make things a little better…' She'd hate him for the remainder of the year.

"Hey Yasha, are you feeling any better?" Kagome whispered as she sat down in the chair his mother bad pulled up next to his bed. She smoothed out a section of blankets and laid her head on the bed so she was eye level with him.

Inuyasha watched Kagome through the cracks in his lids and tried for normality, "Not really…" he even pulled off a half smile.

Kagome grinned at him, "Your mom said that the doctor told her that you'd be better in a few more days."

Inuyasha knew for a fact that no doctor had come in his room, all the scents present were familiar, but he wouldn't tell her that. "I can't wait" his voice was little more than a croak.

Kagome watched her friend silently; he looked terrible, and sounded even worse. "Yasha, do you need anything? Water? Tylenol?"

"I…" he bit his tongue. Had it only been a day since he had decided not to ruin their friendship? "No…I'm okay…don't worry."

Kagome frowned, how could she not worry when he was so obviously in pain?

Before she could press him further his mother came in and rushed her out.

"Mom…" Inuyasha groaned after Kagome had left the room, "whats…the…deal?"

His mother, who had always been straightforward and honest with him smiled, "I'm…not sure what you mean…"

Kagome hid her frown as she watched Inuyasha stare at his mother like she was crazy…what WAS the deal?

"Kagome, sweetie, Inuyasha is having a really tough time…I think you better go…maybe wait a day or two to come back…you wouldn't want to catch what he's got…" his mother whispered softly as Inuyasha's brows furrowed.

Kagome knew it was no use arguing with her…but she didn't want to leave him. "Is there anything I can do? He looks so bad…"

"Honey, the best you can do is stay away for a while and stay healthy, he will be fine soon," he almost believed his mother as she whispered the words to Kagome and took his friend out of the room.

His father entered just as Kagome shot him a sympathetic look and followed his mother out.

"Dad? What…is…going…?" Inuyasha forced out as his father shut the door behind him and sat down in the chair near his bed that his mother had been occupying for the last two days.

"It will be ok son…this is normal…it's my fault we didn't prepare you…I thought you would take after your mother…" his father dragged a hand through his silver bangs and conveyed his apology with his eyes.

"What…Kagome?" Inuyasha groaned as his vision dimmed and his father moved closer to take his hand in his own.

"Every demon goes through a time when they are young that is…similar…to puberty to humans…I did it…Sesshomaru did it… but since you are only half we believed you would be able to avoid it…" he gave his sons hand a gentle squeeze. "A normal demon would have had it around sixteen…and since you are a few years past that we had assumed you were in the clear…but we were wrong…"

He blinked hard but couldn't focus on his father's words.

His mothered rushed back into the room worriedly, "Kagome was so worried, poor girl. Are you still awake baby?" she asked softly as she scooted his father out of her seat and proceeded to mop his brow with a cool wash cloth. "Did you tell him?" her eyes were on him but her words were for his father.

"I did…but I'm not sure he understands…" he whispered. "This is all my fault…I should have told him…I should have known…"

"It's too late to worry about it sweetie, you said he would be okay…so he will…he will understand why we didn't tell him…" she left the wet rag on his forehead and moved to open a bottle of pills, and handed him two a moment later, "For the pain baby…"

"Puberty?" he said, though it was more of a whisper.

"Yes…your demon blood is kicking in," his dad said as he moved closer to lean over his mothers shoulders. "it will be a bit of a transformation. Afterwards you will gain muscle fast, eat more, weigh more, and maybe get taller. Also, you will be way more aggressive, which you will have to keep control over."

"AND you will be more attracted to the ladies!" his mother added with a grin, "which is why you keep getting happy." She gave his groin a knowing look.

Inuyasha would have frowned if he had had the energy, nothing like your mom mentioning your constant hard-ons. "How much…longer…?"

"Just a couple more days baby…" his mother cooed as she turned over the now-warm rag on his forehead.

He heaved a heavy sigh and winced as his ribs jabbed him for it and his stomach rolled, "Great.." he whispered, and the darkness mercifully claimed him again.

Kagome didn't go back the next day, like Inuyasha's mother had insisted, but she did worry. He was her best friend…and he had looked like he was dying. Long ago she had given up religion, but now she found herself praying for him. What would she do if he didn't survive this 'little bug'?

She stayed away the next day too, hearing nothing from his family and hoping that was a good sign.

But by the day after that, the fourth day of Inuyasha's absence from school, she was too anxious not to try to see him again.

She waited for a few minutes at the door after knocking, but got no answer. After a few moments more she tried the door, and then went in after it easily opened.

For a second she thought no one was there…and then she heard the roar. Heart racing, she ran up the stairs to Inuyasha's room and flung open the door.

She froze as she watched the scene before her. Inuyasha's father was sitting on his chest, holding his face, and putting his full weight on his son's collar bones to keep him from biting. His mother was on his legs, keeping them still as the boy under her kicked and squirmed. And Inuyasha looked the worst of all.

Under the weight of both his parents Inuyasha's was jerking and rearing as if they were no more than a couple of his mother's purses. His face was red, his canines longer than she had ever seen them, and his eyes…horrific. This was the demon inside Inuyasha that she had never seen before.

"GET OUT!" his father yelled as he struggled with his son, and Kagome couldn't help but obey…what the fuck was going on? Tears rushed down her cheeks as she ran down the stairs and out the door of the now unfamiliar home.

Inuyasha roared as another wave of convulsions swept over him and ever muscle in his body seemed to rip apart. He understood what was going on around him, but was powerless to stop it as he arched his back and fought to throw off his father. He wanted blood. He wanted sex. He wanted everything.

"Breathe deep son…just a bit more…" his father ground out as he rode his son, "Just…a…bit…more…"

Inuyasha wanted to puke as the pain kept coming. Fuck breathing…he wanted to die…he roared again and snapped at his father's forearm, it all hurt too much.

His mother was bawling on his legs, and later he would realize that he was crying too, but for the moment all he could see…think…and feel… was the pain. It took over everything, and made him want to rip as he was being ripped, to burn as he burned.

As he reached the point where he would no longer be able to take it, and tensed one last time, and it all stopped. His entire body ached, but no longer did it seem to be being eaten from the inside. His stomach rolled, but no longer did he dry heave. His eyes burned, but were slowly starting to come into focus.

"Deep breaths son, it's over" his father whispered as he slid off of his chest and leaned over to kiss his sons forehead, "you made it."

"Was there ever any doubt?" his mother laughed softly as she nearly fell off his bed while trying to get off of him, "he IS our son."

His father nodded, pride filling his watering eyes, "Well, we knew he would make it…but there for a I while I wondered if WE would…"

His mother laughed softly as she neatly pinned up her hair and gave him a proud look of her own.

Both of his parents looked tired and haggard, but they both wore genuine smiles and seemed quite happy.

"Time to go to bed, I think…" his father chuckled as his mother moved to sit down, "you can leave him now honey, he will be fine."

His mother looked like she was about to argue but his father cut her off and started pushing her out the door, "Tomorrow you will wake up a new man" he whispered, and shut the door behind them.

Inuyasha had just enough time to think they were both crazy before his eyelids started to lower without his consent, and he decided that sleep sounded amazing.

When he awoke he thought he had gone blind, only to realize a moment later as his eyes adjusted to the moonlight that it was still dark out.

With a shaky arm he reached over and turned the clock on his bedside around; 3:30. Slowly, he turned and dropped his legs over the side of the bed, and then sat up. His entire body was weak and already beginning to sweat, but he COULD move.

Gingerly he stood up, moving slow on his shaky muscles, but not stopping. As quiet as possible he dragged a hoodie over his head and a pair of jeans up his legs. His parents would kill him if they found him sneaking out, but he needed to see Kagome.

The stairs didn't betray him, and neither did the door as he shut it. Slowly he started his trek up the street, Kagome only lived a few blocks away.

By the time he got close enough to see the house his legs were shaking nonstop and his breaths were coming in fast pants, but he didn't stop.

Kagome lived on the second floor, and there was no way he was using his usual method of climbing the tree to get up there, he would stay on the ground tonight, her window would have to be good enough.

He watched her window, pondering why her light was still on, and her still awake, just as it shut off. For a moment he contemplated leaving, but before he could move the front door opened and Kagome was quietly slipping out, then easing it shut behind her.

"You never sneak out," he said as she started to turn, then chuckled as she screeched and fell backwards on the porch. "I see why…"

Kagome stared for a moment at Inuyasha's silhouette a moment before speaking, "Is that really you?"

Inuyasha thought for moment then nodded, "I guess."

Kagome noted the lower note of his voice, and the golden shine in his eyes, "I saw you…you were a demon…I thought you were going to kill your parents…" Her voice was a whisper, but she had to say something.

"Me too…" Inuyasha said, knowing she had come from the faint scent she had left behind. Though he had considered that scent to be heavenly, the one surrounding him was pure bliss. It made his heart calm, and his body to start to relax. "I'm feeling a lot better though…it was just rough in the end."

Kagome looked at him again, disbelieving, then she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him, "I was so scared…I couldn't stay…but I couldn't leave!" She sobbed against her best friend's chest and tried not to wonder whether or not it was harder…

Inuyasha froze as Kagome clung to him, and her scent went from heavenly to drugging. His sore teeth itched to bite something…and another part of him started to strain towards her against his will.

Kagome yelped as a growl vibrated through her friends chest, she jerked back and looked into his now wild eyes.

"Ok…I'm not completely better…but soon," he ground out and took a step back of his own. He knew he shouldn't be around her when he felt like this, he needed to get the beast under control first, or run the risk of hurting her. "I should go…" he whispered, hearing the gravel in his own voice and hoping she didn't.

She wanted to hug him, to convince herself he was still alive, but she wasn't sure this was the same Inuyasha anymore. "Inuyasha?"

"I'll be ok, I'm sorry and I scared you…just don't worry ok? I'll be back in that damn math class soon enough" he gave her his old crooked grin and she was sure again. No matter what had happened up there in his room, this was still her Inuyasha. She moved forward and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before jumping back again, "I missed you. And just so you know, it was YOUR fault I was sneaking out."

Still holding his cheek in stunned ecstasy, Inuyasha didn't have time to say anything before his raven haired beauty had slipped back into her house and was gone.

"Ok…I'll see you tomorrow Kagome…yes I'm sure I'm ok…no don't worry…yes I got the homework…no I didn't do it! Why are you always nagging me? I'm irresponsible? Well…you're still a nag!" he chuckled to himself as he carried on his conversation with Kagome all the way home, already he could feel his strength returning. He was actually looking forward to school tomorrow…crazy.