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Blaine hadn't expected his birthday to be a big deal; with everything that had happened, he had really just expected a nice meal and a cake with his family in Kurt. But somewhere along the line it had changed, and by the time Blaine and Kurt arrived downstairs Blaine was nearly scared out of his skin when half a dozen Warblers jumped out from behind various pieces of furniture.

"I didn't know about this… I swear," Kurt commented, rubbing Blaine's back as the other guys rushed over to hug him.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Alex called us," Wes replied.

"He said your birthday party was today, and we all decided that we would follow Kurt out here and surprise you," David added.

"Besides, after the YouTube video he sent all of us, we had to see it for ourselves." Blaine raised an eyebrow at Nick's comment.

"YouTube video?"

"Nick! You guys weren't supposed to tell him about that!" Blaine looked over at his brother, who looked annoyed. "Thanks for ruining that part of his birthday present."

"I'm still confused… what are you talking about?" Blaine let Alex lead him into the dining room, where Alex's laptop was set up and already open. Alex pushed him towards a chair that was set directly in front of the computer.

"This is something I made for you. It was going to be my final project for my film class, but I realized that there was no way it was going to get done in time. What I had didn't feel complete… I needed to film some stuff when I got home for the summer."

"I thought you were just being obnoxious with that stupid camera," Blaine replied. He smiled as Alex rolled his eyes and started the video.

"Just watch the video."

Blaine turned back to the computer, laughing over some of the pictures and video clips Alex had strung together from their childhood. "Some of these things should never be seen by the general public…" Blaine began.

"Well, it's a little too late for that… it's been up for a week."

"This is my little brother, Blaine. He drives me crazy at times, but I love him." Blaine smiled at the narration as he read it. There were pictures of Alex and Blaine together in high school, from before Blaine transferred to Dalton, as well as a couple of Blaine and his Dalton friends. "His freshman year, he came out. Our family all still loved him, but the other kids at school were awful. They bullied him mercilessly, and even beat him up for going to a school dance with another guy. He wasn't safe, so our parents let him transfer to a boarding school a few hours away. He was safe."

Blaine smiled at a picture of him and Kurt, taken a couple of days before he was attacked, which was followed by pictures from various Warblers events. "He even made friends… great friends, who knew that he was gay and just didn't care. He joined the show choir, and he was awesome. I was so proud." Blaine watched as the pictures faded, and Alex appeared on the screen. "One night Blaine was driving back to school late after going out to dinner for our little sister's birthday. He ran into a few guys, and somehow they knew that he was gay. They followed him back to school, and they nearly beat him to death." Blaine bit down on his bottom lip, fighting back the tears as he was reminded about what had happened.

"I've never understood how people could hate something so much that they would think it was okay to hurt someone just because they were different. Blaine never did anything to those guys, but they put him in a coma. When he woke up, he couldn't hear anything, he couldn't remember most of his friends. There were so many things about Blaine's life that had to change. Some of his memories came back, but not all of them. His hearing didn't."

Blaine really couldn't stop the tears from coming as it cut into video Alex had shot the day they'd turned on his implant. "Last month, Blaine got a cochlear implant. At first it was hard, because the implant took away what little hearing he had left in his left ear. But the day they turned on his implant, it was kind of like my brother got back a huge part of what had been missing since he was attacked." Blaine smiled as he heard the conversation from that day coming over the speakers.

"Usually it's the younger brother that looks up to the older one. But in this case, it's my little brother that's the hero." Blaine looked up at his brother, smiling.

"Thank you…" Blaine began.

"Wait until you see the comments… there are so many of them. And they're all so supportive and awesome."

"You guys all knew about this?" Blaine asked, looking around at everyone else in the room.

"We've been spreading the link around… it's gotten kind of huge," Wes replied.

"We didn't really expect it to get so far. But people seem to love it…" Thad added.

"Why don't we break out the pizzas? I know that some of you boys are going to have to go home, and I'm sure you'll all want to have lots of cake, too." Blaine looked up at his mother's words, a little surprised that the whole party had been planned out so well behind his back.

The whole party was a blur for Blaine; while it was good for him to know what being in a loud, crowded environment was like as far as how the implant would work, it was a little disorienting to have so much background noise all the time, even with the noise filtering function turned on. He spent most of the time sitting next to Kurt, just trying to listen to his friends. He didn't say a whole lot, mostly because it was hard for him to keep track of a conversation when there were so many of them going on.

"You look tired." Blaine smiled at Kurt's comment as several of the boys walked out of the house, heading to their own homes. Only a couple of them – Nick and Jeff – had decided to stay the night because they lived too far away; both boys were only in town because they had been staying with other friends since school got out the week before.

"It's hard, trying to listen when there are so many different conversations going on. I'll be fine, now that things have calmed down," Blaine replied. "I'm glad you guys did this, though. It means a lot to me… I've missed being around everyone at Dalton."

"I actually didn't have anything to do with it. I mean, I knew about the video, and that Alex was going to show it to you for your birthday. But I didn't know about the party with all of the guys coming over."

"Or that it would turn into a slumber party?"

"I kind of figured when Nick and Jeff were here that they might end up staying. I think Jeff takes Nick to the airport tomorrow morning on the way home… but I'm staying all weekend, provided your parents don't get sick of me."

"I don't think we'll ever get sick of you, honey," Mrs. Anderson commented. Blaine couldn't help but laugh at the way his boyfriend turned bright red. "Trust me… you're part of this family now. I don't think any of us would ever want to get rid of you after what's happened over the past few months."