Title: Fade Into Darkness - 1/7
Fandoms: Harry Potter/The Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: Riddick/Harry, Remus/Sirius
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Chapter Word Count: 2367
Series: Sequel to Animalis
Spoilers: None for HP. Spoilers for all of The Chronicles of Riddick.
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, past mPreg, male lactation, D/s themes, violence, language, minor character deaths.
Summary: When an unexpected visitor arrives bearing another fateful prophesy, Riddick and Harry's lives are overturned and they must fight to save not only their lives, but the life of their daughter as well.
Author's Notes: This is a TCoR re-imagining. I have taken creative license with TCoR/Riddick cannon, so their may be discrepancies between my verse and the movies/games. So don't be surprised if some scenes/facts are not in this story or have been changed to suit my writing needs. Also, a banner for this fic can be found at the address below, just remove the spaces.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick, nor do I make any profits from these writings.


'For untold eons, countless civilizations have come and gone in the universe — some leaving traces of what used to be; others fading into the wind never to be remembered again — but at the end of one civilization another has always sprung up in its place. It is the way of human life; one way of living disappears, making way for a new one to take its place. Human life has flourished among the stars and shown itself as a lasting happenstance in the evolution of the universe… until recently.

A comet is slowly cresting the horizon of an unassuming world and on its tail it brings death in the form of a dark army. They are an army unlike any other... crusading across the stars toward a place called Underverse, their promised land... a constellation of dark new worlds. Necromongers, they're called. And if they cannot convert you, they will kill you. Leading them, the Lord Marshal. He alone has made a pilgrimage to the gates of the Underverse... and returned a different being. Stronger. Stranger. Half alive and half... something else.

Before the appearance of three wizards out of step with time, Fate had a plan… the journey would have been dark and filled with pain and death for many, but the Furyan known as Riddick would have, with 97.898 percent surety, overcome the dark army. But Fate, in her infinite wisdom, has altered the balance in what should have been and left only what might be… Leaving the outcome teetering on the actions of a select few and with it the fate of all Human life in the universe. If we are to survive, a new balance must be found, but will Fate give her blessing or her curse?'


Chapter One

A weak sniffle sounded as Harry paced around the bedroom, singing a lullaby to his daughter quietly. "Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby. When you wake, you shall have, All the pretty little horses. Blacks and bays, dapples and greys, Go to sleepy you little baby…" His soft voice floating through the quiet house. "Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby. Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby. When you wake, you shall have, All the pretty little horses."

Looking down, Harry grinned as Lyra finally began to fall asleep. Her heavy eyelids lowered, covering her vibrant green and silver flecked eyes as she succumbed to the call of slumber. Tucking his daughter closer to his body with a sigh, Harry carded his fingers through the riot of raven hair on her head and gazed out into the night sky and found an unusual sight; a startling white, long tailed comet burning brightly in the dark abyss of space far above Helion Prime.

"Huh." Harry murmured aloud with a small smile as he gazed at the comet.

It was a stunning sight; one that reminded Harry of nights that seemed so long ago spent gazing up into the night sky beside his two best friends. Hogwarts had been a fully interactive education in many ways and the students had learned about the stars and planets through their telescopes while atop the Astronomy Tower with Professor Sinistra. Harry remembered nights filled with quiet conversations under their breath about anything and everything… laughing and being happy in the company of his friends.

Thinking about his friends left him with a bittersweet feeling. He was sad to have been separated from them, but he couldn't regret it as it had brought him to Riddick and had led to the birth of their daughter.

Since they had lifted off from the moon known as Hades, a year had passed. In that time, Harry had become pregnant and had given birth to their now four month old daughter. Lyra was a perfect combination of Harry and his mate; strong, stubborn, powerful and devastatingly beautiful. Of course Harry was biased, but he knew that come her teenage years he and Riddick would be beating the boys and girls back with force. It was a thought that terrified and amused him at the same time. The responsibility of caring for another life was daunting to say the least. Harry was terrified that he would be a bad father. Having spent most of his childhood with the Dursleys, it was to be expected. But Sirius and Remus, even though they never had any children of their own, had experience with caring for Harry as a baby and later as a teenager. They had offered their limited advice whenever Harry and Riddick had floundered.

"She fall asleep?" Riddick rumbled softly from behind Harry as he nuzzled the soft skin of his nape.

Harry smiled and leaned back into the comforting heat of his mate as Riddick wrapped his arms around Harry and their child. "Yeah, your daughter was being very stubborn and wouldn't go to sleep. I had to practically jump hoops to get her to go down." Huffed Harry playfully, a serious pout on his lips as he turned in Riddick's arms.

Riddick snorted as he leaned down and kissed Harry's oh so kissable lips and then nuzzled his way down his mate's neck to Lyra. Nuzzling her baby soft hair, Riddick kissed her chubby cheek with a gentle look that those outside their family never had the privilege of seeing.

"You giving daddy a hard time again, baby girl?" He murmured as he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and pulled them a little closer.

Harry felt their daughter lean toward the sound of her Papa's voice unconsciously and smiled. Harry chuckled and then stepped back and carefully laid her in her crib, trying not to wake her as he tucked her in for the night.

Once Harry covered her, Riddick wrapped his arms around Harry again and rested his chin on Harry's shoulder.

"Still feels weird having you two, after so long being on my own." Riddick said quietly as he looked down at their daughter.

"Well, get used to it because we're not going anywhere." Harry quipped with a grin as he turned and kissed Riddick, ducking out of his arms when his mate would have taken it farther.

Quickly casting a silencing spell around Lyra's crib and setting the wand on the nightstand, Harry gave a wicked laugh as he fluttered his eyelashes and gave a coy smile that succeeded in getting his mate to make his way towards Harry with a low growl. Dancing out of reach, Harry slowly stripped, laughing and darting away every time Riddick got too close. Though he knew that if Riddick really wanted to get him, he wouldn't have a chance of getting away.

When Harry finally stood naked before his mate, Riddick grabbed him and threw him onto the bed with a growl. Quickly ripping off his own clothes, he crawled onto the bed and into Harry's arms. Riddick attacked Harry's lips with fervor as he settled in the space between Harry's thighs. Harry keened softly as Riddick gave a shallow thrust against Harry's quickly hardening cock.

"Still as beautiful as when I first saw you, Kitten." Riddick groaned as he looked down into his mate's eyes and gave an exaggerated leer. "So fuckable."

Harry laughed and wrapped an arm around Riddick's neck pulling him down for another kiss as he pushed Riddick over onto his back and straddled his mate's hips, pressing his arse down teasingly against the hard cock nestled in between his cheeks. "You're not so bad yourself, Rick."

Leaning down, Harry rubbed his face into Riddick's neck, sighing at the scent of his mate, licking the strong throat and making his way down Riddick's muscular chest, nibbling and laving every inch of skin he passed. Finally, kneeling in between Riddick's thighs, Harry breathed in the heady scent of his mate as he pressed his nose into Riddick's balls and mouthed the large sacks.

"You better stop teasing and get to work, Baby, or I'm gonna flip you over and fuck ya now." Riddick growled as he gripped the back of Harry's head and gave a light push down towards his hard cock.

Harry looked up at his mate with a Cheshire grin and took a firm hold of Riddick's cock as he wrapped his lips around the head. Hollowing out his cheeks, Harry sucked the tip before slowly taking more in, humming softly as the large organ made it's way farther down his throat, filling the spaces and leaving the bitter, salty flavor of Riddick's pre-come in its place. Harry moaned around Riddick's cock, swallowing as he did so and smiled around the mouthful at Riddick's cursing groan.

"Fuck, Baby… suck my cock," Riddick groaned as he thrust up into Harry's hot, wet mouth, loving the feel of his mate's perfect mouth and how it was made to suck his cock.

Gripping his mate's balls, Harry massaged the sacks, rolling them in his free hand with a firm grip. He squeaked in alarm when he found his body swung around one hundred and eighty degrees, leaving him kneeling over his mate's face just before he felt the tip of Riddick's tongue breach his hole.

Pulling off Riddick's cock, Harry groaned. "Ughh, Merlin, Rick you know what that does to me…" Harry thrust back against the thick forceful tongue that pushed inside of him, stretching and loosening his entrance.

"That's the point, Harry," Riddick chuckled, his voice muffled as he returned to his task.

Harry closed his eyes and mewled as he gave shallow thrust backwards, using Riddick's chest as an anchor as he undulated his body.

"Get your wand and lube my fingers, Baby." Riddick murmured as he pulled his tongue from his mate's hole.

"Huh?" Harry whispered as he thrust back again, trying to get Riddick to push his tongue back in and make him cum.

Riddick rolled his eyes, lightly swatting Harry's ass cheek and said "Lube my fingers."

"Oh, okay." Harry opened his eyes and grabbed his wand. Turning slightly, Harry whispered the spell as he pointed his wand at Riddick's outstretched fingers.

Riddick pulled his hand back and quickly shoved a finger inside Harry's twitching hole, grinning when his mate mewled in pleasure. Riddick slowly worked his fingers into Harry's body, moving from one to two to three… his fingers twisting and flexing, opening Harry for Riddick's cock.

"Ughhh… Rick… I'm ready… please… get in me now…" Harry moaned as he wiggled against the fingers shoved inside him.

Riddick pulled out his fingers, flipped Harry onto his back and then used his slick fingers to lube his cock. He brought the head to the tight ring of muscle and gave a deep steady thrust into his mate's waiting body, groaning at the tight heat that enveloped him. Looking down, he held Harry's gaze while thrusting in and out slowly, amazed all over again that the beautiful man beneath him was his.

A year ago, he would have never imagined that he would now be mated and a father. At times, he was sure this had to be a dream; that he couldn't be so lucky, but he was. Harry was his and Lyra was theirs… though if it was a dream, he hoped he never woke up.

"Rick," Harry pleaded as he wrapped his arms around Riddick's neck, pulling him down for a needy kiss, whimpering as Riddick thrust again and again into his body.

"Hold on, Kitten." Riddick breathed against Harry's lips.

Harry wrapped his legs around his mate tightly and squeaked in surprise as Riddick lifted him up in his arms and rested him in his lap, Harry sliding farther down onto Riddick's cock with a whine. Licking Riddick's lips, Harry wiggled around in Riddick's lap and chuckled when his mate growled. Riddick slid his arms under Harry's thighs and gripping his lower back, he lifted Harry up off of his cock and then slammed him back down onto it over and over. Riddick grinned when Harry shrieked in pleasure as his prostate was hit again and again.

"Love you, Kitten," Riddick nuzzled his mate's claiming mark and grazed his teeth against the sensitive skin, growling in pride at the whine it caused.

"Love… ughhh… love you, Rick…" Harry cried "Oh Merlin, love you so much."

Pounding up into his mate, Riddick bit down on Harry's neck and roared as they both came together, Riddick's cum filling Harry's insides to the brim.

Harry screamed in pleasure at the exquisite pain the bite inflicted and his cock gushed cum in between their bodies, lubricating their stomachs as they thrust together three more times before Riddick lowered them back onto the bed. Harry held on tightly to his mate, not wanting the comforting feel of Riddick's weight to be gone just yet. He loved the first few minutes after they came, the sense of security and love he felt as Riddick's body pressed him down into the mattress. Harry giggled when his mate's stubble tickled his neck as he nuzzled him.

"Best way to end a day, Kitten." Riddick groaned as he lifted up slightly to look into his mate's eyes.

"Yeah, it is." Harry kissed his mate and then groaned as Lyra began to cry. Grabbing his wand, he did a few quick cleaning charms to get them cleaned up and then smiled when Riddick got out of bed and brought Lyra back with him. "She's probably hungry, she wasn't very interested when I put her to bed." Harry murmured.

Taking Lyra, Harry laid their daughter on his chest and smiled as she quickly rooted around until she found his nipple. Latching on with gusto, the sounds of her suckling filled the room.

Riddick settled back in bed and watched his mate nurse their child with an unguarded look of sheer devotion. They were the two most important people in his life and the center of his world. A year ago, he never would have believed that he could feel the kind of love he felt for them, but now that he felt it, he would guard it zealously. They were his everything and he would make war on anyone who came between him and his family.


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