Title: Fade Into Darkness – Epilogue
Fandoms: The Chronicles of Riddick/Harry Potter
Pairings: Riddick/Harry, Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Series: Sequel to Animalis.
Spoilers: None for HP. Spoilers for all of The Chronicles of Riddick.
Wordcount: Chapter 5414 words, 25,500 words for the entire story.
Overall Warnings: M/M explicit sex, past mPreg, male lactation, D/s themes, very mild BDSM, violence, language, minor character death, torture, mental illness, angst, schmoop.
Summary: A little over a year after getting off the dark planet Riddick and Harry are living on Helion Prime with their child when they receive an unexpected visitor. A woman, calling herself an Elemental, appears and tells them that a series of events has begun that will decide the fate of all human life in the universe and their child is the only hope humanity has left.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick, nor do I make any profits from these writings.

The sound of quiet snuffles woke Harry from a deep sleep and he smiled, his eyes still closed, as he just laid there and lets the sound of his daughter slowly waking envelope him. Just a few weeks ago the sound would have made him groan and roll out of bed reluctantly, quietly asking his baby girl why she insisted on waking him up in the middle of the night. Now, just the simple noise was a reassurance that Lyra was safe and protected, that she no longer had a destiny and looming question of death over her head. His baby girl was free and he cherished that.

Turning his head, Harry looked back at his sleeping mate; Riddick's face relaxed in sleep and free of burdens now that their family was safe once again. Harry tried to slip out from under his mate's tight grip, but Riddick only held on tighter and pulled Harry back into the circle of his arms with a soft rumbling growl.

Though Riddick would deny it to his last breath and beyond, the dominant gruff and tough Furyan was a cuddler. Every morning Harry would wake up to the feel of his mate holding him tight, face tucked into the messy hair at the base of Harry's head, lips pressed softly against the nape of his neck. It was a comfort to both of them, having their mate tucked close as they slept and Harry loved that Riddick wanted to be as near to him as Harry to Riddick.

Grinning , Harry finally lifted Riddick's arm again, this time letting it slide slowly up Harry's body until he could duck down under the muscled arm and slip off the bed. Slipping on his boxers, Harry walked to Lyra's crib and looked down at her. Her eyes were opened, the silvery green orbs staring back at him as she smiled around the fist she had been sucking.

"Morning, baby girl," Harry whispered as he lifted her into his arms and sat in the rocking chair beside her crib.

The rocking chair had been a gift from Riddick, hand carved with love, for the birth of their daughter. When his mate had presented it to him, Riddick had been unusually nervous as he placed the chair in front of Harry. The sweet gesture, if Harry hadn't already loved the man beyond reason, would have clenched it. The chair was unlike any other he ever seen before, made of a gleaming dark wood that seemed to shine in the sunlight, like tiny shimmering diamonds were woven through it. The edges were rounded and smooth, a deep circling pattern throughout its surface. The wood was so soft, but sturdy that it molded around Harry as if it were pre-formed to the shape of his body. It was beautiful.

As soon as Harry sat down and brought Lyra to his chest, she began to nuzzle around his chest eagerly, seeking his nipple with the determination of the starving. Latching onto it, Lyra made loud sucking noises that caused Harry to chuckle as he settled back into the chair, setting it to a slow rock back and forth in the dark of the bedroom.

Closing his eyes, Harry let his mind drift to the backdrop of the sound of Lyra eating.

It had been a month since the events with the Necromongers and New Mecca was slowly rebuilding after the invasion. Debris from destroyed buildings and weapons fire had been removed, the bodies buried and the Necromonger fleet of ships disarmed and dismantled. If a person didn't look too closely, they could almost forget how many had died and how much destruction had been caused by the invading army. There were a lot of rumors about what happened to the Necromongers, some believing that Allah had struck down the evil invading army in a fit of righteous anger for killing so many of his children. Others fell for the government's fabricated story that they had sent an elite task force to infiltrate the Necros and used a secret weapon to defeat the army. Harry really couldn't care less as long as the true story never reached the light of day and his family, his daughter especially, remained safe. That was all that mattered to him.

"What's going on in that pretty little head of yours, Kitten?"

Opening his eyes, Harry smiled as he looked at Riddick sprawled in the moonlight on their bed, his back resting against the head board. Riddick's eyes were free of his ever present dark goggles, glowing preternaturally in the darkness.

"How long have you been awake?" Harry whispered as he stood up. Lyra had fallen back asleep a few minutes before after she had finished feeding, her lips still latched onto Harry's nipple. Jostling her slightly, Harry shushed her back to sleep as she gave a low whine of annoyance at being moved.

"Long enough," Riddick rumbled softly with a grin. "Love watching you feed her, Kitten."

Blushing, Harry turned and placed Lyra back in her crib. "Pervert."

Riddick gave a dark chuckle and placed his hands under his head and leaned back into his pillow.

Once making sure Lyra was back to sleep, Harry walked to their bed, shucked his boxers off his body and crawled onto it. Swinging a leg over Riddick and straddling his body, Harry settled his arse over his mate's half hard cock with a devious grin, their bodies pressed flesh against flesh without a single layer of clothes between them. Riddick groaned from the pressure of Harry's weight on his cock, grasping his large hands around Harry's hips and thrust up against him. Harry gasped in pleasure, throwing his head back as he placed his hands on Riddick's chest and started a slow rocking motion.

The feel of Riddick large cock slipping between his arse cheeks, the tip wet with pre-come, felt wonderful.

"Rick," Harry moaned as he fumbled for his wand. Riddick automatically rose up, lifting a hand to the tip of the wand as Harry mumbled "Lubricus," Riddick's fingers glimmering in the sunlight from the window next to the bed.

Riddick slipped his lubed hand underneath Harry, one of his fingers circling the tight ring of muscle around his entrance, making Harry mew and wrap his arms tightly around Riddick's neck.

"So tight for me, kitten," Riddick groaned as he pushed two fingers into Harry sharply.

Harry threw his head back, gasping and undulating in Riddick's lap, his mate's finger pressing farther into Harry with each roll of his hips. He could feel Riddick teeth on his neck, biting harshly and then soothing the sting with a few licks from his tongue. Riddick pressed his fingers to Harry's prostate and chuckled when Harry couldn't stop the loud cry of ecstasy that burst from his lips.

A soft snuffle and a whine sounded from Lyra's crib, making both of them still for a moment, Harry hoping they hadn't woke her up.

"Did you put up the silencing spell?" Rick murmured quietly as he looked towards Lyra's crib.

"No," Harry whispered and picked up his wand from where he dropped it on the bed and quickly cast a silencing spell. "Okay."

Riddick resumed pushing his fingers in and out of Harry, slowly stretching his hole with each new pass. Harry ran his hands across his mate's skin, kissing and licking every inch he could reach, tasting the salty sweet tang of Riddick's unique flavor.

Finally, Riddick pulled his fingers out from Harry's and used the remaining lube to slick his cock. Harry whined in need and leaned forward to help Riddick position his cock against his hole. Then Harry pressed back against the large cock, gasping and wailing as it stretched him wide, filling every place inside him.

This was what Harry loved most about the sex with Riddick, not the out of this world pleasure it brought him… though it was spectacular, no, it was the way Riddick completed him. Riddick was everything he needed and he filled every empty space within Harry, taking away the hollow feeling that he felt whenever Riddick wasn't inside of him.

Using his thigh muscles, Harry lifted up and slammed down onto Riddick's cock, mewing at the sharp zing of pleasure it caused to course through his body. Lifting up and down, Harry gained in speed, until he was bouncing on his mate's cock with glee. Harry's grinned at his mate as Riddick kissed him, twirling their tongues together erotically as Riddick's cock moved in and out of his body.

Pulling back, Riddick looked up at him as he wrapped his large hand around Harry's cock and began jacking him. "That's it baby, ride my cock."

Harry cried out as a firestorm of tingling pleasure traveled over his skin, growing and growing as he pushed towards perfection. His hands scrabbled over Riddick's slick back, wrapping around his mate's neck and holding tight as his body reached orbit and exploded into a million pleasurable pieces. Harry could hear Riddick's feral growl in the background, felt his mate's large hands tighten their grip on his body and felt the burst of Riddick's heated cum inside his body.

Sagging into Riddick's arms, Harry tried to catch his breath once again and smiled when his mate pressed his face into Harry's neck, licking and biting the claiming mark he'd placed there the day they met. A spark of pleasure shot down to his softened cock and it gave a twitch in interest, making Riddick chuckle as his teeth worried the skin beneath his mouth.

"Merlin, I love your cock." Harry grinned as leaned back and looked into his mate's eyes.

He felt the all too familiar trickle of Riddick's cum slowly dribble out of his body around his mate's cock and squirmed at the feeling, his mind remembering the many times that Riddick had flipped him over onto his stomach and slowly licked him clean, inside and out, as Harry bucked and wailed into another orgasm shortly after. Harry's cock gave another feeble twitch of interest as his eyes began to slid close, his body ready to go back to sleep like it was used to doing at such a late hour.

Harry heard Riddick's soft chuckle as his mate lifted Harry off his lap and tucked them back under the covers to sleep for a few more hours. He gave a contented sigh and snuggled in close to Riddick as sleep claimed him.

"Are you sure there is nothing else you can do?" Molly Weasley asked quietly as she and Arthur stood looking through an observation window into a padded room that her youngest child would now call home for the foreseeable future.

Ginny sat mumbling quietly in a corner of the room, her hair tangled and matted, her eyes wide and crazy. Her arms hung limply from her shoulders, spelled that way by the healers after Ginny had tried multiple times to inflict harm on herself as well as others.

Molly felt the all too familiar flood of tears come and she silently let them fall down her cheeks as her husband tried to comfort her as their daughter's healer spoke.

"I am sorry, Mrs. Weasley, but the Ginevra you knew is gone. Her mind has become permanently broken; nothing we have tried has been able to change that. Magic is powerful and can do amazing things, but even after thousands of years of practice in medicine, wizarding healers still know so little of how the human brain works." Healer Horntail said quietly as he tried his best to keep the devastating news from being a harder blow than it already had. "We will continue to treat her as best we can and if some new treatment comes to light we will of course give it our full attention, but I am sad to say that her chances of any kind of recovery at this time are very small."

Molly felt a sob break from her lips and she turned, pressing her face into the welcoming arms of Arthur. Her baby girl was broken and would probably stay that way… gone was the bright smile and bubbly laugh, the sharp mind and the fierce competitor… Her baby girl was lost to her, lost in the trappings of her own mind and for what? Because Harry was unable to love her? Because he was no longer here to keep the small shred of Ginny's sanity intact in the hopes that he might one day return her love?

It all was a senseless loss. Ginny's sanity. Harry, Sirius and Remus' disappearance. All because her little girl couldn't accept the fact that she was not Harry's mate, no matter how hard she tried to make him believe that she was.

Three months ago when Harry, Sirius and Remus had disappeared they had all been frantic with worry as they searched for the lost wizards and what had become of them. They had believed that their disappearance had been the workings of a Death Eater plot, but soon it became apparent that that was not the case. For months the Order had used every means available to unravel the mystery of their disappearance, all the while Ginny became more and more unstable, given to loud and violent bouts of depression and rage. They had all believed it was just Ginny being unable to accept the loss of Harry… how wrong they were.

Finally four months after the three wizards disappeared, Ginny had snapped during a family meal. The talk, as usual had been about the search for clues on where they might be. Hermione had been the main voice during the conversation, her uncanny talent for investigation having unearthed the fact that the three men had just apparated to the Burrow before they disappeared. Hermione believed that some kind of transportation spell had been used and the fact that it had been done within the Burrows wards pointed to someone close to them having done it. One moment Ginny was quietly pushing the food around her plate with a dejected scowl and the next she had launched herself over the table towards Hermione, strangling her with a truly disturbing grin on her face.

Ginny, after being ripped away from Hermione, had raged at her stunned family as she laughingly confessed what she had done. About her unwavering belief that Harry was her soulmate, a delusion fantasy she still whole heartedly believed. She raged at them, telling them she had found a spell to make him see it and had cast it on him, all of them accidently. But, Ginny had laughed manically as tears ran down her face, she told them that Harry would be back soon, that he was just playing with her, making her work for his love… that he would come back soon and they would get married and have babies and live happily ever after.

Molly had staggered back as she listened to the delusional ramblings of her daughter, falling into a chair as a hopeless despair had gripped her, knowing that their family would never be the same ever again.

After that night they'd had no choice but to have her committed to St. Mungos Ward for Hopeless Cases. The mind healers had used every means available to help Ginny, but nothing had made a difference. At first Ginny had been kept in the ward floor with other patients like herself, but quickly it became clear that Ginny was a danger to herself and to others. So now Arthur and Molly were there to be nearby as their daughter got used to the new room that would hold her indefinitely.

They stood there quietly for a long time after the healer left, holding on tight to each other as they watched their daughter. There was nothing left to say that hadn't already been said, so they just looked at Ginny and the altered reality their daughter now lived in.

"Come on then, dear, we had better get home." Arthur spoke softly after the long silence; he kissed Molly's hand and wiped away the tears on her cheeks without a word, waiting for her to tear her eyes away from the sight of Ginny quietly mumbling to herself in the corner. "The children will want to know how Ginny is doing."

Molly finally turned away from the observation window and nodded her head, taking a few calming breaths and then determinedly shaking off the hollow ache that had been inside her since this had all began. "Yes, I need to get to making dinner for everyone. Let's be off then."

Later as the family sat down for their traditional Sunday dinner together, Molly busied herself with making sure all of the food was on the table and everyone had everything they needed.

"Molly dear, sit down, you've taken care of everything." Arthur gently led her to her seat and then took his own as their large and ever growing family quietly dug into the meal.

The dinner was unusually quiet for a Weasley meal, the events over the last few weeks and Ginny's transfer weighing heavily on everyone's mind. Molly knew that her children were being respectful and trying to ease the stress she was under, but the absence of the normal chaos of her family just made Ginny's absence all the more noticeable.

"I think I might have found a way to bring them home." Hermione looked up from her plate as everyone's eyes turned to her.

Molly felt her breath hitch in her throat, her heart picking up speed at the chance of having her family whole again. Molly purposely stayed very clear of the knowledge that their family would never be completely whole again as long as Ginny remained as she was. "How?" She whispered, the tears already forming in her eyes.

"Once I realized what spell Gin… um… what spell was used, it made me think about the spell Remus and I created to help him retrieve Sirius from the Veil. I can rework the spell to take me to them wherever they are and then use it to bring us all back again."

"I'll go with you."

"Ron, it should only be one of us to go… encase it doesn't work and I am the best option as I am very familiar with the spell." Hermione said patiently to her husband.

"'Mione, you don't know what kind of situation you'll be going into, it could be dangerous and I won't let you do it alone, I forbid it." Ron exclaimed hotly.

Molly shook her head at her youngest son and resisted smacking him soundly after the word forbid came out of his mouth, she'd wait until after the discussion to do it when he least expected it. The fact that one of her son's believed he could actually forbid his wife from doing something made her want to teach him a lesson or two about what a marriage entitled him to do and what it did not. Of course, she wasn't too happy that her daughter-in-law was going alone, but Molly could see the reason behind the decision, even if she didn't like it.

"Ronald Weasley, you're my husband and I love you, so I am going to ignore the fact you think you can forbid me anything." Hermione scowled at Ron, lifting an eyebrow in challenge at him and Molly's son wisely chose to keep his mouth closed after that.

"How soon can it be done?" Bill leaned forward in his chair and clasped his hands in front of him on the table with a curious expression on his face. "Do you need help with the spell?"

"I brought everything with me tonight… I wanted do it here with all of you so that you could be here when they return home." Hermione said with a smile.

"Excellent!" Fred grinned as he pushed his half finished meal away from him. "How about we get started then?"

"What a fantastic thought, Gred." George replied as he grinned back at his brother.

"We'll need room for the spell, maybe the family room?" Hermione said eagerly as everyone stood from the table.

Within minutes, the large Weasley family had taken seats in the family room, each with anxious looks on their faces as Hermione reviewed the spell book she had with her. Ron stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist as he watched her work nervously.

"Okay, I'm ready." Hermione said finally after a long heavy silence in the room. She turned to Ron and kissed him with a desperate finality that broke Molly's heart. "If I don't return it because something went wrong, please don't use the spell again."

Ron vigorously shook his head and opened him mouth to speak, but Hermione pressed her fingers to her husband's lips and stopped him. "Promise me!" She whispered. Molly could see the tears in her daughter-in-law's eyes and felt a well of emotion at the sight.

Molly watched her youngest shake his head again, tears visible in his eyes as he spoke. "I can't promise that, 'Mione, don't make me."

"Ron, this spell has never been used to travel into the past, let alone the future, I don't even know if it's safe to use it as a form of time travel. I don't want anyone else to try it if it doesn't work, so promise me!"

Finally after a long silence, Ron's shoulder's fell and he nodded his head. "Fine, I promise."

"If it doesn't work, I'll do everything I can to come back… I love you." Hermione leaned in and gave Ron one last kiss. Then she stepped back, took a deep breath and began speaking the spell, her wand moving with controlled precision as she weaved the spell into existence.

Three long minutes after she began, Hermione spoke the last word of the spell and was gone from one moment to the next. Molly closed her eyes and said a silent prayer that the spell would work and return all of them home safely to her.

In the blink of an eye Hermione found herself standing in a shadowed bedroom, the last rays of the planet's sun giving the room a warm glow to it as it slowly crested the horizon beyond the opened window shutters. Hermione looked around the quiet room, frowning as she tried to understand where she was and why Harry wasn't there.

A soft snuffling noise came from behind her; Hermione turned towards the sound and found her eyes falling onto a baby's crib. Quietly walking to it, Hermione smiled as she looked down at what could only be Harry's daughter. The little girl, who looked as if she were less than a years old, looked back up from the crib at Hermione with startling greenish-silver eyes and a riot of messy black hair. The baby gave Hermione a garbled smile as she sucked a fist her into her mouth, drool dripping down the improvised toy.

Laughing, Hermione leaned down and threaded her hand through the curly raven hair of her niece and said, "Hello, sweetheart, it's wonderful to finally meet you."

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing near my daughter?" Growled a gravelly voice from behind Hermione.

Gasping, Hermione whirled around, wand held at the ready to defend herself. "Who are you?"

The source of the voice was a tall man who stood just inside the bedroom, a scowl on his face as he looked at her. The man was large and imposing, giving off a dangerous aura that exuded from every pore in his body, Hermione knew with one look that if she made one false move she wouldn't even have time to scream before she was dead by his hand.

"Lady, I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to Lyra's protection, so answer now before I get a little shiv happy!" The man said darkly as he pulled two long curved knives from behind him, the blades deathly sharp and gleaming in the last light streaming in from the window.

Hermione's mind whirled in question as she tried to understand who this man was and what he was to Harry. Could he truly be Harry's mate? He'd said the baby was his daughter and it was obvious that the little girl was Harry's…

"I'm Hermione Granger-Weasley… I'm looking for Harry Potter." Hermione forced her voice to stay calm and even as she spoke.


Turning at the sound of the voice she hadn't heard in what seemed like a lifetime, Hermione gasped as her eyes landed on Harry standing just behind the man in front of the doorway. "Harry? Merlin, it's you!"

A second later, Hermione found herself grabbed up in a tight hug as Harry's arms wrapped around her. Tears fell from her eyes as a sob broke free from her lips, the hollow sound echoing in the quiet room. They stood like that for a while, just holding on tight, until Harry pulled back with a smile.

"Rick, come here and meet one of my two best friends." Harry turned and gave the man behind him a smile so bright and loving that Hermione was startled by its intensity. "Hermione Granger-Weasley meet Richard B. Riddick, my mate."

'Rick' stepped up behind Harry and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, resting his chin on her best friend's shoulder. The man caught Hermione's gaze behind the odd dark goggles and gave a half nod in greeting.

"Hello." Hermione said with a nervous smile as she looked at the odd picture in front of her.

Harry was still as compact and stunning as ever, wild raven hair, pale white skin, bright green eyes. He was happy and bright and everything good in the world… and his mate… well, he was Harry's exact opposite. Riddick was tall, broad and muscular, with a dark tanned skin and an oddly attractive shaved head. He had a pair of dark goggles over his eyes, but behind them, Hermione could see just the faintest silver light when he was looking at her dead on. The voice was dark and gravelly and impossibly captivating… Hermione could see the why Harry would be attracted, even if the man gave off a deadly vibe that made her slightly nervous.

"It's lovely to meet you. I know Harry had been dreaming about you for a while before they came here, so it wonderful to see that he finally met you after all."

A cry from the crib kept her from saying anything more as Harry grinned at Hermione and walked over and picked up the little girl.

"Hey baby girl, did you finally wake up?" Harry cooed softly as he bounced his daughter in his arms and made his way to Hermione. "Hermione, meet Lyra Riddick-Potter, my daughter."

"Oh god Harry, she's beautiful." Hermione gushed as she leaned down and took Lyra's chubby fist and nibbled it, causing Lyra to giggle and nuzzle into Harry's chest with a big smile. "How old is she? She looks like she's at least a year or more?"

"Six months and growing so quickly. It's the Furyan genes from her Papa, apparently Furyan children grow about a third faster than human children until around five or so, and then they grow at a more human pace." Harry said with a soft smile as he looked back at his mate.

"Furyan?" Hermione asked with a frown.

"Riddick is from a race known as Furyan; a warrior species who I think might be descendants from a hierarchical magical race from Earth, they've got a magical core, though not nearly as large as ours'. Riddick and Lyra are the very last of the Furyan Alpha line."

"What happened to them?" Hermione asked cautiously.

Her curiosity had been quickly peaked, but she treaded lightly due to the fact that Harry's mate and daughter seemed to be the only living Furyan's still alive.

"A war… an egomaniacal man with an army at his back who slaughtered an entire race because of a prophecy that said one of them would kill him," Harry said quietly, tears in his eyes as he nuzzled Lyra's temple, holding her tight against his chest.

Riddick took up his place behind Harry again and held both his mate and daughter as Hermione watched on with a sense of dread at her best friend's word. No, please, not again, she thought as her heart tripped in terrified beat.

"Oh, Harry," her voice caught in her throat as she whispered the words.

Hermione took a step closer, a million questions whirling in her mind, but unable to speak them. The terror of giving credence to what she hoped was only her own ridiculous fears for Harry and his new family.

"It's alright, Hermione, it's over. We're all safe, Lyra's safe, and the man and his army are gone."

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank merlin!"

Harry laughed, tears still watering his eyes as they smiled at each other.

"It's so good to see you, 'Mione" Harry's voice broke slightly as he spoke. "I missed you guys so much!"

"Well isn't it lucky that I came to bring you guys back home, then?" Hermione laughed.

Harry frowned. "How? Matter of fact how did you even find us, let alone get here?"

"Well, a few weeks ago some… information came to light and it got me thinking about the spell Remus used to retrieve Sirius from the Veil. I researched it, but after a few weeks I realized the only way to know for sure if it worked was to cast the spell…"

"So here you are?"

"So here I am, ready to take you all home!" Hermione grinned brightly at Harry and his family. "Wait a minute, where are Remus and Sirius… they did get sent here with you, right?"

Harry nodded quietly, the light in his eyes just a little bit dimmer than a minute before. "Yeah they did. They're just visiting a neighbor who lost his wife recently... he's not taking it very well."


It was quiet for a few moments before Hermione spoke again. "You do want to come back, right?"

Harry rolled his eyes at her. "Hermione don't be stupid, of course we do. We've spent the last two years trying to find a way home without much luck."

"So it's been two years for you all?"

"Uh huh, how long for you guys?"

"Four months."

"That's it?"

She nodded, a tear falling from her one of her eyes. "Four of the longest months of my life."

Walking towards her, Harry wiped her wet cheek with his free hand and then promptly plopped Lyra in her arms. "Here, hold her while I start packing everything up."

Hermione grinned, taking her squirming niece into her arms as Harry and Riddick started going through the room deciding what to keep and what to leave behind. Soon the house was left filled with mostly furniture that Harry had no attachment to, except for the rocking chair that had sat by Lyra's crib. Harry had carefully shrunk the carved wooden chair first, placing it lovingly into the bag he had charmed to carry all their possessions as he told Hermione that Riddick had carved it for him after he gave birth to their daughter. He has a soft loving smile on his face the whole time he spoke.

Hermione had been completely charmed by Harry's devotion to Riddick and how much the unusual man seemed just as devoted to Harry. Riddick was a quiet man who spoke little, but always with careful choice and deliberate action. She could see how much the man loved and protected his family and she couldn't ask for more for Harry.

Two hours later, Hermione stood with Harry and his family in the kitchen. Sirius and Remus had come home not long after Harry had begun packing, and, after a series of hugs and excited plans about returning home, they had quickly packed their belongings.

They were ready to go home.

"Ready?" Hermione asked.

Harry smiled and nodded, grabbing Riddick's hand as he held Lyra close to his chest. Remus and Sirius grabbed each other's hands as Remus grabbed Hermione's to link all of them together.

Meeting everyone's eyes one last time, Hermione began casting the spell, three minutes later they left Helion Prime for the last time.

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