Title: How You Remind Me

Author: The Rockerbabe

Claim: Detroit 1-8-7

Table: Buffet

Prompt: # (10) I realized I was in love

Rating: PG

Summary: Fitch realizes he was in love with Sanchez.

Warnings: (Non-main character) Character Death

Notes: Pre-series, sort of, slight spoilers for "Pilot". Also, I went off the ages of the actors for the age difference…for my prompt table at fc_smorgasbord

Disclaimer: Detroit 1-8-7 does not belong to me in any way

They stood in a semi-circle in front of his grave as the pastor spoke of life, of death, and of life hereafter, his baritone voice adding richness to the words and bringing peace to those who sought comfort from them. Detective Ronald Watts had been a homicide veteran for eight years and Detective Louis Fitch had admired the man greatly. His death had been sudden; he worked his usual shift, gone home to his family, had dinner, went to bed later that night, and died during the wee early hours of the morning of a heart attack.

Watts' partner, Ariana Sanchez stood beside him, her head bowed, her beautiful face drawn down in sorrow, tears trailing down her cheeks. Fitch wished he could comfort her but did not know how. She had transferred into their department almost two years previous and had made an impression on him, surprising him with her strength, her wisdom, her quick wit, and her kindness. And now, as she stepped forward to say a few words about the man who had become like another father to her, Fitch felt something he hadn't in a long time and the strength of it struck him like a lightning bolt.

He was in love with her.

This young woman, who was more than ten years his junior, had stolen his heart…and she would never know just how he felt about her.

After the speakers were done and the funeral came to an end, the crowd dispersed. Fitch hung back, watching as Sanchez stared at the head stone. He heard her murmuring quietly in Spanish and waited until she was done. When he could no longer hear her voice, he stepped up behind her.

"Want a ride?" He asked.

She turned to him and a small smile touched her lips. "I would like that."

Fitch waited until Sanchez fell into step beside him and they headed toward the parking lot in comfortable silence. Maybe he would tell her, he mused as he slide into the driver's seat of his car, one day.