Title: All Eyes On Callie

Author: xxCallicaTruLovexx

Rating: T

Summary: Callie has a certain affect on everyone.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story. Al characters belong to their rightful owners.

A/N: Takes place during 3x03

Meredith was jostled awake by the sound of falling objects and obscenities being tossed through the air. She crawled out of bed, and slowly walked over towards the door before pulling it open.

"I was having a good dream, and you ruined it," she murmured when she saw George picking up a toppled-over box.

"Sorry," George threw over his shoulder. "These boxes, all of these boxes. Callie said she was bringing her stuff over, it's all here."

"It's okay, George. I don't mind," Meredith tried to reassure him.

"I don't mind a bit. Kick her out," George said, his voice dropping as he moved closer to her.

"I can't kick her out. I said she could move in."

"I said she could stay for a couple of days. A couple of days? It's been over a week. And now there's boxes, and she's using my computer, and she's here all the time. Would you kick her out?"

"Hey, you guys might want to wait a while. There's no more hot water," Callie said as she stepped out of the bathroom clad only in a towel. Meredith's eyes traveled to her, drinking her in.

Meredith was straight, like straight as a pole, but something in Callie could just provoke the same sex to look her way and take all of her in. And that's exactly what Meredith did. Her eyes trailed over her body as she watched the beads of water run down the smooth, caramel skin. She wet her now dry lips with her tongue as her eyes continued there descent.

They came to the top of the towel when George started talking.

"That's my towel," he said in little more than a whisper.

"Sorry," Callie muttered, walking closer to him and pulling the towel from her body. Meredith dropped her eyes, taking every inch of Callie in.

Callie was so sure in her body, and her confidence was damn sexy. She was comfortable enough to stand there stark naked in front of her some-what boyfriend and his roommate, not having a care in the world.

Callie turned and started back towards George's room, Meredith's eyes following her every move. Callie disappeared into the room, the door shutting behind her. Meredith lingered there for a second, Callie's glorious image burned into her mind.

She walked into the bathroom, knowing that a cold shower was just what she needed.