A/N: Yes, to those who may be shocked, I am bringing these stories back. Years ago, I wrote a series of advanceshipping stories under a different pen name. I decided to bring these stories back since I remember they were very popular back when I wrote them.

So, I will be posting the advacneshipping stories I wrote in the Pokemon series, starting with Pink Kiss, as well as one pokeshipping story I wrote called Signs.

NOTE: I don't want any flames on who Ash really "loves." I prefer Misty, personally. I used May for this series because I thought she would fit the role best. Not to mention, these characters are extremely OOC anyway. So if you don't like Ash and May, then don't read it.

With that, here is "Pink Kiss" once again. :)

Stories in this collection: "Pink Kiss"; "The Prank"; "Naughty, Naughty"


SUMMARY: Advanceshipping. It's Ash's 16th birthday and he gets a visit from all of his old friends, including one certain girl he used to travel with.

Pink Kiss


They say time flies when you're having fun...but how do you explain six years?

To a certain young man, it felt as if it were only yesterday when he received his Pokemon license and began his committed journey to becoming a Pokemon "master." The memory of meeting each and every friend was still fresh in his memory, as if it had just occurred. Catching every Pokemon and developing a friendship with each one, learning their fears, weaknesses, strengths, preferences. Changing from young boy to young man; seeing himself change both physically and emotionally. He felt the proper feelings of a teenaged boy, while simultaneously learning to control himself and master his self-control.

This boy was Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.

As he learned more and more about life, Ash knew that he was on the brink of manhood. He was at that stage where he seemed to be stuck between child and adult, boy and man. He was, after all, turning sixteen in a matter of a week. And as that moment progressed, the more he thought about his life and all that had happened through the last several years.

It began when he met Pikachu, his first Pokemon, his best friend. Things weren't so comfortable at first, as the little yellow monster was as stubborn as his trainer. But, they began to hit it off almost instantly after the awkwardness and have been inseparable ever since.

Then there was Brock, Todd, Tracey, Max...all the male role models in his life that had been there for him and helped him on his quest to becoming a pokemon master and a man.

And then...the girls. Ash was quite popular with the ladies, though he didn't really realize it. It began with Misty, the "older woman" and tomboy. Then, May, the "girly girl"; and finally, Dawn, the cute, but ditzy female. All were beautiful, all followed Ash, and all were coming to see him for his birthday.

It had been a while since he'd seen any of the girls. He couldn't help but allow his teenaged mind to wonder and think about each of them and how much they had changed. Because, he hadn't changed much. He grew taller, his voice deeper, and body more manly shaped. But to him, girls were like aliens. He didn't know what to expect when he'd see them again.

However...a part of him secretly, but greatly, anticipated their arrival. You know, Pallet girls aren't as pretty...

Chapter Two: Guys and Dolls

"Sweet Sixteen...Isn't that like...a girl thing?"

Ash watched as his mother pranced about the kitchen, grabbing pots, pans, cookbooks. He watched as Mr. Mime clumsily helped her, closing his eyes shut at the sound of breaking dishes. He was about to repeat himself, when at last his mother answered.

"Oh Honey," she said cheerfully, avoiding eye contact with him, "Of course it isn't! It's such a special year!" And after that statement, she continued to begin her preparation for his "surprise" birthday cake. Ash could only shake his head. Pikachu lingered up from behind him, his red cheeks glowing with electricity. He climbed onto Ash's left shoulder and also watched Ms. Ketchum create her masterpiece.

"Is it that necessary to make it now?" the boy asked his mother, his eyes following her swift movements all over the kitchen. "My birthday isn't until next week."

"Ash, dear, I have to make sure it's perfect! This is only practice, of course."

Ash opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by the sound of the door bell. Ms. Ketchum grinned. "Ash, would you get that?"

He looked at her oddly. "Uh...sure."

Ash felt eerie, and had a hunch that his mom knew exactly who was at the door for him. He walked there rather slowly, pacing himself as Pikachu followed right behind him. The bell rang a second time, and before there was a third ring, Ash turned the knob and the door creaked open.

Ash paused. "Brock?"

The young man let himself in gladly. "Ash!" he exclaimed, taking the teenager's hand and shaking it with enthusiasm. Ash was speechless as he stared flabbergasted at his excited friend. Finally, Delia walked into the room and smiled blissfully. "Ash!" she called. "Surprise!"

The young trainer blinked. "Huh?"

It was just a second later when more young men came barging into the house. Not strangers, but familiar faces. Tracey took lead, and Todd followed afterward, and finally the younger Max. Ash starred blankly as each came inside and each shook his hand vigorously, as Brock had first done. He didn't know what to say. "...Hello...?" He blinked again. "Weren't you all supposed to come..."

Delia took it upon herself to explain the situation to her son. "Ash, honey, I invited all your cute little friends to come stay with us for the week!" she cheered, taking the boy into her arms for an embrace. He blushed and quickly managed to tear himself apart from his mother. He wasn't sure of what to tell them. "It's great to see you guys," he finally spoke with a nervous laugh, placing a hand behind his head.

"Ash, happy birthday!" Todd spoke first, patting Ash on his back. "Long time no see! I have some awesome pictures to show you."

"You need to see my sketches from Professor Oak's lab," Tracey chimed in, pushing strands of his black hair away from his eyes.

"Ash!" Max said with excitement. "I have to show you my first Pokemon!"

Brock grinned. "And I must tell you about the beautiful lady I hooked up with."

Ash chuckled again. "It's REALLY great to see YOU GUYS," he said once again, over emphasizing his sentence. He turned to his mother. "THANKS Mom!" he told her, a hint of sarcasm becoming obvious to his tone. "I just LOVE sleepovers!"

Delia, however, clueless, smiled cheerily. "Oh, honey, don't be so excited yet. The girls aren't here yet."

Ash's face turned bright red. "G-Girls?" he repeated.

Brock only chuckled. "Don't get too excited. It's only Misty and the others."

The blush on Ash's face deepened.

At this, Brock raised an eyebrow. "Since when do you get nervous around girls?"

"I'm not nervous around girls!"

Todd chuckled at the zealous expression on Ash's face. It was so like the boy to get so worked up when he was embarrassed. "I must take a picture," he spoke to himself aloud, swiftly taking out his camera and flashing a quick one towards Ash. The boy didn't even notice.

It was a moment later when the door burst wide open once again, and a proud Misty walked in. Ash stared at her with shock, his chestnut eyes wide and glistening.

"Ash!" she declared proudly. "I am here to make your birthday wishes come true!"

Ash blinked. "Uh..."

An instant following, a lovely blue-haired girl marched in, flashing a flimsy mini-skirt. "Me too!" she pronounced. Ash gulped. "Uh...Hi Dawn..." He didn't say anything afterwards as the two girls came and planted a kiss on each of his cheeks. His face boiled. He looked at Misty, then at Dawn, then back at Misty again.

Misty...she was a sight. Very cute and long. She sported pink short-shorts and a white tank-top. Her red hair was tied back into a neater side pony-tail, and Ash detected a bit of blush on her cheeks. The eighteen year old lady smiled broadly at the boy, and gave him a short hug.

Then, Dawn. Her bright blue hair hung freely down. Her grey eyes glistened as she grinned towards Ash, taking his hand and holding it firmly. He looked at both girls once again, and again...and once more. Then, he looked at Max.

"Hey...where's your sister?"


Once again, the door flung open.

Chapter Three: A New World of Girl

No one expected to see what they saw, especially Ash. The moment the graceful brunette walked through the door, the temperature of the house went up several degrees. She smiled and winked at the soon-to-be birthday boy, and the delicate fourteen year old walked in and exposed a new package to the whole gang.

Without thinking, Ash blurted out, "May, what have you been eating? You're butt's so...HUGE."

She scowled immediately. "WHAT?"

Brock shook his head and sighed. "Oh...Ash..."

May stormed over to Ash, dropped her bags, and slapped his arm. "Ash Ketchum!" she declared. "Are you saying I'm...Fat?"

Ash's jaw dropped to the floor. "Uh...What?"

May gasped. "You are!" She turned to Misty. "Isn't HE?"

Misty nodded. "Totally. He is totally saying you're fat."

Ash could only gaze in astonishment.

Dawn piped in. "You could see it in his eyes!"

The three ladies narrowed their eyes towards him.

"I come all this way just to see you and THIS is how you thank me! By saying I'm fat!"

Ash quickly shook his head. "I didn't say you were fat!"

"Yes you did!"

"NO! I said you're butt is BIG!"

"So you think my BUTT is FAT?"

"NO! It's not, it's just BIG!"

"So you HATE MY BUTT!"

"NO! I LIKE your BUTT!"

Ash immediately covered his mouth after he finished blurting out. All eyes were on him now, and may was only beginning to storm up.

"PERVERT!" she screamed.

Finally, Delia walked into the room. To Ash, this could be a fortunate or unfortunate situation. At the sight of Ash's mother, May's expression changed automatically as she smiled cheerfully. "Hello, Miss Ketchum!"

"Hello May! How are you? Are you alright? I thought I heard you yelling."

She laughed it off. "Sherbert! I screamed sherbet! I just love ice-cream!"

Delia smiled. "Of course! You all come and have some! I can see how thrilled Ash is to have you all here today!"

Then, one by one, each guest walked into the kitchen, including Pikachu. May was last, flaunting her new assets. Ash and Brock stayed behind, as the Pokemon trainer stared after the beautiful young girl that had changed so much.

"Ash..." Brock said calmly, placing his hands on his friend's shoulders, "...if you were trying to get May's attention...That was a bad move to make."

Ash turned and looked at his friend oddly. "I didn't mean..." he trailed off. Taking off his cap, he ran his fingers through his messy black hair. "Well...you saw her! She looked...They looked..But mostly she...Why did she think I was calling her fat?"

Brock shook his head and sighed. "Ash...May isn't ten anymore. There is a lot you need to learn about teenaged girl talk."

"What? They have a special...talk?"

Brock nodded. "Yes. They do. One of the big rules is that you never call a girl fat."

"But I didn't!"

"That's the thing with girls, they take everything you say and twist it, and they try to make YOU believe that you said what they said you said, even though you didn't say it."

Ash blinked. "Say that again...?"

Brock grinned, taking Ash and leading him to the couch. "Ash, Ash, Ash...Girls are like a different species. And these years are the deadliest. May is changing...developing..."

"I noticed."

"And I noticed the look on your face when you saw her."

Ash blushed, looking down to the floor. "Uh...well."

"She's a beautiful girl, Ash."

"Yeah...she is..."

"And so are Misty and Dawn. But May is different."


Brock smirked broadly. "And so we have a confession."

Ash jumped back. "What confession?" he exclaimed. "You're doing that girl language thing on me!"

Brock chuckled. "You want to impress May?"


"Then I'll give you a birthday present you'll never forget."

Chapter Four: Tarantulas

Ash looked at Misty from across the room. She was talking happily on the phone with her sisters, smiling and giggling and acting...like a girl. Even though Brock explained it all to him, he still didn't understand the drastic change of mood with girls, and how saying one little thing could light the bomb.

Brock had told him to try to get on the good side of each girl. He suggested a compliment to begin with. Pikachu stood firmly on Ash's shoulder as he stared at the older girl as she hung up the phone and began to walk away. Ash gulped.

"Here I go, Pikachu," he confided in his small friend.

He walked over to Misty and tapped her shoulder. She turned around swiftly and smiled when she saw him. "Ash! Hello!"

"Misty..." he began. "I just wanted to say that you have very beautiful legs."

She blushed a deep, crimson red. Placing a hand on her cheek, she look to the ground and smiled. "Oh, Ash...how sensual and sweet of-"

"They're so long...like a tarantula's or something."

That set her off immediately. She growled as she curled her hand into a fist.

"Ash Ketchum...you inconsiderate JERK! So I have long, dangly LEGS, HUH?"

"I didn't say that!"


He stopped himself from going any further. This was it: girl language. How did Brock say to handle girl language?

"Misty, I think you're legs are beautiful." Perfect: repeat original sentence.

She blushed again. Brock's method had worked.

Chapter Five: You're Beautiful

The light of the moon shone through his window, and as he tossed and turned throughout the night, Ash was not able to fall asleep. He tried many different positions, but none suited him. Maybe it was Brock's snoring on the floor beside him, or Pikachu continuously poking him with his tail that refrained him from sleep...or maybe it was his constant thoughts about May.

Ash softly grunted at the thought of her, then ceased with a smile. He had to admit, he was stunned when he saw her. She looked so much the same...yet so drastically different. Yes, Misty and Dawn were beautiful as well...but there was something about May...something different. Most obviously she had gone through some extreme developing. Her chest had grown to a considerate size, and her bottom...Ash could not deny how round and more curvy she had gotten. And she had tossed the spandex and came into his house wearing a tight mini-skirt and spike-heeled sneakers. Since when did MAY wear high heels?

Hight wise, she hadn't grown much taller. She was small and seemed delicate, like someone could easily break her. But Ash knew that that was a major misconception. She was a strong girl, yet still was not afraid to cry when something affected her.

Ash could not get out of his mind how beautiful she was. Her eyes were still the same vibrant blue he remembered. Her skin was still a creamy milky color, and her hair still parted and a soft auburn brown.

He thought about her eyes, and her hair, then her legs, arms, waist, lips...

Ash stopped himself. Lips...? Kissing...? The only girl he'd ever kissed was his mom.

He had never felt this way before. The desire to...be with a girl. To hold her hand, hug...kiss...

Ash stood up instantly. A glass of water. Yes. A glass of water is what he needed.

Quietly, he tiptoed out of his bedroom and down the stairs. He carefully made his way to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He drank it slowly and tried to ease his mind of May. However, it didn't work. His mind still circled around her, and how he greeted her when she walked through the door.

You're butt is huge.

Who says that to a girl? He silently cursed himself for it. "Ash Ketchum," he whispered to himself, "If you think you ever had a chance with May, you totally blew it."


He jumped abruptly and turned around to find a confused May looking at him strangely.

That is...a confused May in an oversized T-shirt and nothing else.

Ash's face turned bright red. "Uh...May...Good morning."

She giggled. "Good night. What are you doing up?"

Ash gulped. "I was...getting some...water..."

She walked closer to him, and Ash took a step back. He paused for a moment before adding, "What are you doing up?"

May sighed lightly. "I couldn't sleep!" she explained. "I've had something on my mind."

Before anything else could be said, Ash blurted out, "May, I don't think you're fat! Please don't think that I do! I just wasn't thinking. I-"

She cut him short by placing her fingertip on his lips.

"It's ok," she said reassuringly. "I forgive you."

There was a moment of silence afterwards, until Ash spoke.

"May..." he began softly.

She looked at him with glistening eyes. "Yes...Ash?"

He took her hand and caressed her fingers with his. "Good night," was all he said.

She looked at him with disappointment. Sighing, she replied, "Goodnight."

He watched as she began to walk away, slowly. A sinking feeling filled his stomach as he felt disappointment take over. He caught her hand before she went to far and spun her back around to face him.

"May, wait," he stopped her. She looked up at him with wide eyes, her mouth slightly agape. Ash took a deep breath in as he looked down at her.

"You're...You're beautiful, May," he said to her tenderly.

She blushed vividly. "Thank you, Ash."

He continued to look down at her, and she looked up at him with trembling cerulean blue eyes as she gazed into his deep brown pools on his face.

"You're beautiful, too," she spoke timidly.

He began to move closer to her face, and he could feel her light, warm breath hit his face, as she could feel his approach her. May closed her eyes and allowed herself to be taken in by him...

"What are you two doing up this late at night?"

Before their lips could even brush against each other, Ash and May quickly separated and turned to see Ms. Ketchum glaring at them.

"Ash Ketchum, it is the middle of the night!"

May cleared her throat. "I'm sorry, Miss Ketchum. We were just talking and catching up. I hope we didn't wake you. I'm sorry to be keeping Ash up. He was just about to go."

Ash looked at May oddly for a second, but then nodded in agreement to his mother.

"Yes," he repeated, giving May one last look, "...Just...catching up."

Chapter Six: The Love Game

Pikachu seemed to be hitting it off with the girls better than Ash was.

Over the last few days, he watched the furry little Pokemon cuddle its way to Misty, snuggle against Dawn, and being a little gentleman towards May. At the rate this was going, it looked like he would be needing to take girl advice from a Pokemon.

All of his other Pokemon were with Professor Oak. It was just him and Pikachu for the time being. He had promised his mother no more "pokemon battles" until after his birthday. Not an easy promise to keep, but he was willing to do just that.

But, however...having his mind free of Pokemon allowed him to think about different subjects...like people. People, like girls. Girls...like May. He knew where she was at the exact moment: on the couch, reading a Pokemon fashion magazine, her younger brother on the opposite side of her, watching television. Todd in the corner, looking through the pictures in his camera. Tracey gone, going back to Professor Oak for the rest of the day. Misty and Dawn playing with Pikachu on the floor...and Brock? No sign of him.

Ash thought about the chances of him going up to May in front of the full house. It was already awkward enough for everyone to witness the whole "butt" incident. Being new to this whole game of "love" and only learning about the language of girl a few days ago, Ash was still stuck as to how he should go about this. Where was Brock when you needed him?

Ash paced in his kitchen. Girls, girls, girls. The most complicated creatures he had ever come across. Nothing like Pokemon. If he wanted a Pokemon, all he had to do was send Pikachu after them, throw a Pokeball, and voila: the monster was his. Why couldn't girls be as simple? No, you have to IMPRESS them and learn about their secret language. Brock was right: the teenaged years are the deadliest. The girls were never so...girly when he first met them. Now they were in on the girl code stuff. Everything you tell them suddenly converts to : "OMG Are you saying I'm FAT?"

Of course, teenaged years do bring some lovely changes to the female kind. Misty had grown out of her tomboy stage and seemed more like a girl. Dawn finally filled out, and May...she was as beautiful as ever. Ash watched her from aside as she wrapped a bandana around her head, like she used to, and combed her velvety locks of hair. He watched her bare arms move, and wondered the texture of the soft, creamy flesh. And her eyes...shining like two, azul stars, two heavenly raindrops glistening and sparkling brightly on her visage. Her cheeks, naturally a soft pink. Her lean, full legs...her round bottom...up to her tiny curved waist, to her full, firm chest...and her curvy, beautiful back.

Ash stood there, daydreaming and practically drooling by himself as he watched May flip through the pages of her magazine. She had her legs crossed as she laid on the couch, sporting her pink ankle socks on her tiny feet. She was dressed in a strapless pink dress. Short of course...very, very short...

"I know that look."

Ash spun around briskly, expecting to see the face of his mother and getting ready to explain himself. Instead, he saw a smirking Brock.

"You're thinking about her body." he continued.

Ash blushed as he pressed his two index fingers in embarrassment. "I...uh..."

"You're thinking about her naked."

In an instant, Ash seemed to leap across as he covered his friend's mouth. "Shut up! They'll hear you!"

Brock managed to push him off. "So you are," he concluded.

Ash huffed. "No!" He paused. "I mean, not really..."

Brock shook his head. "Ash, I need to teach you another thing about girlkind."

The boy look up. "What?"

"Ash, there are two types of girls. Girls who hate surprises and secretly love them. Or girls who love surprises but secretly hate them."

Ash looked at his older friend blankly. "What?"

"Girls do everything opposite, Ash. They are not easy creatures. They will flaunt their girlie parts right in front of your face and then will scold you for staring at them. They will spend hours on make-up and get offended if you show any signs of interest. They will put on expensive perfume and act like they don't know why you are constantly mesmerized by them." He placed his hands on both of Ash's shoulders. "They are out to get us, Ash! This love thing is a game! Don't let her win! YOU take charge now!"

The more Brock was going with this, the more confused Ash was getting. "What am I supposed to do?"

However, the male shrugged. "Just tell her how you feel. Cut her some slack. The girl is only fourteen. She paints her nails hot pink for crying out loud."

Ash nearly toppled over.

Chapter Seven: Maybe You Need to See More

It seemed like forever until Ash could finally get May alone.

She was sitting by herself, except for Pikachu at her side, and filing her nails. Ash took a brief moment to gander towards her, noticing how cute she looked by herself as she sculpted each nail on her dainty fingers.

Ash cleared his throat. "Pikachu!"

The electric mouse jumped immediately as Ash made his debut. "Pikapi!" the Pokemon declared as he leaped into Ash's arms. "Buddy, I've been looking all over for you," he fibbed.

May smiled as she watched Pikachu embrace its trainer and blushed when she and Ash met eye contact.

"Hey May..." he greated sheepishly.

"Hey Ash..." she replied with the same tone. She giggled. "Just a few more days..."

Ash rolled his eyes. "Yeah...a few more days."

She giggled. "And then I could give you your birthday present!"

Ash turned bright red. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, KETCHUM! He scolded himself.

"Ash..." May began timidly. "You know...Maybe we can take a walk...together."

He blushed. "Sure...great."

May giggled. "You're so cute when you're nervous!"



"And, Oh my gosh, then he was like, 'my bulbasaur is better than yours' and I was like, "no way! no bulbasaur can compare to mine!' and.."

Ash listened as May talked on and on about what she had been up to since they had last seen each other. He never remembered her talking this much. Was this a new girl thing, too? He didn't really mind it, not really. He was more amused by it than anything else. He smiled the whole time, nodding and following along.

Pikachu was in the care of Misty, so Ash and May were now alone.

"And then he totally drops the whole bulbasaur thing and asks me to go out with him!"

Ash almost stopped in his tracks. Finally, he spoke. "And...what did you say?"

May blushed. "I said 'no way!' He is so not my type."

"What is your type?"

Her blush deepened. "You know...my...type." She shook her head and reversed the roles. "What about YOU, Ash Ketchum? What kind of girls does the Pokemon master go for?"

Ash hesitated, his cheeks scorching red. "I, uh, well, I like, um..."

"You like that Misty, don't you?"

He raised an eyebrow towards her. "What?"

"She was going on and on yesterday about how you said she has beautiful legs."

Blushing, more blushing. "I...well..."

May moved closer to him, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, grabbing his arm, and nearly pressing her nose against his.

"Do I have beautiful legs, Ash?" she asked rather seductively.

He gulped. "Um...yes..."

"Maybe you need to see more." She lifted the edge of her skirt to expose more bare thigh. Ash could nearly stand upright. "May, you don't have to-"

Though, she immediately stopped and began to have a laughing fit. "Oh, Ash! You're so cute! You're such a boy!" Then, she grabbed his arm and began to lightly tug him ahead.

"I'm so happy!" she stated cheerily. "This is like a date."

Ash seemed to be on fire now. "A...date..." he repeated slowly.

"We should go to the movies, then you can buy me popcorn and then we could go to the park and swing together and..." She went on for ages.

Ash couldn't help but smile as he allowed the beautiful girl to hold his arm and talk about their 'date.' Why was he enjoying this so much? What was it about May that brought this strange feeling inside him?

As he was lost in his train of thought, Ash didn't realize that May had gotten a hold of his hat and placed it upon her head. After a minute of feeling that something was missing, he finally looked down at May and saw what she had taken from him. He didn't say anything as he saw her smile and wink at him. He returned the smile, and then she abruptly wrapped her arms around his waist as they continued to walk around Pallet together. Ash's heartbeat accelerated as he felt the girl touch him and rest herself against him. What should he do now? What did May want him to do? What if he did something and girl language would make its way back into the picture?

Finally, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to him.

May seemed a bit surprised at first, not really expecting that from Ash, out of all people. But, she smiled warmly at the gesture and nestled her head against his chest. She could sense the nervousness leaping out of Ash's body.

"Ash..." she spoke softly after an awkward moment of silence.


"Have you ever...kissed a girl?"

This stopped him dead in his tracks, even taking May by surprise. "Uh...I think, I, um, well, you see..."

"I haven't kissed a boy," May continued. "I guess I've always waited for the right one."

Ash blushed once again. He was surprised that he could even breathe at the moment. Where was May going with this?

"Sometimes you don't realize that the right one has been in front of your eyes the whole time."

She looked up at him with wide, glistening eyes. She grabbed onto the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer. "I'm not the type of girl to do this in public, but..." She pulled him down and aimed her mouth for his lips, and just before they made contact, Ash pulled away.

"Uh...Pikachu's calling me!" he lied.

Steam emerged from May's ears. "Excuse ME? I don't hear anything!"

"We have this special bond. I can sense him." What was he doing? "Uh, gotta go!" And then he ran off.

May grumbled as she began to wave her fist in the air, running after him. "ASH!" she called out, ignoring stares from the rest of the neighborhood. "I wear my best PRADA DRESS FOR YOU! WHEN WILL YOU GET THE HINT?"

She followed him all the way back to his house.

Chapter Eight: Kiss and Don't Tell

Ash ran into an empty house...HIS empty house.

He had no idea where everyone had gone, but didn't even bother trying to process it into his mind. All he knew was that he needed to go into his room and cool down and let everything that had just happened...and almost happened...sink into his mind.

He ran upstairs to his room and threw himself on the bed. He looked up at the ceiling and for a moment felt safe...that is, until two seconds later when he heard the door bust open and the sound of stomping up the stairs.


No one other than May. Ash swiftly leaped up, not sure of what to do. However, before he could figure out a quick game plan, May came storming into his room and pushed him back onto his bed with all her might. For a girl of her stature, she was pretty strong.

"May, I-"

She grunted loudly, interrupting his sentence. "How dare you run away from me like that!" she yelled, climbing onto top of him and pinning him down. "What do you think I have? COOTIES or SOMETHING?"

What was this wildness and aggressiveness? Brock never said anything about this sort of behavior.

Finally, Ash took hold of her and turned both of them over, so that he was now on top of her. "I don't think you have anything!" he reassured her, using the same harsh tone of voice she was using towards him. "I just felt-"

She took control and pinned him down again. "Felt what? What's your problem Ash? First you call me FAT, then you run away from ME, and now you are not making any SENSE!"

He turned her over once more. "I DIDN'T call you FAT!" he yelled at her for the millionth time. And after he spoke, the room went quiet.

Ash was still on top of her, on his bed. He had his hands pressed against her arms, and his knees on her knees. He could feel her whole body lightly shaking, as well as her breath hitting his face. She was breathing heavily, with her mouth slightly agape, and her chest expanding and narrowing with the rhythm of her heavy breathing. Her body was cold, and his was warm. She was light, he was heavy. However, the excess weight of her didn't hurt, but only brought a shiver down her spine and a wanting feeling in the pit of her waist. She felt it all over her body, as he did.

At that moment, all of Brock's advice and teachings disappeared from Ash's mind. At that moment, he did not see a complex creature, but a beautiful, vulnerable girl. She stared at him with wide eyes, as if she were waiting for him...waiting for a move. Waiting for him to do something.

Ash let his heart take over, as he pressed his body forward, feeling her body touch his, her soft breasts rubbing against his chest. May lost control of her breathing when she felt Ash's smooth hands travel to her waist, and gasped when his mouth neared hers.

It was only a small touch, his lips brushing against hers lightly and softly. May could smell the sweetness of his hot breathe, and his body against hers made her whole flesh torrid. She slid her arms around his back, pressing her nose lightly against his. Then, he made the rest of the way down and kissed her mouth.

He kissed her softly, and she pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. She constantly repositioned herself, as did he...as the two messily fidgeted across the bed, tossing and turning different angles. They didn't know what they were doing, but they were trying to hard to figure it out.

"Ash..." May finally spoke.

He pulled himself away from her lips and gazed down at her. "...Yeah..?"

"I don't...I don't think this is right..."

A feeling of dread overcame his body. What did she mean by...not right? Was it him?

"I mean...we're on a bed and...I kind of wasn't having this much...in mind."

In a matter of milliseconds he jumped right off of her, and apologies began flowing from his mouth like an out of control river.

"May, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean- I wasn't trying-"

She glared at him with wet eyes, taking his hands in hers and offering him a gentle smile. "I know you're not that kind of boy, Ash. You're too sweet!"

His cheeks turned a deep, crimson red at her response. She giggled, wrapping an arm around him. "I'm just so happy that I have a boyfriend now!"

Ash nearly fainted.

"B-b-b-boyfriend?" he repeated stuttering.

May nodded blissfully. "Of course!" Then, her expression changed. "I mean, you can't just kiss me like that and not expect to be my boyfriend! What do you think I am, a SLUT?"

Oh no, here it was again. Girl language. She was no accusing him of calling her a slut when all he said was one word.

She stood up from the bed and began to lecture him.

"I cannot BELIEVE you, Ash Ketchum!" she scolded. "I am not just a piece of meat! I am a HUMAN BEING! Wait till my DAD hears about this! All I ever wanted was for you to like me! I would never have thought-"

She was cut short when Ash took hold of her and began kissing her again.

Chapter Nine: Alone in the Park

With only two days until his birthday, Ash had already gotten himself a girlfriend..by accident.

He liked May...He liked her a lot. He liked her so much that it felt as if his heart was to explode at any moment, He made her so mad, yet so happy...and so annoyed, but was so much fun. She was of the girl species. And Ash was beginning to like the effect she had on him.

He sat on the swings and watched her playing with Pikachu, as the young girl and the small Pokemon frolicked among the park. He smiled at her as she ran in her pink sneakers, her parted hair blowing against her face gracefully, and her little skirt twirling as spun with his small yellow friend. She seemed so innocent, like when they first met.

His mother had gone out; and Brock, Todd, Tracey, and Max were all with Professor Oak. They offered for May and Ash to come along, but each made up a separate excuse, Ash convinced the group that he had errands to run, and May swore that she needed to get a manicure. Brock, on the other hand, knew that something was going down, and suspected that Ash and May were planning something they wanted to keep unknown from the rest of the group.

Their plan? A date. A simple, first date. The walk from the preceding day didn't really count...

Along with Pikachu, the young pair walked around Pallet, awkwardly holding hands, and finding themselves at the Park. It was empty and free of small children roaming the area.

And Ash continued to watch May, giggling and playing, as if she were a small girl. Finally, she met Ash's eye contact, and motioned for him to follow her. Raising an eyebrow, the boy stood and went after her, as she played a small game of tag with him. They ended up behind a tree, May leaning against the rough bark and staring up at Ash timidly.

Brock had told him that if a girl stares at you for a long time and doesn't say anything, that usually means she wants you to kiss her. And if that isn't the case, well...prepare to be slapped.

Ash took a deep breath in as he leaned himself against her. He was still new at this kissing thing, and as much as he enjoyed it, he wasn't quite sure of what May had thought of him.

He felt her small gloved hands wrap around his back as he inched closer to her. Slowly, their lips met, and he kissed her for what seemed like the longest time.

Pikachu had been searching for the two for several minutes, and he had finally found them cuddled against a tree, kissing and kissing, and kissing...

The Pokemon didn't really understand, but smiled at them.

As Ash kissed May, he couldn't help but allow his mind to wander off. Now that he and May were...'together,' what would happen now? Would she come with him on his next journey? Would he see her often? How would he tell his friends? ...His Mom? Her Mom...? And...her dad? What if he totally messed up this boyfriend thing? What if he said something that would be twisted into girl language and his whole relationship with May would be destroyed?

May was the one to pull away from him.

She looked at him for a moment, then fixated her gaze towards the ground.

"Ash..." she began slowly, "...I was just thinking..." She twiddled with her fingers as she searched for the right words to say.

"What?" Ash cut in, internally freaking out. "Did I do something wrong? Did I say something? Did you not want me to kiss you?"

May laughed at his drama. "Don't be silly! You were perfect!"

"Then what's wrong?"

"This just feels...weird," she finally stated. "I mean, I REALLY like you, Ash. And you're really cute, and really sweet...But, what are we supposed to tell everyone? And, how? And what if I'm a bad girlfriend? I mean, I wanted to get this new conditioner to make my hair softer, and you can't have a girlfriend with gross, dry hair, and-"

Ash stopped her before she went any further. "May," she cut in with a chuckle. "You're hair is fine." This put her at slight ease. "And don't worry about everyone else. They'll know...when they'll know, I guess."

She smiled at him. "Ash, you're so sweet! I'm so glad that you're my boyfriend!" The sound of the word was still new to his ears.

"And I'm glad that you're...my girlfriend," he added timidly. May grinned. "Ash, I've never been so happy!" She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

"OMG!" she finally spoke, literally saying those three letters. Ash gave her an odd look.

She continued. "I have to get a new outfit for you to see me in! Oh my gosh, there's like this new line of Jigglypuff apparel at PokeGirl! The skirts there are amazingly cute! We have to go NOW!"

"But May, wait-"

Too late. She had already began dragging him along.

Chapter Ten: I Love You, So Shut Up

"Ash, could you please show me where the toothpaste is?"

It was a simple question, and no one in the Ketchum residence even questioned the innocent gesture. Night was approaching, and the sun was beginning to set. With his cheeks burning red, Ash stood and walked with May away from the rest of the group. They traveled up stairs, to the bathroom, and shut the door. May locked it. She then looked towards Ash and smiled cleverly towards him, as he shot her a nervous smile.

"Oh, there it is," she said innocently, briefly looking at the tube and returning her gaze to Ash. After a split second, they were all over each other.

May had taken Ash by surprise when she practically leaped towards him, pressing her body against his vertically and kissing his mouth fervently. He kissed her back, as she positioned herself on top of the bathroom counter, now being eye level with Ash.

She was moving fast, allowing her lips to travel from his mouth and down to his neck, planting a trail of kisses. Ash gasped at this sudden wild outburst of May. Brock didn't say anything about this, either. How did this girl know so much about this stuff? How much television did she watch?

"May, wait," he stopped her.

She opened her eyes and stared at him, lips still puckered and waiting to be kissed. "Huh?"

"Not in here," he spoke. "Let's...go take a walk."

She nodded slowly.

"And so, like, she was wearing the same outfit I was wearing! I couldn't believe the nerve of her! And she acted like I was the one copying HER! But she was totally wearing these Blissey heeled wedges that were SOOO last spring, and..."

Of course, what did he expect when he walked with May?

She walked beside him, using extreme hand gestures as she continued on with her story.

"Can you believe her, Ash?"

Ash shook his head. "You're totally right, May."

She smiled at him, taking his arm. "I'm sorry about the bathroom thing," she apologized from out of the blue. "You know...it's hormones."

Ash blushed. "That's alright..." he said. "It was...nice."

He immediately pondered on if that was the right response to give her.

And immediately, girl language took it place.

"So, you're saying that you liked it?"

"I, well..."

"And you want to do it again?"

"May, where are you going with this?"

She steamed. "UGGHH! So I am just a make-out partner, aren't I? You weren't even listening when I was talking to you!"

"Yes I was!"

"What was I saying then, HUH?"

"You were talking about some girl and her outdated wedges!"

"What KIND of WEDGES?"


She grunted again. "WHAT IS THE POINT?" Then, she pushed him.

He pushed her back. "THIS is the POINT!"



"What? SEX? Is THAT what you want, Ash Ketchum? Because-"

"May, SHUT UP!"

She gasped, smacking his arm. "Don't tell me to shut up! Especially when you just wanted to sleep with me!"

"I DIDN'T say that!"

"Just like you didn't say I was FAT, RIGHT?"

"I DIDN'T say you were FAT!"

"But you want to sleep with me!"

"No I don't!"

"What? So I'm not good enough for you, ASH KETCHUM? Maybe that MISTY is?"

"I didn't say that!"

"Then what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I LOVE YOU, MAY! So, SHUT UP!"

And it worked. She shut her mouth. A deep pink overcame her cheeks as she stared at him, a hand over her mouth. "You...l-lo-l-ove..."

She immediately embraced him, wrapping her small arms around his back. "Oh Ash!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "I love you TOO!"

And he had done it. Once again, he took control of girl language...and let some feelings out in the open.

"Ash, you don't know how happy I am!" she cheered. As she spoke, she began kissing him in-between sentences.

"I forgive you for telling me to shut up and wanting to have sex with me!"

Of course, you have to make a few sacrifices...

Verbal vomit began, as she continued to express her joy towards Ash. They were making their way back home, May holding on to Ash's arm and snuggling against his shoulder. Ash secretly enjoyed May's reaction, as she continued to talk and kiss him and cuddle against him.

After a minute, she began to calm down, and she repositioned herself so that Ash's arm was around her shoulder. She pulled him over to a bench in an unoccupied area, as the two sat down and she rested her head on his chest.

May looked up at the sunset, as the skies darkened, and night would soon make it's way. May sighed. "You're so warm, Ash..."

He didn't say anything, but pulled her closer to him. He watched as she closed her eyes and nestled herself on him. As the sun seemed to disappear, Ash leaned his face forward and kissed her lips, taking May by surprise. She gasped at the sudden, sweet gesture, and allowed herself to be engulfed by him, sliding her arms up and down across his back, feeling his hot skin touch hers, almost burning her in a desirable manner.

Her heart beat accelerated, beating like a drum within her chest, her whole body pulsing. She returned his kiss by kissing him harder, longer. She ran her fingers through his pure black hair, and used the other to lightly touch the skin of his arm, traveling up and down the torrid flesh, continuing to kiss him, swerve her mouth, glide her lips against his.

They didn't notice when the rain began to fall. It began as a few wet drops, but then progressed into heavily pouring droplets. However, it did not put out their own fire. The intensity of the rain hitting and soaking their bodies only made them more unaware of their surroundings and more aware of each other. May slid down the bench, until Ash was slightly on top of her. Her breathing had gotten out of control, as her chest allowed her breasts to expand and narrow according to the intensity of her breath. Her heart was racing, her body trembling. From the cold? From the intense heat? She didn't know. His kisses were wet and slippery, messy, and yet exasperating. She wanted more, more, more. They were doing it all wrong, but it felt good. Innocene was still within them, and it was this innocence that let the passion explode between them.

Chapter Eleven: Girl Brutality

The sun rose, the pidgey chirped, and Ash opened his eyes to see two black pools glaring down at him.

He jumped up immediately, banging his head against the back of his wall. When his brown eyes finally focused, he saw a furry yellow ball of electricity smiling at him.


Ash sighed, placing a hand on the spot where he had just slammed his head. The Pokemon sprinted up to him and embraced him.

"Pi, pikapi, pi, pi, pikachu!"

"I know it's my birthday. Thanks, Pikachu. But I'm afraid to go down and see everybody...I'm afraid of what's in store for me."

"Pikachu, pikapika chu chu."

Ash blushed and looked away. "Sorry...don't understand Pokemon language."

Pikachu sighed and shook his head at his trainer.

"Though, I'm a lot better at it than girl language..."

Pikachu looked up at Ash, whose eyes scanned the ceiling of his room.

"What's up with girls? It's like they have a conspiracy going on or something. What's the deal with this girl language stuff? And when does it start happening? Do they wake up one morning with a full rack and decide to start using this...code of theirs?"

Pikachu only smiled.

Ash smirked back, petting the top of his small friend's head. "I'm starting to sound like Brock. That's not good. Maybe there isn't a girl language. Maybe Brock was all wrong about this..."

An instant later, his bedroom door burst open.

Before he even had a moment to blink, three young girls stormed into his room, carrying the same dress in their hands. Who else would it be but May, Misty, and Dawn.

"ASH!" they all exclaimed in unison.

He pulled the covers over his midsection. "Oh boy..."

"Ash!" Misty began, showing him her red dress as she nearly shoved it into his face. "This would look best on ME, RIGHT?"

"No ASH!" Dawn interrupted. "It would look best on ME!"

May went next. "But, ASH! You KNOW it would look best on ME!"

Ash only stared as they went back and forth. Then, things got ugly...GIRL ugly...

"No way, MAY!" Misty yelled. "You'd look like a CAMEL in this dress!"

May gasped. "A CAMEL? YOU JUST CALLED ME FAT!" She paused. "You'd look like a freaking SNORELAX if YOU wore that DRESS!"

Misty gasped. "YOU JUST SAID I WAS FAT!"

Dawn chuckled. "I guess I should wear the dress then, since you're both agreed."

"NO WAY!" May called. "You're legs would look like two tree trunks in that dress!"



Then, it was all three of them.





Ash covered Pikachu's ears from the fowl girl language. He nodded at the destructive behavior. "No, no. I'm sure now. Brock was right."

It was nearly twenty minutes later when they finally remembered that it was Ash's birthday.

It was a wonderment to Ash how girls could go from vicious and cruel to sweet and forgiving in a matter of seconds.

They were all over him, like...girls. Being all cute and cuddly and sweet. Girls would forever remain a mystery to Ash...especially HIS girl, May. So cute and lovable...but vicious and wild and aggressive. Was this even natural? Was this how all girls were? His mother must have been like this, too, at some point. The thought alone gave him the creeps.

However, today was his birthday...and it would be a long day as well...

Chapter Twelve: Cerulean Swim

Ash would have never guessed Misty's surprise for him.

A swim...at the pool of her gym.

However, it also meant total awkwardness with three particular girls.

"Ash, does this swim suit make my butt look big?"

"Ash, should I have gone with the thong two piece?"

"Ash, can you help me tie my bikini top?"




Ash nearly flipped when his mother approached him.

"Ash, honey, can you-"

"MOM! NO! Not you TOO!"

Delia looked at her son oddly. "What are you talking about, dear? I just wanted you to hand me a towel."

He did as his mother requested, and then turned to find Brock right behind him.

"It seems that you have a little fan club."

Ash let out an exasperated breath. "Brock, you need to help me! These girls are DEADLY."

"Of course! What do you need?"

"I need-" he stopped when she saw May.

"Ash?" Brock waved a hand, still no response. He turned and saw Ash's distraction. A soaking May emerged from the pool, adjusting her bikini bottom as she did so. She stretched for a moment, allowing more water to drip down across her body...slowly.

"Nice," Brock stated with a simple nod of his head, then looked at Ash. "You better stop drooling, Ash. May's going to get suspicious..."

Ash sighed. "If only you knew..."

Before Brock could reply, May came bouncing over to them. Ash's whole face burned crimson as she happily came, taking Ash's arm and leading him away.

"Sorry Brock!" she declared, dragging the boy from his older friend. "I have something to show the birthday boy!" Ash's blush deepened as Brock smirked. "Don't worry," he encouraged her. "Take your time."

She led him into the empty girl's changing room, and he immediately felt uncomfortable at their location.

"May...we shouldn't be here..."

He expected her to jump on him again and begin making out as if there was no tomorrow. But, she didn't. Instead, she pulled out something from her bag and handed it to him. It was neatly wrapped with a pink ribbon.

"I wanted to give you this alone," she said softly.

He smiled timidly as he opened it, and grinned when he saw what lay underneath the wrapping.

It was a picture of him and May from several years ago with several of their Pokemon. The picture lay inside a decorative pink frame that read "Sweet Sixteen."

May blushed. "I know it's really girly...But I thought it would make you think of me..."

Ash's face went pink. "May," he said slowly, "this is...wonderful. I love it."

May grinned happily at Ash's response. "Ash! That makes me so happy!" She grabbed his arm and held him lovingly. "I'm so glad you like it! I really wanted to make you happy!"

"Aw, May," Ash said with a sheepish smile, cupping her chin. "YOU make me happy."

Her eyes sparkled as he spoke. "R-really?" she said. "Oh, Ash! You're the greatest boyfriend! I'm so glad that we're friends!" And with that, she took him into a tight embrace and pushed her mouth against his.


They separated in a matter of milliseconds. It could of been anyone else, but it had to be her... Ash's mother. He would have been better off caught robbing a bank.

The woman rushed to the teenagers and began to scold them. "I don't care if this is your birthday, Mr.! I WILL NOT allow this type of behavior! This is no place for these actions and NO PLACE FOR A YOUNG MAN! And, YOU, LITTLE MISS!..."

Delia paused as she looked at her son, then to the young girl. She was about to speak, but stopped herself and released a sigh.

"I almost forgot how I was at this age."

Ash could only imagine how his mother abused girl language.

"Miss Ketchum, I'm really sorry-"

Delia shook her head. "No need to apologize, May." She let out a smile. "I was a lot worse when I was young."

She REALLY abused girl language.

"Now, you two get back with all the others...the cake is coming!"

Chapter Thirteen: Epilogue

It had been the week Ash would never forget.

How did all this happen so quick? How did it even happen at all? Was it even real?

Ash looked at the picture May had given him the previous day. It had been from several years ago, and they were both huddled together. Ash had his arm around her, which was probably the first time he had ever done that to a girl in that manner at that age. It was sweet, and so was the frame. Yes, it was pink, glittery, and bordered with little Jigglypuff...but she was right: It did remind him of May. Cute, and bright, girly, and...pink.

Ash was planning on starting off on another Pokemon journey next week. He didn't know where his path would take him, but he knew he wanted to spend it with May. They were all going to leave for home today, and Ash knew he only had minutes to ask May to come with him.

"Pikachu, what do you think?" Ash asked his small friend. "Do you think she'll come with me?"

Pikachu smiled and nodded. "Pi pi!"

Ash grinned. "Always optimistic. I love you, Pikachu!"

The yellow Pokemon hopped on top of Ash's shoulder, and the trainer took in a deep breath. "Okay, Pikachu. Let's go stop her."

He and his Pokemon abruptly went down the stairs, and were just in time when they saw May beginning to drag her bags towards the door. Without hesitation, Ash ran up to her, took her arm, and turned her to face him.

"May, wait!" he told her, almost frantically.

She smiled. "Ash! I was beginning to think that you weren't going to say goodbye!"

"I'm not going to," he told her. "May...please come travel with me again. Just you and me and Pikachu. I promise I won't try anything on you! I will be an angel!"

May giggled at Ash's enthusiasm. "How sweet!" she laughed. "Oh, Ash! I would love to! But...I don't know if I can...I mean...I was going to head off again myself...and what if our paths don't lead us in the same direction?"

"We'll never know until we go for it."

May blushed.

"May, I've spent the last week trying to figure you out. You even wouldn't believe how much you've changed. May, I'm crazy about you, and you drive me crazy! I tried figuring out the girl language-"

"Girl language?"

"It's a long story..." Ash shook his head. "May, please come with me. Please, May. I will never understand you or any other girl on the face of this planet. But, I DO understand that I love you and you make me a whole person." He had to stop himself. Where did THAT come from? Since when was Ash a romantic?

He didn't realize that May's blue eyes had begun to glisten with tears. "Oh, Ash!" she cried. "I never knew you were so poetic! Ash! OF COURSE I'LL COME WITH YOU!"

And there was the overly-dramatic drama queen that Ash knew and loved.

She hugged him instantaneously and held him close to her.

"Ash...we have to say goodbye to everyone."

Ash nodded as he took May's hand in his and stepped outside with her. There, they saw the whole group, and approached them timidly.

Misty spoke up. "Aw, look at the cute couple!"

Brock said, "I never knew you REALLY had it in you, Ash."

"I always thought you'd end up with Misty," Tracey noted.

"This is a picture perfect moment!" Todd announced, getting his camera ready.

"How cute!" Dawn chimed in.

All Max could do was look in disgust and shake his head at Ash. "I can't believe he is going out with my sister..."

Ash and May could only stare at the group flabbergasted.

"How did..." Ash began.

"You all...find out?" May finished.

Brock pointed to the window. "You both performed quite the little show over there."

May blushed deeply. "Well...it was supposed to be kind of...personal..."

Todd interrupted the group as he finally prepared his camera and stood before the entire group. "How about one picture?" he suggested. "Before we hit the road."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Delia made her way outside, and rested a hand against her son's shoulder.

Todd grinned."Perfect! Everyone position yourselves. I hope you are all wearing slimming outfits, because the camera adds ten pounds."

May stepped up, waving her fist in the air. "Hey, are you saying I'm FAT?"

And he captured the scene.