Title: Dare You To Move

Author: xxCallicaTruLovexx

Rating: M

Summary: Callie and Mark have a little fun. WARNING: contains so kinky matter.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story. Al characters belong to their rightful owners.

A/N: Takes place during season 7

Callie walked into the apartment she now shared with Mark, collapsing onto the couch, partially on top of Mark himself.

"Jeez, Torres," Mark gruffed, trying to knock Callie's head out of his lap.

"Stop, Mark," she groaned, knocking his hand away.

"There's only one reason why your head should be in my lap," Mark said jokingly, hoping Callie would get the hint to move.

"If that's what you want," she smiled wickedly as she flipped over onto her stomach and lowered to fly to his jeans. Before he could protest, her lips were wrapped around his thick member.

"Callie," he groaned, his fingers tangling in her raven locks. She sucked on him harder, pulling more of him into her mouth. Mark grunted beneath of her as he pulled her away from him.

"As much as I might want to, I'm not coming down your throat," he said as he stood up, pulling him up with her. Their clothes were quickly discarded and lips traced over every inch of exposed skin. Mark turned Callie around, pulling her back flush against his chest. His hands ran over her stomach and up to cup her breast, palming them roughly in his hands. Callie arched her back, pushing more of herself into Mark's grasp. He flicked his thumbs over the hardened buds, eliciting a low moan from Callie.

Mark moved one hand from her breast, bringing it around to brush her hair away from her neck. He gently pushed her down, bending her over the couch. He straightened up, poising himself at her entrance.

Callie looked back at him over her shoulder with a raised eye brow as if daring him to stop. Mark smirked slightly before he plunged into her, causing Callie's knees to buckle slightly. He brought a hand underneath her, resting it on her stomach as he moved in and out of her.

Callie raised up to her tiptoes, pushing herself back into him as he thrust into her. Mark brought his free hand to her ass, slapping it slightly. Callie groaned, pushing her ass into Mark's hand more.

"Again," Callie begged, her breathing ragged. Mark brought his hand down to her roughly, his other hand sliding down to tease her clit.

"God you are so kinky, Callie," Mark said as her wetness coated his fingers. His fingers slid over her clit, quickly bringing her over the edge. He followed, her walls clenching around him bringing on his own release.

Mark collapsed on the couch, pulling Callie down on top of him.

"You still exhausted?" Mark asked, looking at Callie.

"Not at all," Callie smiled as she straddled his lap.