~ Chapter 12# ~

Crow watched with a smug smile as Jack downed the soup that the fly had fallen into. It served Jack right, maybe it would poison him too! The thought brought little satisfaction to Crow, Jack was such a jerk! Saying such belittling things about everyone around him; always trying to prove that he was better that Yusei. Well he wasn't! Crow thought. Yusei was the best!

"Crow dear, go give this bowl of soup to Yusei."

Crow winced, "Yes ma'am." Crow took the bowl; maybe he could dump it out the window so Yusei wouldn't get sick. But, Yusei would probably be hungry… well, he could sneak him something else to him to eat later. Or maybe he could tell Yusei the truth?

Yusei was a strong believer in the truth… maybe the truth option wouldn't be so bad? If he told Yusei, the worst thing that could happen is Yusei would be upset. Crow emerged into the room and handed the bowl over to Yusei.

"Before you taste it… I made it."

Yusei smiled, "Then I know I'll like it."

Crow swallowed, "I sprinkled some sprinkles in… they kinda melted in the heat I guess."

"It's fine."

Crow hung his head, "A fly fell in."

Yusei held back a smile, "By accident?"

Crow nodded. Of course it was by accident! Did Yusei really think that he would do such a terrible thing? Crow looked up when Yusei touched his shoulder. "I've eaten worse things Crow… you don't have to worry about it."

Crow grinned, "So you don't mind?"

"Nope, you did your best and that's all that counts."

The two gave each other a smile. Truly that's what counted in a friendship… friends doing their best.

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