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Son Gohan


Gohan just turned eleven at the start.

When he grows up imagine his hair cut stays the same as the one he has during the cell games.

Goten's hair will also stay the same as he grows up instead of going weird like at the end of Z and during GT.

In this first chapter I have incorporated the episode 'Memories Of Gohan' (My favourite episode along with 'A Hero's Farewell' –so sad). I tried to keep the dialogue faithful to the show as much as I can.

Gohan's Birthday:

(May 18th 767 Age)

The sound of birds singing melodies and the river running peacefully alongside the son household rang throughout the Poazu Ranges. A small breeze gently blew on the curtain through the partly open window. A young boy lay asleep, upside down and half way off of his bed, entangled in his blankets. A goofy content look sat on his resting face and soft snoring added to the songs of the forest.

His eyes fluctuated. As he came to, he realised what had awoken him. He could smell it, his favourite food. His mother was preparing roast chicken for his consumption on the morning of his eleventh birthday. The scent carried his body off of his bed and he got into a white top and black pants.

Slipping out of his door, trying not to awaken his father, he quietly made his way down the hallway and stairs. He wanted to get to the table before his father could devour all of his birthday breakfast. His heart sped when he saw his father seated at the table already. How on earth did his father beat him to the table on his own birthday? His pulse rate returned to normal when he saw the food was still there. Obviously his mother had forced Goku to wait until the birthday boy awoke.

"Good morning mother and father!" Gohan smiled widely.

Chichi and Goku turned to face him. Plastered with a cheery grin, his mother replied, "Good morning, happy birthday!"

Goku just looked at them with the trade mark Son family grin on his face, "Morning, little man. Come here!"

Walking over to Goku, Gohan was embraced by his father. "I'm so proud of you, son. You've grown up so fast and been put through more than I'd like to mention. You're the best son anyone could have asked for. Please try to forget about the Cell Games and enjoy today with your family. Happy birthday!" he said ruffling his son's messy blond hair.

A slight blush appeared on the young teens face. "Thank you daddy."

Sitting down at the table the occasion turned into an all out war between father and son to see who could eat the most. Chichi looked on in despair.

Laughter rose from the Son residence that morning, though it over shadowed by the cell games that were to begin eight days.


A feeling of sadness is at the back of my mind. The Cell Games are really getting to me. Even though it is my birthday I can't help feeling scared. I'm not going to tell anyone. They would think I'm a little child and make fun of me. I have to push these thoughts aside and enjoy the remaining days until the Cell Games.

Anyway Krillin's here for my birthday now. I aim my attention back at the laughter at hand. Krillin was trying to crack jokes again.

"So Vegeta's furious and he's about to kill him for cutting off his tail and Yajirobe goes 'Please sir, I really admire and I'd like to join you if it's not too late'," Krillin humoured, pulling a ridiculously stupid face.

We all cracked up laughing, remembering back all those years. I shudder when I pick up my glass and hear a shattering noise echo through the room. Everyone looks at me with astounded expressions on their faces. I know I'm in for it now.

"Man again? You gotta control it like this, watch me," dad says while picking up his glass, "See."

We all grunt and look away when we hear that crashing sound again. Mother turns around and looks ready to explode. We had really out done ourselves now.


She was as mad as ever, her face had steam rising off of it. A louder crash rang through the house as our tables and chairs were reduced to rubble. Me and dad are dumbstruck and he tries to mumble a response, "Oh, man. We really did it this time..."

Krillin cowers with his hand over his face, "Chichi's gona kill you guys! Hey where did she go?"

We all shudder as mother burst out from under the rubble.

"AHHH! HERE I AM! ALRIGHT YOU TWO I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS SAIYAN STUFF! YOU'VE BROKEN BOTH SETS OF DISHES AND THREE TABLES! I swear is it too much ask to have a normal dinner where we don't smash glasses and silverware and break all the furniture?...WELL, IS IT, I'M WAITING?"

Me and dad stare aimlessly at the ground. Father manages to muster the courage to mumble, "I'm sorry..."

"I have an idea. Maybe we should use paper plates and cups."

"Yeah, WELL THINK AGAIN KIDDO! Gosh, what a funny sense of humour. Paper cups and paper plates. You must get that from your mommy. I'll tell you what Gohan. Since it's your birthday, I'm going to let you off easy. For your punishment you can help me clean up. As for you Goku hit the road! Don't call us, we'll call you!"

"Oh, you want me to leave home?" dad puts on an inquisitive face.

Why'd we have to break things again? Now mums mad at us.

"YES! I can't take it anymore Goku. I need you gone. At least until I finish setting up for Gohan's party."


Chichi's words had hit hard for Goku. He was visible hurt by them.

"You like fishing right? Go catch a fish or something."

His expression turning round Goku happily exclaimed, "Hey, sure, sounds great! I'm going to catch a big one."

"I'll come too!" Krillin announced just as happy as his best friend.

"Me too!" Gohan chirped in.

"Wonderful plan, YOU CAN FORGET IT!" was Chichi's reply. Everyone gasps at the sudden outburst. "Look if you think you're getting off the hook that easy you can think again kiddo. After you've finished cleaning up it's time to study."

Solemnly Gohan answered, "Anything but that mom."

"A mother knows what's best, right?"

"Well, I guess..."

"Hey, son, your mother is one hundred percent right. It would be better if you studied this afternoon."

Krillin and Gohan sweat drop as a hair curdling scream rings through the son household. Goku looks flabbergasted at everyone as to what he did.

"What did I do?"

"You don't know?"

"Gosh daddy."

"Are you sick?"

A thermometer is thrust into his mouth at the speed of sound as Chichi worriedly asks, "You feeling okay?"

Goku mumbles 'I dunno' in response as massive amounts of sweat drop of his face.


The Sun sat burning down on the Son house from it's perch in the sky. Birds were still playfully flying around outside Gohan's window and the small breeze that was present that morning had long since died completely. The boy sat quietly at his desk 'studying'. In truth he was lost in his own thoughts.

'Why do bad guys have to turn up and ruin the peace all the time? I mean look at it out there. Everything is so beautiful, yet it may all be gone in a few days. I wish I could just live like this for a while, relishing in the presence of my family, enjoying life.'

The boy is rocketed out of thought when his door crashes open and his mother storms into the room.


The tone in her voice registers in Gohan's brain as being relative to what she would use if she was about to kill someone, so he turns around slowly to try and save his backside from whatever torture she has planned for him. "Mom, I'm really studying this time, I swear."

"Don't swear, you know better than that, right?"

He looks at the ground in shame trying not to show how scared he is, "Yes."

He looks up at what his mother points at and gets a welcome surprise, which lights his face up tenfold.

"Clean up this mess so you can go out and fish with your dad!"

Gohan beams a triumphant Son grin, "Sure!"


Well that the first chapter. Tell me what you think. Hope it wasn't too boring and I hope everyone was on character. Please comment on what you think. New chapter in the next week if you like it.