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Son Gohan


Gohan just turned eleven at the start.

When he grows up imagine his hair cut stays the same as the one he has during the cell games.

Goten's hair will also stay the same as he grows up instead of going weird like at the end of Z and during GT.

During the ten day wait for the cell games Gohan never stayed at the lookout over night.

Lessons From Goku:

(May 23th 767 Age)

Rain pounded against his window as strong gusts blasted through the trees outside. No birds were singing, no cicadas chirping as no animals dared come out in the current weather predicament. It didn't bother him though. He was sleeping gracefully on the floor of his bedroom.


Why was he on the floor?

No, he wasn't sleeping gracefully he had smashed his head on his bed side cabinet moments before when thunder had jolted him awake. Now a large round protrusion had swollen from his head.

Loud groans and a few awkward attempts later and he were on his feet.

'Since when has a bump on my head ever hurt so much,' was all he could think about as he rubbed it, trying to stop the pain emanating from the bump.

Stumbling around aimlessly for a few moments he remembered where the light switch was a flicked it on. Yellow light flooded the room and he was shocked to see the mess he had made. His bed was a mess, the blankets were all over the ground and there was a rather large dent in the cabinet he had smashed.

'I hope mother didn't hear that, she wouldn't be too happy to see that cabinet right now.'

He glanced over to his clock to see it was 7:34am. Hopefully Chichi would be down stairs already making breakfast, and then she might not have heard it.

Clumsily he pulled his clothes on as fast as he could. It perhaps didn't end how he intended as he fell flat on his face. This wasn't a very good start to the day.

Finally once he did manage to get dressed he headed down stairs. He knew breakfast would make it all better. Fate had different idea though. He was trying to walk down the stairs while putting his shoes on, which was apparently a bad idea as he went head over heel and landed face down at the bottom of the stairwell.

The boy, Son Gohan, groan under his breath. This was the story of his life. Luck never seemed to be in his favour, or someone up there just likes to see him fall over.

He sucked it all in and decided that nothing else could go wrong between the lounge and the kitchen. Just a few steps and he could be seated eating food. That's all it would take.

Just... a few... more... steps.

He had made it! He was at the kitchen door.

Then Goku decided it would be a good time to open it and call Gohan down for breakfast.


He had a bump on his head, a few bruises on his face, and now his face had been flattened by his dad.

Looking down Goku asked, "Hey Gohan! What you doing down there buddy?"

"You opened the door and smashed my face in..." the young boy motioned with one hand as he rubbed his face with the other.

"Oohhhh...sorry. Hey you left an imprint of your face in the door!" The older male laughed scratching the back of his head.

"Thanks dad..."


"Wow daddy! This is so fun!" Gohan was laughing uncontrollable at the amount of fun he was having.

Goku had suggested that as it was raining and there was really not much else to do that he and Gohan should go for a drive in their car. Goku was driving as fast as he could as no one was around to tell them other wise and giving Gohan the thrill of a lifetime.

The vehicle came to a halt as Goku stopped it on the side of the dirt road.

"Why'd you stop dad? We're in the middle of nowhere."

"Do you want to drive?"

"Are you sure? I'm only eleven and you're asking me if I want to drive your car."

"Why not? We've got nothing to lose. Besides we need to have some fun and relax for now. The Cell Games are only three days away and I want you to enjoy that time."

Face radiant, Gohan agreed and the two swapped seats. Pulling his seat belt over his shoulder Gohan prepared to slam his foot on the accelerator.

"Wow! Take it easy. First you need to put the handbrake down to disengage it."

Doing as instructed Gohan pushed the button and then handbrake down. Follow the rest of the instruction his father gave him he pulled the clutch and put it into first gear. Easing on the accelerator the car took off. He wasn't quiet as easy on the accelerator as he would have liked though as the vehicle quickly reached 80mph.

"DEAR KAMI! BREAK!" was all Goku could scream as an approaching corner loomed. They were on a mountain road. If they went off here it probably wouldn't end very nicely.

The young boy realised what was happening and quickly did as instructed as well as turning sharply to the left as they reached the corner. The car was sent into a frenzied slide on the mud as both occupants screamed.

When the car finally came to a stop, both saiyans were breathing heavily trying to recover from their ordeal.

"I think...I'll...drive us...home...now..." Goku managed between breaths.


Once they returned they inspected the car looking for any damage Gohan may have caused. When Goku found some dents and scrapes on the back bumper he showed Gohan.

"I'm really sorry daddy. If I wasn't so careless this wouldn't have happened..." the boy spoke, ashamed and looking at the ground.

"Hey. It's okay. You did fine, better than I did on my first try."


"Still nothing. We had fun and that's what matters."

"Thank you, dad." Feeling slightly better he looked up, "Do you think we can beat him daddy? Do you think we have chance?"

"Of course we do. Don't worry; we'll be fine, I promise."

"Can you promise me something else daddy?" Innocently, Gohan looked his father in the eyes, "Promise that we'll all come back at the end alive so we can live in peace, as a family."

"I promise..."

Hope you liked it. I've still got one more chapter planned before the Cell Games so hang on. Update soon :D