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Chapter 12

Pain: the only feeling that Sam had. Pain boiling in his lungs, pain rocketing through his skull, pain pulsating through his stomach, the pain was everywhere he searched, and he could not escape it. The most utterly confusing part was that he didn't know how the pain had come to be. Flashes of memories from the previous hours-or was it days- whirled in his head, images of Dean bloody on the floor, of Bobby trying to help, of himself blacking out after expelling blood from his mouth. The images were not welcomed in his mind, and he tried to push them back, deny that it had ever happened, telling himself that it was just a dream… but deep down he know that it was true, and he knew that he had to escape the darkness that was consuming him, fight back, so he could help his brother, but his body had other ideas as his thoughts stopped in their tracks and as his mind became that of a midnight sky… dark.

"Dean." The single word echoed in Dean's muddled mind, the word having no meaning yet, as it continued to fly aimlessly throughout his head. He wished the voice would go away, leave him alone, and let him sleep. His body was tired, actually scratch that, it was exhausted, and even the simple thought of trying to understand that word, Dean, drained him of energy.

"Dean." The voice came again, bringing Dean back to awareness, the word finally having meaning, it was his name… and it was Bobby who was saying it. Bobby, leave me alone, shit my side hurts. Dean tried to say, but to avail. He tried again, only managing to move his lips, it seemed as though his voice simply wouldn't "turn on".

"Dean, you in there? Open your eyes." Bobby begged. The past few days had succeeded in thoroughly scaring the old hunter, with such words as surgery, nitric acid poisoning, blood transfusion, incubation, cyanosis, and even death, being thrust into his ears, he had every right to be scared. However, he had to thank Castiel, the angel hospitalized in room 111, for hearing all of these words instead of just one word- death.

Dean struggled to follow the command, but it seemed as though his eyes were like concrete bricks, making it nearly impossible to fulfill Bobby's request. However, he knew that he should give some sort of indication that he was at least aware that Bobby was talking to him, so he let out a groan, which led to a small cry of pain as his side exploded in pain.

"Dean, you okay? Come on boy, open your eyes for Uncle Bobby."

Finally, Dean's eyes fluttered open to half mast, glassy with pain and fever, and then firmly shut once again as light pierced his skull, sending it pounding. He let out a quiet moan of pain and slowly tried to bring his hands up to his skull, but stopped instantly when his shoulder wound once again made itself known.

"Where're you hurtin', Dean?" Bobby question upon seeing Dean's pain expression and hearing his agonized moan.

"M'fine." Was Dean's clipped and hoarse reply.

"Fine my ass, tell me what's hurtin' you, or I swear that I'll personally slap you."

"Head, side, and shoulder… side's the worst. What happened?" Dean asked.

"You went a few rounds with a burglar, that's what happened. And why didn't you have a gun, idjit"

"Forgot." Dean said before remember one very important thing... Sam!

Dean began to sit up, but Bobby easily- almost too easily- pushed him back down.

"Lemme go, Bobby! I gotta find Sammy!" Dean yelled frantically trying to get Bobby off of him.

"Boy, calm down. Sam will be fine, slow down a little before you hurt yourself more."

"Bobby, h-he w-was so sick, I gotta help him, please Bobby." Dean begged desperately. He needed to see Sam himself, know that he was still in one piece.

"Stop your squirming or I'll have a nurse sedate your ass."

"Bobby... p-p-please." Dean pleaded once more before passing out, his whole body going limp on top of the pristine, white hospital sheets.

"Damn, idjit." Bobby mumbled to himself while pressing the call button and plopping back down in his plastic chair next to Dean.

The nurse came running in, slowing when she saw that her patient wasn't near death or in need of immediate care.

"What's up?" She asked, walking over to the old, grizzled man whom she'd come to know well over the past few days.

"Dean woke up, seemed sort of out of it, and he was in pain... just wanted to make sure he's okay." Bobby replied while taking off his worn cap and running his rough hand over his thinning hair.

"Alright, I'll give him a quick once over, while you get something to eat... don't think I haven't noticed." She raised her eyebrows her concern.

"I'm fine, I'll get something later." Bobby insisted.

"Don't give me that, you need to eat, or else you'll be sittin' in the hospital too, now tell me how that will help Sam and Dean?" She questioned.

"Kate, don't worry, I'll eat later, I promise." Bobby said, leading to an eye roll from Kate.

"Bobby Singer, I swear, you are the most stubborn man in the world."

Kate was now pulling away the gauze covering Dean's side, inspecting the stitches and making sure that everything was still intact.

"Naw, that award would go to any one of the Winchesters', you'll see soon enough," Bobby chuckled, "Any news on Sam?"

Kate pushed the gauze back down on top of Dean's wound and sighed, turning to Bobby with a semi sad expression on her delicate face.

"Not much, the nitric acid really took a toll on his body, its a wonder that he's still alive, no to mention the pneumonia, although words going around that the antibiotics are doing their job." She explained and patted Bobby shoulder in reassurance, "If he's as stubborn as you say, he'll pull through, don't worry."

"Is Dean good?" Bobby asked, trying to change the subject from the youngest Winchester.

"Well, his fever's up a little, and I'm going to have the doctor come in to check on his shoulder, but other than that, he seems fine. And the fever could simply have been caused by straining his body when he woke up." Kate explained.

"Thanks, Kate." Bobby smiled as Kate pushed away from his should and started walking towards the door.

"Don't forget to eat Bobby, or I'll make you do it myself... through a tube." She threatened as the door slammed shut.

"You have to wake up, Dean, the nurses are HOT." Bobby whispered to Dean.

(Inside Dean's Head)

"Sammy! Sam! Where are you?" Dean shouted, his voice was hoarse and his throat felt like someone had coated it with salt, but he had to find Sam.


Suddenly, Sam appeared in front of him, he had blood smeared around his mouth and his arms were wrapped firmly around his stomach, making him hunched over, his body rigid with pain. He swayed and nearly collapsed, but Dean grabbed him around the waist before he hit the floor. He sat down and pulled Sam's head into his lap, brushing away bangs from fever riddled eyes.

" Sammy, Sammy,what's wrong?"Dean desperately questioned as Sam's eyes began to slide shut.

"D'n, help me... h-hurts."Sam begged.

"How, how can I help? What hurts, Sam?" Dean pleaded.

"Love you... go-od b-bye." Sam shuddered and coughed into his hand, coloring it a deep red, then his eyes rolled back in his head, as his breathing stopped with his heart.

"No! Sammy! Wake up! SAM! Don't leave me, please!" Dean cried... his brother was gone, dead! He cried until tears no longer came, tears of sadness and loneliness streaming down his face. He couldn't continue, he couldn't and wouldn't live without his Sammy... my Sam, that's where his little brother's nickname came in. From the moment that Dean had seen Sam, he had claimed him as his own... mine, my Sammy. But now his Sammy was gone, and that just couldn't happen.

Then, out f nowhere a gun appeared, and not just any gun... Dean's favorite gun. Without hesitation, he aimed it at his temple and fired.

(Real World)

Two alarms blared in the hospital, breaking the deathly silence, and they belonged to no other than Sam and Dean Winchester.

Sam's had came first, sending doctors and nurses alike rushing to the ICU. Dean's had came next, Bobby oblivious to it in the hospital cafeteria, only one nurse was left in the small hospital to attend to him... Kate, but the second that her eyes laid on the flat line on the monitor, she froze, and simply stared... TBC

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