AN: This is a one shot that may or may not become a story. It is dedicated to the aggressive side of Wally that we clearly see in episodes like the fountain. We watch as his violent nature take over his way of thinking. And it eventually results in him trying to attacking someone in the KND. This is a little insight of why or what he feels.

Wally doesn't actually realise when he changes. In the beginning, it was the event of running into the action that came with the KND. And the thought of whether he should punch or kick. Either way, he would be happy. Even though he has a somewhat idea of why he is happy when he punches someone in the face. His friends follow him, exactly the same move he performed. The only difference is that the others didn't have a smile on their face.

When he takes the time to measure his actions, it's the way he pictures everything as red and the way when his fist connects to somebody's jaw that makes the nerves in his skin receive a jolt of rage. But this battle isn't real. This fight had happened over a week ago.

Wally laid in his bed. Thinking of the fight. He was trying to remember the whole thing. He was pinching himself where he hit or kicked ice cream men. His other arm was pulling his hair. Trying to switch his mind back to Kuki. But his mind wouldn't top replaying the moment that he jumped in the air, his arms reaching to tear, and then finally reaching to his target.

His best friend never felt what Wally is feeling. He's too obessesed with making puns and jokes. Hoagie stays worried about his friend, but he can't feel the same firce emotions.

Abby notices constantly notices his violent nature. But instead of helping, she ignores it because she is afraid that she will fell the same anger towards her sister. Kuki, being the airhead of the group, remains oblivious to Wally's dark side. She likes to focus on her feelings for him instead.

Nigel is partly different. He feels the same terrible darness, in fact, Wally sees it some of the time. The recklessness, the joy of fighting adults. But Nigel has a tame and peaceful mind at heart, so he is able to control the rage.

But unlike all the others, Wally doesn't have anything to calm down his terrible rage. He doesn't think about what pun to say next. He doesn't have a peaceful mind. He usually thinks about Kuki, but when he fights, he can't really put his mind back to her. And he doesn't have an older sibling that fights against him in the KND. So Wallabe is the one of sector V that is sucked into the small bit of violence that comes with being in the kids next door. And beyond that, he serches for other ways to express his need for rage. (BBully fighting, being a bully at school...)

Wally turned to the other side of his bed. His arm was holding his head. The other was down by his stomach. And his legs were bent slightly. He looked like half a lovable child, and half a victorious wild cat.