Ok I need some help finding a story. I have looked all over for it and I can't seem to find it. So I'm going to just give the details of it and maybe you guys will be able to find it or maybe you have read it and can give me the title and author :)

-Edward, Alice, and Emmett are siblings

-Everyone lives in Forks

-Bella and Edward were best friends

-Edward went to Port Angeles when he was ehhh about 16 or so to go to a music store and get some CDs and something –ahem- happened to him…not going to say it unless it is really necessary (message me if it is)

-because of the…event…that happened he became very distant with the group

-Edward ran away to Chicago on his motorcycle when he was 17

-he had just had a huge fight with Emmett

-the group was having a get together

-Bella had gone up to his room to give him some pizza and he was gone

-he only took his guitar

-a couple years later, the group moved to Chicago

-they went to a club and saw Edward

-Edward became a tattoo artist

-he lives in an apartment building with a cat who he got from a nice old lady who lives in the same building-black/silver cat (name unknown)

-the poor cat hides every time a stranger comes around

-it doesn't like Bella at first but warms up to her eventually

As I think of more details I will post them, but I will also make a notice if someone finds the story. (they will also get special mention in the my next chapter :] )