When Toris walked into the living room of the apartment the next morning he found a surprise in the form of his roommate Alfred sprawled out on the couch, still in his new work clothes. Toris just grinned and stepped past him for the time being. He'd wake up soon enough.

That soon enough came when Toris turned to coffee pot on in their tiny kitchen.

Alfred's eyes shot open and an electric pulse jumped up his spine at the scent of hot caffeine. He jumped off of the couch and dove for the kitchen. Once he had his coffee cup in hand and filled to the brim, he sighed, sinking himself down into one of the two chairs at the small kitchen table.

Toris was still amused by his roommates morning antics no matter how often they occurred. He sat down at the last empty chair and sat his own glass of juice down in front of him on the table. "So, I suppose it's safe to say that you got that job. Did you have a good first day?"

Alfred grinned, Toris's positive attitude was always welcome after a hectic night, especially one that involved cleaning. "Yeah, it was all right." he replied sipping his coffee and avoiding looking down at his horribly wrinkled uniform. The scrunched up material matched the way his back felt after sleeping on the cheap living room furniture.

For class he had changed out of his uniform, hanging it up in hopes of some gravity de-wrinkling, and put on some comfy cloths. A red, white and blue stripped hoodie and a pair of old worn out jeans.

It was a mistake, he ended up being too comfortable and slept through most of his classes. Head on the desk, he dreamed of serving hamburgers to the school staff.

By the time school ended and he was on his way to the restaurant again, he was fully rested thanks to his naps. He strode as confidently as he could into the restraint. His uniform looking pleasant thanks to Toris ironing it for him during lunch and he had remembered to wear dress shoes, double knotting them for good measure. He had even attempted to beat his messy hair into submission with a comb, but that one spot that always stuck up was unwilling to be conquered despite his efforts.

As soon as he walked into the kitchen he was greeted by a demand," Can you get me some salmon from the freezer, aru?" asked a short man with his long hair tired back behind him who was busy juggling two woks over the stove.

Jeez, he hadn't even gotten a hello before being put to work, but he didn't mind. This was his job after all. Still he didn't think it would be a bad thing to be friendly.

He did as he was told, and whirled his way around the kitchen until he found the freezer. A big steel doorway in the wall with a temperature gage beside it. The door was heavier then it looked, and it looked pretty heavy to begin with. Leaving the door open behind him, he was fascinated. The freezer was like a walk-in closet full of ice. Meat hung from hooks in the ceiling and the shelves where lines with the finest food, all of it obviously fresh, none of that instant stuff he had so much of back home.

He found the salmon on a shelf near the door, looking like it was straight out of the water, only frozen, eyes staring back at him ominously. It kinda gave him the creeps. He decided he preferred not seeing his own food before it was made.

He turned to exit the freezer with an armful of fish only to nearly dropped it all at the person who had snuck up behind him. There he was again, that angry Brit.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you out there taking orders like a good waiter boy?"

Alfred found his grip on the fish loosening, melting ice wasn't the easiest thing to hold onto. "Well, someone asked me for help. Was I supposed to say no?" he asked rather innocently.

Arthur seemed slightly ruffled at his response. He crossed his arms again, it seemed to be a habit of his, though it didn't make him look as manly as he probably thought it did. " I'll overlook it this time."

Arthur continued to stand in his way however, inspecting him for any further faults all the while Alfred's hands were growing frostbite he was sure, as the icy melting of the fish began dripping down his arms. They slipped further down until he was using his knee to keep them in place. He was sure the Englishman was continuing to block his way on purpose now.

"Sir, unless you want your floor messy again..." Alfred trailed off leaving the implications of his statement unspoken.

"Don't you dare drop anything! I'll take it straight out of your paycheck!" At this Arthur turned on his heel and let Alfred go about his business. Just in time too as he hobbled over to the Asian cook who had a basket waiting for him to drop the fish into.

Glad to be relieved of his fishy burden he rubbed his hands on his apron, which was equal soggy at this point and did little to help.

That was when a towel was thrown over his head momentarily blocking his vision. There was a suspiciously french sounding laugh though that he wasn't all that surprised to hear. "Francis? Is that you?" he asked pulling the towel off and cleaning off his hands with it.

"Looks like you needed a hand, Si?"

Ok, that sounded Spanish. Just how many people with accents worked here? He finally turned around and saw the head chef and the worker that was always seemed to have tomatoes in hand. They seemed chummy together, like old pals.

"Good to see you came back, I almost thought our little Arthur scared you off." Francis said patting him on the shoulder.

"He doesn't scare me", Alfred said setting the used towel down on the counter beside him. His hero instincts wouldn't let him admit fear even if that was the case. No, it wasn't fear he felt when Arthur confronted him, but he couldn't quite put a finger on what it was either. He decided not to think about it, after all it was only his second day, Maybe the Brit just didn't like new people.

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