A Little Perspective



Raven had been on the roof for hours now. Beast boy sighed; What does she Do up there anyway, He thought, does meditating take that long? He glanced up at the clock: 4:43. Dammit, she's been out since two!

Why do YOU care? A voice piped up in his mind. I…I dunno… I just—

"Whoo! Champion again, baby!"

Cyborg jumped up from the couch and threw a fist into the air. It was then that Beast Boy had an idea. He set his controller down and walked towards the hall. A confused look etched itself across Cyborg's face.

" Hey, B, you alright, man?"

"Yeah, dude, I'm fine, I've just got somethin' to do."

"What do you mean?" Cyborg asked.

" I mean that Raven has been on the roof since two o' clock," a mischievous grin spread across his features, " …leaving her room wide open for blackmailing resources!"

Cyborg shook his head, " I ain't sure that's a good idea, Bea-,"

but Beast Boy had already left.

Beast Boy found Raven's door locked, but nothing was impossible when it came down to that. He just shifted into a fly and dove through the crack underneath. Once inside, he began rummaging around. A picture, a stuffed animal, a DIARY, that's what I need to find. After some time, however, he still had not found anything. Finally, he pulled open a chest of drawers. There lay Raven's mirror.

Beast Boy winced. He still had dreams about his trip into Raven's mind. Most were nightmares. But others…

He decided not to dwell on that thought. Now was not the time to be thinking along such lines.

I wonder if I could go into my own mind with this.

He picked up the small mirror and closed his eyes. He attempted a calming exercise Raven had showed him some weeks ago, at his request. A deep breath. A low hum. Deep concentration. Beast Boy concentrated all his energies into Raven's mirror. Nothing happened. At first. But as his mind cleared and calm resided in him, he spoke slowly Raven's trademark mantra


He opened his eyes. The mirror was softly glowing with a warm green light. He tried to quell his excitement, but it escaped, and the glass began to dim. Disappointment resounded loud within him, and the glow further muddled. Finally he became frustrated, and frowned fiercely at the glass, concentrating harder. But his calm was gone, and with it, the light. Beast Boy tossed the mirror back into the drawer and shut it, a little to loudly. Shit, he thought, is Raven down from the roof yet? He quickly turned to leave prepared to return to fly-form, when he saw it. The perfect blackmailing tool.

Abruptly, his superhuman senses picked up light, tapping footsteps coming closer.

Double shit.

Grabbing his treasure, he half crawled, half jumped into Raven's closet, just as her door slid silently open. It was Raven. He could tell by her smell. Lavender. A smell he had grown familiar with. All too familiar.


The sounds of movement abruptly stopped. Beast Boy's breath caught, but mentally he was going through the calming exercise again. Deep, quiet breaths. Concentration. No hums. His emotions blended into calm, an dshe stopped, just outside the closet door, where she stood a moment. Then she turned away. Beast boy had npt been detected. He was safe. For now.